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Some tips about the healthier undies

Cotton Undies are the Healthies Underwear

Yes, it’s true, going out for shopping looking for undies nowadays is nothing but a challenge because it’s necessary to choose not only the perfect style for us and our outfit, but also because choosing the proper fabric and style may be the difference between healthy intimate parts or many problems down there.

Of course that using a particular style or fabric time to time will have no impact on the health but usually people tend to have their “favorite undies style” and if this is not the healthier one, problems might arise from daily use.

First thing to evaluate is model, and usually the sexiest ones tend to be the most dangerous, hence thongs are the usual suspect! This doesn’t mean to avoid using them at all, but not daily since their continuous use is associated to skin rashes and even an increase on vaginal infections because the binding part between the front and rear becomes a bridge for bacteria starting to go from the anus going towards the intimate parts.Heatlhy Underwear

Moreover, if fabrics are considered, thongs and many other sexy lingerie style are usually built up with synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester, increasing the risks for the health.

Regarding fabrics there are two main issues to consider; the first one is that some people develop skin rashes after synthetic materials skin contact; some of them do it because of allergies while some others because of just contact without any allergic reaction involved.

On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are less breathable than natural materials ones, hence the conditions for yeasts infections are perfect when synthetic materials are used on a daily basis: increased wet, heath and lack of light; just a yeasts paradise!

Of course wearing a synthetic undie time to time won’t kill anyone but it’s necessary to avoid daily use; furthermore daily changes of style and fabrics are recommended because this behavior allows that different skin areas are in touch with the underwear everyday while some others “rest” from contact; in addition the use of different fabrics avoid problems aroused from the continuous use of a particular one.

At the end of the day balance is the key and even when classic cotton briefs are the healthiest option, they are not the most suitable option for all outfits, hence a lady’s wardrobe requires of multiple undies models and fabrics in order to allow her to keep a sexy look but also a healthy intimate area.

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