Easy Tips on How to Determine Your Bra Cup Sizes

Bra Cup Sizes – Wear a bra that does not fit properly can cause posture problems, back pain and discomfort, but polls show that many women wear the wrong bra size regularly. Determine the right bra cup size for you is a simple procedure that can be done at home or by a clerk trained sales. To measure cup size bra, you need a meter of a sewing kit and some ‘basic math. It will take two measures, and when to take these measures, you should wear fitting bra currently own. Should not be a minimizer bra or sports bra, as this will result in measures that are smaller than your actual size, it should not be a padded bra or push-up bra, as this will lead to larger sizes than your actual size. The measures tend to be more accurate when taken by someone else, so try to get a friend to help you.

Bra Cup Sizes
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Measuring Bra Cup Sizes

Measure the size of the group in the first place because you need this in order to understand the bra cup sizes. Start by standing up straight and breathe much air as possible into the lungs. Then wrap the tape measure around your bra band directly below the bust. Make sure the tape is parallel to the ground to get the most accurate measurement.

Around the resulting number up or down to the nearest inch. Bra straps are available in sizes even number only if your flare measurement is an odd number, add 5 to it. If not, add 4. For example, if the tape measure is read 31.6 would round up to 32 inches, then add 4. group size should be 36.

For the second measurement, stand straight with your arms at your sides. Wrap the tape around your back and most of your breast. Ensure that stays parallel stripes on the ground. The tape measure should be tight with loose skin. Around the resulting measure up or down to the nearest inch.

With these two measures, he will be able to determine the bra cup sizes. Take the size of the group and subtract the bra cup to measure. The difference between these two numbers is the size of the cup. If the difference between an inch and 1 inch, you’re a mug A. If it is 2, yours is a B, and so on.

Bra Cup Sizes Pictures

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How to Determine Bra Cup Sizes
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