How to choose the right lingerie according to your body type

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Properly chosen underwear helps a woman feel more confident and attractive. Your body type plays a huge role in choosing underwear. Today we will tell you how to choose the right underwear according to your body type.

Pear-shaped or triangle

Girls whose shape resembles a triangle (narrow shoulders and wide hips) are better off choosing push-up bras that add volume to the breasts. You should choose panties with a slimming effect, for example, shorts. This will help make your figure more harmonious: your sides and stomach will be tightened, and your breasts will be fuller.

Inverted Triangle Shape

This figure is characterized by wide shoulders and narrow hips. Girls should choose soft bras without additional inserts with wide straps that can narrow their shoulders. Any panties will suit this figure.

Hourglass figure

A thin waist, rounded hips and ample breasts are the most feminine and beloved silhouette among the stronger half of humanity. Such a figure only needs to be emphasized and for this you can choose any sets. You shouldn’t wear shorts, it’s too simple for such a figure, choose tangas, thongs, slips or hipsters.

Rectangle shape

For girls whose waist is not clearly defined, high-waisted panties are suitable. As for bras, there are also models that will add volume and make the proportions more feminine. Don’t forget about bodysuits, corsets and graces that can narrow your waist and make your figure more graceful.

Do not forget that:

  • Large breasts require good support. An excellent option would be models with closed cups and durable straps, as well as a bra back.
  • For the most common second breast size, a balconette bra is well suited. This model will slightly add volume and make the breast shape more appetizing.
  • girls with sizes zero and one should wear a push-up bra. It will add the missing volume, however, due to the fact that the chest will be constantly compressed on the sides, such underwear cannot be worn every day.

We wish you pleasant and correct shopping!