How to care for underwear

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To ensure that your linen and home clothes last as long as possible, we share important care rules.

The surest and most reliable way is to wash by hand in warm water. For hand washing you will need liquid powder or baby shampoo. It is important that the product is completely dissolved in water, otherwise it may leave soapy streaks.

But if you are confident in your washing machine, here is a small life hack:

• all underwear should be washed at low temperature in the delicate wash cycle. Products made from lace and other delicate fabrics should be washed at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees, and cotton fabrics – no higher than 40 degrees.

• wash soft bras without wires or padding at 30-40 degrees

• for washing underwear, gel is best, not powder. Delicate gel dissolves better than granules

• white, dark and colored laundry are washed separately

• to maintain the durability of your underwire bra, use special laundry bags

• gently wring out bras with cups, straighten the straps, otherwise they will curl and become deformed

• you cannot dry clothes on the radiator. Also remember that linen does not like the sun’s rays – it can fade

And a couple more tips to note: white linen tends to acquire a yellow tint over time. To remedy the situation, you can wash the set with bleach without pre-soaking. If you soak the laundry, there is a risk of getting the exact opposite result – it will turn yellow even more.

Carefully read the labels on your laundry. For example, elastane material does not tolerate soaking and bleaching with chlorine.

By following these simple tips, you will extend the life of your favorite things.

Happy shopping.