Cotton, viscose, modal – what do we know about them?

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Fabrics for underwear should not only be beautiful, but also of high quality and safe.

For the production of underwear, fabrics based on natural or artificial fibers are used. Below we will take a closer look at the characteristics you should pay attention to.

Natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, wool) are made from natural fibers of flax, cotton, wool or silk. Such fabrics are hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch, and do not accumulate dust or static electricity. They also retain heat well and are environmentally friendly and safe.

Cotton is a very popular material, absolutely everyone has heard about it and almost everyone has owned things made from this material. Cotton underwear is very comfortable; cotton fibers do not contain substances harmful to the human body and do not cause skin irritation.

Cotton can withstand ironing even at high temperatures. However, over time, the colors on the material fade, especially after exposure to bright sun. Unfortunately, without synthetic components, the material quickly loses color.

Artificial fabrics obtained from natural components – cellulose, wood, rubber and even glass. In appearance they are difficult to distinguish from natural ones. Lightweight, durable, comfortable and incredibly beautiful artificial fabrics are in high demand among buyers. In many characteristics, fabrics made from artificial threads are superior to even some natural materials.

The main characteristics of viscose: the comfort inherent in plant fibers, high wear resistance and good hygroscopicity. Colored viscose fabrics retain their color for a long time. To wash viscose clothes, use neutral powders; gentle drying and ironing at a lower temperature are recommended.

Modal is a type of viscose fabric. The main characteristics of modal linen: softness and smoothness. Modal is hygroscopic and does not contain harmful impurities. The fabric is light and, at the same time, dense and soft to the touch. The material is easy to care for, but for washing it is better to use liquid products rather than powders, since they do not destroy the fine structure of the fibers.

Choose lingerie and home clothes not only in terms of beauty, but according to other parameters: comfort, quality of materials, safety.

Have a nice shopping.