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Horizontal Stripes? Yes … it’s possible

Horizontal Stripes could make you to look slimmer

Many women almost cry when they find a beautiful dress on their local store but the only available print is horizontal stripes; it almost like a curse, nobody wishes horizontal stripes and … why?

Because their usually makes to see you wider and that’s absolutely unacceptable but … do you know what? You might enjoy that beautiful dress with horizontal stripes if you know some tricks about it.Horizontal Stripes could make you to look slimmer

Usually horizontal stripes makes to see wider because the eye focus on a printed element and moves aside from left to right (just like reading), scanning the whole pattern. That horizontal movement of the eye creates the illusion of being wider but, what if you are not able to focus on one single stripe?

Wide, solid color stripes are easy to focus on, and the above mentioned illusion is easily created but when you choose thinner stripes very close one to another, the effect is totally different.

While it’s almost impossible to focus on such tiny lines, the scanning pattern changes from side to side to up and down, your eyes will begin to find something to focus on, and during that scanning, the vertical movement will create the illusion of being longer instead of wider.

Another trick is to use fade colors; the effect is almost the same; it will be harder to your eyes to focus on one single, horizontal stripe and the scanning pattern will turn up and down.

Finally you may choose a combination of wide and thin stripes; even when that combination does not fit all kind of bodies, you may choose to use a wide stripe on an area to be enhanced (for example you wish to make your shoulders wider), while thin stripes are used only an area where the illusion of being longer is required.

Now you know how to play with stripes, it’s only a matter of practice and a good choice of patterns to wear stripes without looking wider.

Are you ready to try?

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Why We Love Slimming Dresses (And You Should, Too!)

Some dresses of great help to give a more subtle setting. However, it is important to choose those slimming dresses correctly, read on to learn more.

plus size slimming dress
Trendy womens clothing plus size slimming dress styles

There are different ways that a plus size women can dress, and even show off a sexy and curvy look in a suit. With so many options available for thin clothes that try, you can get confused. So it is important that those shopping for clothes for full figured women that match the frame and highlight your best features of the organism. Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

Slimming Dress Buying Tips

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How Shift Dress Style Could Get You on omg! Insider

In this scorching hot summer, all women want is to wear a dress with a little respite, but without compromising style. And if you still want to maintain this level kindness and a shift dress is the answer. But what is a shift dress? We will familiarize you with this dress, its history, and some tips on how to style your dress turn!

Shift Dress
Floral Jacquard Shift Dress Patterns

Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy and Mia Farrow are known to carry the movement of the dress in 1960.
Imagine you have a dress that is loose, but it seems chic, the more versatile, so you can wear at any time regardless of the season. A slip dress can be found in the wardrobe of most women. A shift dress is a classic style and a blessing for a lot of women out there, why not embrace the curves of the body. It is a short dress, simple and exalts any body type. It hangs loosely over the shoulders and is supported by the side panels. And “short and any body type can show solid design. Although the classic version of the dress is sleeveless, knee length, with a high neck or boat neck, it is available in different lengths and sleeve bands.

The dress has very visible, emphasizing less on the chest area and the hip, which allow women to move freely. They are not designed to be compatible with the body and is ideal for hiding the curves and feminine contours. It falls on the shoulders, this dress is all about smooth lines, rather than in the form of packing. One good thing about this dress is that it is not limited in life, indeed down. It is simple, short, and the dress above the knee. The skirt is straight or has a narrow A-line style for her. This style is suitable for any professional setting or party.

History of the shift Dress

■ This style has entered the fashion world in 1920, impressed by the design “sack dress” by Hubert de Givenchy. I first brought in 1920, in the form of fins of young women who went against standards social dress to get rid of the line defined waist and corsets. A valve dress was a short shift dress with jewels and various fringe embellishments. shift dress was popular at the time, because people can move freely and dancing in it. Meanwhile, a shift dress was a lifestyle marked escape.

■ Shift silhouette was again revived in 1960 by Lilly Pulitzer, he ran a juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida. People often notice that she wore bright shift dresses. At the request of a client, it started sales activities shift dresses. They were known as Lilly clothing. Her clothes have gained popularity after the First Lady Jackie Kennedy was seen wearing one in Life magazine. Therefore, there was no looking back and went on to create her own fashion line. Actress Audrey Hepburn was also useful to disclose the shift dress in vintage 1960.

■ They have made a comeback in 1980, when women were seen worn over a shirt that gives a kind of bridge look. They became famous again in 1990, when the company was in vogue wear. They were taken on a t-shirt or turtleneck, with socks.

■ It took again the trend in 2000, but the clothes were worn in their primary form without a shirt underneath. First Lady Michelle Obama has also adapted the look she dressed for the first official picture of their family at the White House.

Ways to style your shift dress

■ Now that you have purchased your beautiful round dress, it is your responsibility to play with your dress according to your body. Fortunately, there are many things you can do for your simple dress grain.

■ Believe it or not, but how your hair style is very important if you are going for a sophisticated event perhaps some or social engagement. Do not make it a point to keep their very hair style, it will make your outfit look exceptionally large. If you opt for a more casual look, so please keep your simple hairstyle.

■ The shoes is essential, you can make or break your outfit. Do not match your dress with flip flops will not only garbage but would ruin the look of your dress too. If you are looking for something stylish and fun, match your dress with platforms in bold. If it’s just a casual lunch, then maybe you can wear simple white or color Converse sneakers.

■ Equip your plain solid shift with colorful chunky jewelry. Chunky, necklaces, earrings daring can go wonderfully with large necklines. Clothing with a v-neck require simple and light chains.

■ Belts are a must for women who are thin, otherwise it would look as if you are drowning in this dress. Besides giving your dress is chic and elegant, it can help you show your body curves and more emphasis on your best assets.

■ As mentioned above, this dress can be worn in any season. So if it is winter, you can associate your dress with leather jackets to give that look sexy and cutting edge to your outfit. A sweet, cute cardigan form a innocent and preppy look. To stay warm can wear leggings or socks.

Since shift dresses are so easy to wear and come in many styles, you should invest in an hour. It is always a pleasure to find clothes that do not loop around your body, and not have to be size zero to get into this dress.

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