How to choose erotic lingerie

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“Underwear exists to be seen, which gives a man unrivaled pleasure and pleasure in this world. They will move mountains for you for this.”

Every woman who knows a lot about seduction and has a hot sexual temperament should have a couple of sets of erotic lingerie in her wardrobe. After all, with the help of such lingerie, a woman can not only seduce her lover, but also feel like she is in a completely different way, immerse herself in a fairy tale that can change all ideas about sexuality. In a beautiful and feminine set, you will become the most desirable and unique for your man, and this is probably the most important reward for any woman. But it is worth remembering that in this aspect the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise all attempts to become a “sexy Goddess” will be dashed against the stone of bad taste and vulgarity.

Today we decided to tell you about how to choose the right erotic lingerie according to your body type.

Before you go to the store with the determination to appear before your man in a unique image, you should familiarize yourself with the types of erotic lingerie:


This type of underwear is a one-piece combination of panties and a T-shirt. Can be made of satin fabrics or lace. New this season is a bodysuit with slits between the legs and on the buttocks. In such a suit, you can succumb to sexual games without being completely naked, which will help girls with imperfect figures maintain an attractive appearance throughout the entire process.



This underwear attribute is a wide elastic belt that serves to support the breasts. Perfectly emphasizes the figure, while correcting it in problem areas. This type of erotic lingerie came to us from antiquity, when the corset was still a mandatory attribute of every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. In the minds of men, the corset still has some magical power of seduction. Eroticism intertwined with grace.



It is a combination of an underwire bra and a bodysuit. It can also look like a corset, only without lacing. This type of underwear makes the female figure graceful, which is why it got its name.


Moon-half bra

The name of this bra translates as “half moon” due to its half cups. This type of bra is a balconette, where the cup covers half of the breast, thereby supporting the breast from below.

moon-half bra


A peignoir is a thin robe made of lace, satin or transparent fabric that is worn over a nightgown. And if you wear such a peignoir over your naked body, such a robe automatically becomes erotic.


Sexy sets

Such sets can be from the most banal (nurse costume, policewoman costume, etc.) to piquant and original ones, as in the photo. Modern sex shops and erotic lingerie stores offer a huge selection of sexy costumes that can create a completely new image for girls and thereby refresh the sex life of their partners.


Recommendations for choosing erotic lingerie

It is important to remember that when choosing erotic lingerie, and for that matter, when choosing all clothing in general, the main component should be elegance. You should not choose too flashy colors, give preference to classic black or virgin white, and if you are a very passionate person and want to emphasize this in your image, choose red. Sets in coffee, turquoise and pink colors will look beautiful.

If you have a figure with slight flaws, choose bodysuits, corsets or graces. In addition to the aesthetic component, these types of underwear can correct your figure. Choose underwear in such a way that your body attracts and does not cause confusion. Choose sets made of silk fabric, as well as satin or lace. Although cotton underwear is considered the most useful and comfortable, it looks too simple. To amaze and make the night magical, choose lingerie made from more expensive and high-quality fabric.

Dear women, please yourself and your men with beautiful erotic underwear, because such underwear will not only be your ally on the sexual front, but will also raise your self-esteem, making you even more beautiful.