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Choosing the proper fabric could make the difference

Formal Fabrics

When dressing up for a formal occasion there are so many things to keep in mind, that even the most tiny detail might be the difference between a good look and a great one!

Everything begins choosing the proper dress for your body; it’s well known that not all cuts fit properly every body shape, so it’s mandatory to find out the cut that best fits your body.

Afterwards you must think about the style: very formal, audacious, sexy? The selection of the style is as important as the cut because it will build the image you wish to share about you.

But, have you thought about the fabric? Nowadays there are many trends and experimental designs flooding the market with different dresses but not all of them properly fit the unwritten rules of formal style, then you might choose a great dress cut which perfectly shows up your style but the fabric …

Sometimes for lowering costs, other just for experimenting and many times because of a trend, you will find clothes done with fabrics that not always match a formal dressing style.

Perhaps it’s hard to know which is the best fiber if you are not a fashion expert, but following these simple tips you will be able to choose the proper fabric for sure:

Formal Fabrics
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Avoid synthetic fibers. Such fabrics are not intended to be formal, indeed usually are used for casual or sport gear. So, keep away of your formal dress room nylon, polyester and spandex, no matter how trendy they are.

Choose the fabric which fits your style. Not all fabrics meets all styles, so if you wish to look very elegant and distinguished then silk is the right fiber for you but if your style is more conservative perhaps you should try linen. Cotton and coated cotton is always a good choice because it will adapt to almost every style.

Consider the Season when choosing a fabric. It might be obvious but many people do not think about it; thus it’s not unusual to see a woman on winter, freezing up on her elegant and beautiful low-cut, silk dress, or perhaps someone melting inside a wool jacket on a hot summer. Missing the right choose of a fabric according to the season might make you look out of place and feel uncomfortable.

Remember about the environment. Even when most formal meetings take place on an urban environment with all the facilities for the guests, sometimes you might be invited to a formal event done outside in the beach or countryside. If so, cotton clothes will be the best choice because it tends to be more resistent, or would you like to have a grass spot on your beautiful linen skirt?

As you see, it’s not hard to decide about the best fabric when you know these basic tips, would you add anything else to consider when choosing the proper fabric for your formal dress?

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Beautiful Formal Dress Patterns For Evening Out

Although you’re not a movie star and not have to go on the red carpet, you never know when you’ll have to show the perfect formal dress patterns for a party.

Evening Dresses
Light Blue Elegant Evening Dresses Prom Dress Patterns

Not all of us is that Cinderella fairy could, with the spin rod, find her glass slippers and a beautiful dress that everything done in the near and distant lands. Normal human beings have to depend malls and perfect dress designer boutiques in the will we make belle of the ball. But how do you choose the perfect formal dress patterns? How do you know which is the appropriate design a formal occasion?

Here’s a quick guide to the formal dress patterns you could opt for if you have tired of looking high and low for the perfect formal dress. Continue reading Beautiful Formal Dress Patterns For Evening Out

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Elegant Cocktail Dresses – Beautiful Dresses For The Evening

Elegant cocktail dresses with dazzling jewelry and pencil point footwear are all a girl needs to look ravishing in a cocktail party.

White Long Sleeve Short Prom Gown Cocktail Dresses
Elegant Pure White Long Sleeve Short Prom Gown Cocktail Dresses

When you get invited for a cocktail party and the theme is to wear something elegant, the first thing you would think of doing is go shopping! But, if you don’t have a particular design or color in mind, you are just going to end up buying a simple black dress, which you think would look elegant. Everyone wears black at parties, as it is a common understanding that black is an evening color. Continue reading Elegant Cocktail Dresses – Beautiful Dresses For The Evening