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We make choices according to the latest trends

What bedding is considered fashionable these days? Custom designs are the main hit of the season.

Just like home decor, fashionable bedding follows changing trends. If the composition affects the quality of sleep, then the design helps create a special atmosphere. The right choice will refresh the space and allow you to take a fresh look at the familiar interior.

What designs should you look at when choosing fashionable bed linen in 2024?


Both in the drawing and in the composition

Have you already heard about biophilia? This is the name for natural design that refreshes the interior and supports the environment. This is one of the hottest bedding trends. For residents of Moscow and other big cities, the environmental issue is always relevant.

The palette is dominated by natural shades: earthy brown, swamp green, gray and sand. Calm tones not only bring us closer to nature, but also create peace in the bedroom.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one option: pastel shades harmonize perfectly with each other. Remember that cold colors can add freshness and air to the room, while warm colors create coziness. If bright colors raise tone and charge with energy, then pastel allows you to create the most comfortable atmosphere. The sensational Peach Fuzz from Pantone is a fairly popular pastel shade.

As a rule, there are no prints here: minimalism looks the most interesting. If you want to choose a design, pay attention to the plant theme. A tropical pattern is a non-standard option for bright personalities: usually more contrasting colors dominate in this option.

Let’s talk about the composition of eco-friendly fabrics. Organic, harmless materials are successful. For example, linen is durable and does not lose its softness and brightness of colors for a long time. And cotton allows the skin to breathe and actively absorbs excess moisture. The durability of the material also plays a big role. The fabrics listed above can withstand many washes without losing quality. Conscious use of resources is an environmentally friendly approach to life and home.

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Playful prints

About memorable drawings

Bold patterns and designs on modern-style bedding are a separate way of self-expression that will allow you to break your usual routine. Bright accent details can harmonize with the interior or play with it in contrast.

Strict lines and figures, multi-colored patterns – and a combination of light and dark colors are always in fashion. Geometry is a laconic, classic version of the design. Now checks and stripes will be popular again: however, now with an emphasis on bold and sharp features.

If you’re looking for custom options, Turkish-style bedding is a great choice. Among the most popular ornaments are paisley, as well as the tulip, which is a symbol of this beautiful eastern country.

Abstraction is another interesting solution for those who cannot fully decide on a design, but do not want to choose a single color. An extravagant or, conversely, calm mixture of bright details should help maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Feel free to experiment with different lines and shapes to make the bed the centerpiece of your room. The main thing is to see the line between abstractionism and bad taste.

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How to add exoticism to the interior

Animal art is a traditional design from the past, but this season it will take on a new life. According to Vogue, leopard print, the main hit of the late 40s, which was once popularized by Christian Dior, will come back into fashion. Imitating the colors of other animals – such as zebra print – will also be a big hit. Velvet textures look the most organic and natural.

However, it is not necessary to repeat the old things when unusual interpretations of the classics are in fashion. So, abstract or symbolic, modern drawings with animals will not only look unconventional, but will always lift your spirits. Contrasting and bright colors will be combined with a dopamine interior: this is an actively developing niche, in which the leading position is occupied by bright details that will easily lift your mood.

If you want animal art to be the leading theme of the interior, choose matching accessories. These can be decorative pillows and blankets, which are changed less frequently, as well as paintings and posters, woolen blankets and carpets. Animal art combines perfectly with an African interior, which is dominated by natural themes.

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How interesting it is to fit retro into the interior

Vintage fashion is cyclical and every now and then they take on new life. This season, however, retro is more than a nostalgic reminder of days gone by. Unique Art Deco elements from different eras will be a real discovery for anyone who wants to create a cheerful atmosphere and visually expand the space.

Nostalgic nature designs have become popular again. They look especially good on satin bed linen: French-style flowers look especially romantic. The French style of bed linen is also notable for the presence of frills, flounces and lace. They are also characteristic of bed linen in the Provence style.

Floral motifs and ruffles are the dominant motif in retro design. Don’t forget about patchwork bedding: it will help you create a more natural environment. You can choose a pastel classic option, or you can take a risk and give preference to bold colors and extraordinary geometry in the spirit of the 80s.

Bold and rich shades will allow you to feel the spirit of past times. True, muted pastel colors are better suited for relaxation: an abundance of bright colors and elements can invigorate you before bed and distract you from it. That is why it is important to maintain harmony between contrasting colors.

