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Soft-cup bra for extra comfort

Soft Cup Bra

Everyone would like to look a sexy front shape, with rounded, well defined breasts every day at every time but unfortunately, unless you are gifted with a pair of rounded, self supported boobs or you have received a mammary implant, this is possible only with proper support or shaping bras and let’s face it, wearing such lingerie everyday for a long time is not always the most comfortable thing.

Moreover, sometimes you just wish to feel at ease and let shaping, support and so on, aside for a while and when this occurs a soft-cup bra is the best choice.

This model of bra also known as wireless bra or wire-free bra has a particular design free of the underwire; in addition cups give full breast coverage and the whole design is intended to allow breasts to be at their own position and with their natural shape; thus no pressure nor tension is excerpted over the torso, shoulders and breasts itself, making of soft-cup bras a very convenient model.Soft Cup Bra

Due to its particular features a soft-cup bra just keep each breast on their position while lying natural and avoids free movement; this particular characteristic makes of wire-free bra a very convenient piece of lingerie, especially when comfort is more appreciated than appearance such as in long working days or just when we wish to rest at home.

Soft-cup bra is the preferred model by women with wide set or pendulous breasts because it adds no extra pressure to mammary tissue such as other bras with more support and shaping capabilities do; thus support and shaping are sacrificed to make room to comfort.

A soft-bra cup is suitable for all breast configurations, however it’s necessary to keep in mind that the whole outfit must be casual and convenient too, otherwise a soft-cup bra could diminish our garment appearance leading to undesired results.

Soft-cup bra is the ideal companion for just a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or even a sleeveless blouse but it never must be used with transparencies or deep plunged blouses because the aesthetic result is not the best. In addition if you are looking for bustline definition, push-up effect or you just like a deep cleavage on the midline between your breasts, this style is not an option.

At the end of the day, each woman needs to have a soft-cup bra on her wardrobe; after all, it’s necessary to feel free and comfortable time to time even when it implies to sacrifice a cover page figure for a couple of days.

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