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Shelf Bra, a mix of support and braless look

Shelf Bra, the hottest bra

Yes, it’s true when you are a hot, young woman with firm, self supported breast on their best shape, time to time you wish to go out braless and look stunning! Especially with certain luxury outfits, however even when the look is great, you could wish some “hidden” support, especially to minimize breasts movements but still keeping that natural look which can be reached only without a bra, or at least the most tiny one.

On this regard, a shelf bra is the best choice since you will have some support due to its particular design which allows the bra to give some breast support but hiding the evidences of a the bra itself. For sure you will look stunning and all sights will be on your silhouette but you may still confident about how your boobs will react to movements because of the support provided by the shelf bra.

Basic design of a shelf bra includes all the elements of a regular one with a particular feature: cups cut is very, very low, in fact cups are just the underwire, leaving areolas and nipples uncovered.Shelf bra plus nipple cover

Even when minimum, the support provided by the underwire and straps will limit boobs movements and will give you enough support to eliminate sagging and have a wider movement range without risks of having “a pair of breasts out of control”.

Obviously this is one of the hottest underwear you may have but certainly is not for everyone. A shelf bra is intended to be worn when breast are self supported, firm and naturally rounded, on the other hand women who received breasts implants are also great candidates for a shelf bra since they need no support at all and the final aesthetic result is remarkable.

On the other hand if your boobs are already deflated or pendulous a shelf bra is not for you anymore.

On the other hand big sized boobs (over D size) needing extra support or asymmetric ones will not benefit from a shelf bra, thus if your boobs matches one of the aforementioned conditions better stay away from shelf bras.

Finally keep in mind that your breast are virtually uncovered when using a shelf bra, thus if your nipples erect frequently it would be a good idea to wear a nipple cover. On the other hand transparencies and very subtle fabrics could lead to show more than you wish, hence be aware of your outfit fabrics features in order to avoid inconvenient situation.

Same thing applies if you sweat more than usual, a shelf bra provides no cover to the breast skin and then your boobs shape could be drawed onto your clothes wet fabrics due to sweat, which is not particularly desirable.

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