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Chic Maternity Clothes


To be an expecting mom is one of the most beautiful and happiest moments of life; why should you wish to hide it with bulky clothes?

Some years ago many pregnant women tried to hide their figure (of course a little bulky than usual) with plus size clothes, turning maternity fashion on a boring, limited set of options.

Fortunately things has changed and nowadays women have realized that being and expecting mom may be chic and clothes have evolved, giving to maternity fashion a new, totally modern look.Chic maternity clothes.

Here you will find some tips to look chic during your pregnancy:

Try low necks: If you are naturally busty perhaps this would be your natural choice but even women with small breasts have the opportunity to show a little more curvy bust during pregnancy. In addition it’s an outrageous way to deviate sights away from your belly.

Emphasize your straight lines: It’s obvious that during pregnancy you will look a little wider than usual, but you still have straight lines! So emphasizing them will allow you to look slimmer. Try stretchy, skinny jeans or leather leggings; they will make your legs to see longer and your stomach will not be the main point of interest.

Add color to your wardrobe: Yes, everyone agrees that expecting mamas are bright and shiny, so Add color to your clothes! It will be the best way to enhance your natural look.

Decoration is your best ally: Let’s be realistic, there is nothing to be ashamed of about our belly during pregnancy, but it’s not pleasant that the first sight of everyone around us is to our stomach. Adding some decoration to our clothes (embroidering, stamps, etc) or accessories (earrings, necklaces, etc) will attract the attention of the people who will automatically deviate the sight to the decoration/accessories instead of your belly.

With the above tips you will look beautiful, chic and slimmer; just as a magician you will deviate people’s attention away from your belly without hiding it.

Do you have another good idea to help expecting mamas to look wonderful?


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Best Tips When Choosing The Perfect Breastfeeding Pajamas

When choosing breastfeeding pajamas, comfort should be the main priority. Consider also support, accessibility, materials, and style.

Breastfeeding Pajamas
navy 34 Breastfeeding Pajama gown open

Breastfeeding Pajamas are constructed for comfort. Choose set that can provide comfortable attire during the day and night. Pajama set with separate top and bottom is popular. Try on breastfeeding pajamas at around the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy because that will give you similar fit to the first few days and weeks after delivery. Make sure the bottoms are not too tight where C-section scar might be on the abdomen and that the top allows enough room for possibly engorged breasts.

Accessibility is another important feature for good set of breastfeeding pajamas.

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The Best Tips to Choose the Right Maternity Workout Clothes

The best Maternity Workout Clothes are those that are comfortable and allow a good range of motion.

Maternity Workout Clothes
Signature Racerback Tank Top Maternity Pregnancy Workout Activewear Clothes

It is important that you feel comfortable and confident in your training maternity clothes, and, further, that work well for the type of exercise you want to do. These should be the main factors in your choice. There are many different types of maternity clothes to exercise, such as T-shirts, tank tops, or even long-sleeved shirts, pants and shorts as well as designed to stretch throughout the pregnancy.

Choosing Maternity Workout Clothes

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