Babydoll – The Popular Styles of Women Nightgown

Babydoll is a type of lingerie consists of a short tank top, often striking at the upper thighs or just come thighs, and often a pair of matching underwear.

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Chemise can refer directly short dresses worn by most dolls or childhood for girls. Alternatively, most say the babydoll was made popular by the movie Baby Doll was released in 1956. The film starring Carroll Baker, and his testimony in several short dresses. The style then became almost instantly popular as a necessary element of lingerie for women. The nightgown was about the mass market, showing up in lingerie departments in department stores and boutiques in many lingerie. Typically, the initial nightie was much smaller than those available today. It is usually made of polyester, nylon, or cotton.

Today, it often continues to find babydoll synthetic fabrics.