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Strapless Bra, the most complex bra of all

Strapless bra

Some outfits don’t accept a bra other than a strapless bra; designs such as naked shoulders, long back cleavages and deep V necks with small side straps are some examples of dresses where a strapless bra is mandatory, otherwise the straps will be visible, something that no ones wish.

Of all available models, strapless bra is the more complex because it needs to give enough support and shaping to the breasts without one critical component such as straps.

To do so a strapless bra depends of fabrics strength, internal reinforcement, wider bands and center pieces, and specially designed, reinforced underwires; on this regard if straps are expendable, underwires are the keystone for a perfect strapless bra design.

Strapless bra underwires are longer and thicker than usual, with a curvature more pronounced than usual to encircle the whole breast, providing extra support and preventing slippage; in addition internal reinforcements and anti slippage silicone like bands enhance cup adherence to the breast skin to allow maximum shaping.Strapless Bra

However any of the aforementioned would be useless without a proper supporting point and here it is when extra wide bands as well short but wider center pieces come into the game; their design is critical to provide enough support not only to the cups but also to the breasts.

Regardless all the technology behind a strapless bra, women wearing one, need to pull it up time to time, especially when very active; something that could be found inconvenient by some people.

Strapless bras are a good choice almost for every woman but they fit better on firm, self supported breasts; on the other hand breasts requiring a cup size larger than G have not enough support and rendering a strapless bra inconvenient; when this occurs a strapless long line bra (a combination of a strapless with a long line bra) will be a good choice because the extra layer of fabric on the chest and upper tummy will diminish slipage and will help to provide extra support.

Despite of being a very sexy piece of lingerie some women are not enthusiastic about investing their money on a strapless bra or are concerned about if it will fit good. In such cases a good option is a convertible bra that can be uses a strapless bra too.

With a convertible bra used as strapless it’s possible to evaluate if we are done for a strapless bra and if not, we always may put the straps back and use the bra the usual way, avoiding to invest money on a piece of apparel that won’t be used any longer.

After trying the convertible bra without straps, if there’s no major issues, it’s always possible to move forward to strapless bra with more confidence.

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