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Elegantly combining the incongruous

Less radical than fusion, eclecticism is the latest trend in design. It combines interesting elements that, at first glance, do not suit each other at all. Eclecticism is a budget-friendly and original way to change the usual interior: the main thing is to understand what kind of bed linen is now fashionable.

To add eclecticism to your seating area… don’t be afraid to experiment! They will allow you to interpret different directions in a new way:

  • Experiment with different and interesting textures: for example, use tweed pillows and linen bedspread at the same time;

  • Combine bright bedspreads with plain sheets to create contrasts and create a special mood – there is absolutely no need to combine accessories in the same color scheme;

  • Alternate patterns on bed linen: these could be, for example, pillows with flowers and a minimalist blanket with Art Nouveau decor.

Eclecticism can manifest itself in different ways. How to recognize it? A pile of layers and bright colors are key signs of eclecticism.

If you just want to diversify the picture a little, but not do it radically, you should limit yourself to decorative pillows and a blanket, which will be noticeable, but not the central accent. But a solid eclectic set is a bolder solution. In the second case, you need to know when to stop: too bright colors can be too tiring in the recreation area. If you doubt your own abilities, you should turn to professional designers.

Eclecticism looks best in bright rooms: the photo shows fashionable bedding of this type. However, in eclecticism you can also play on contrasts with the surrounding interior. Choose a bright detail that is repeated on the fabric and in the interior, and use it as a connecting element: as a rule, these are birds or flowers.

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Practicality – and nothing superfluous

Japandi is a triumph of minimalism and functionality. Like Scandinavian-style bed linen, this set is ideal for those who strive to unify with nature.

In Japandi, natural ingredients are highly valued: for example, flax. Hypoallergenic underwear is gentle on the skin. The quality of tailoring makes it a durable option and allows you to maintain a great look for a long time.

A person’s personal needs also play an important role in the purchasing process. Japanese style bedding allows you to be sensitive to your needs. In a Japandi bedroom you will not see excessive decor or colorful patterns, because they do not contribute to relaxation. But comfort, simplicity and aesthetic pleasure are equally important for designers.

In the case of Japandi, muted warm shades are selected according to the natural palette: white and beige, light brown and pastel green. A light and brown-beige palette also goes well with patterns, if they are small or few in number. Visual noise is not recommended, but natural, non-obtrusive details are acceptable.

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Color combinations

Fashionable colors of bed linen

The bedroom is a place to unwind after a long day, and everything around it should promote relaxation. A palette has a huge impact on how we feel, but it also needs to be visually interesting.

The most fashionable colors of bed linen in 2024-2025 are:

  • Olive Virdis. Home decor company Graham&Brown offered Virdis as an alternative to the basic and familiar palette. Muted green fits perfectly with the environmental agenda and will allow you to relax after work.

  • Blue. The most popular option, according to industry leaders, was the pastel version of calm blue. It goes well with bright contrasts if you suddenly want to add some color to your space.

  • Lilac. The main squeak of the last decade will not get boring and will not become outdated due to its softness.

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If you’re into retro, check out Rooibos Tea, another Pantone hit. This is a great option that will energize you and warm you with warm and rich tones.

Before you buy royal-style bed linen, pay attention not only to prices, but also to the composition. For example, percale is a smooth fabric that is so pleasant to the skin that you will experience real delight! It also holds the pattern and brightness perfectly. It is also worth looking carefully at the manufacturer.

Standard size chart

Not sure what kind of bed you have and don’t want to get the wrong size? Don’t worry: the universal size chart will allow you to choose exactly what you need.

A typical set includes one or two pillowcases, as well as a sheet – with or without an elastic band – and a duvet cover:

Pillowcase (1 piece or 2)

Bed sheet (1 piece)

Duvet cover (1 piece)

KPB 1.5 sleeping (per piece)

50 x 70 cm (1 piece or 2 pieces)

150 x 220 cm

145 x 215

KPB 2 bedroom (per piece)

220 x 200

175 x 215 cm

KPB euro (per piece)

220 x 240 (with elastic – 200 x 185 x 30 cm)

210 x 215 cm

Family PCB (per piece)

220 x 240 cm

145×215 cm

If you have any doubts, you should measure your bedding in advance or seek professional help.

When choosing fashionable bedding sets, remember your own wishes. It is very important to contact a trusted textile store, where they will help you with your purchase. The main thing is that the chosen option contributes to your relaxation and rest, and also combines and harmonizes with the interior of the room. Have you already chosen your favorite among the 2024 bed linen fashion trends?