Guide to panties. How to choose the most important part of your wardrobe – women’s panties

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All women are unique, but they are all united by the desire to look perfect. Every girl has several models of panties in her wardrobe, to suit certain clothes and mood. Below is our short guide to the models and varieties of Defile panties.

Thong panties

Thongs are perfect for tight-fitting clothes. If you are wearing a tight dress, a tight skirt, or trousers made of thin fabric, you cannot do without a thong. Seamless briefs or briefs with minimal seams are also suitable for this function. Thongs visually make the waistline more pronounced and emphasize the beauty of the buttocks. However, it should be remembered that these panties can negatively affect your health if worn every day. Be sure to alternate wearing them with other models of underwear.

Hipster panties

Hipsters perfectly highlight the buttocks and help create a visually appealing silhouette. This model of panties fits any figure, combining comfort and sexuality.

Slip panties

Slips are suitable for those who prefer comfort. This is the most common and convenient model for every day. The peculiarity of this model of panties is that the slips visually reduce the buttocks. High-waisted slips will highlight your figure and visually lengthen your leg line.

Cowards are evasive

Uverts are the most piquant and unusual model of women’s panties. The dodges leave the buttocks completely exposed in order to excite the imagination and seduce.

Briefs shorts

Shorts are very practical women’s underwear that completely covers the buttocks. As a rule, shorts are tight-fitting, which makes it possible to wear them discreetly under clothing. For women with plus-size figures, panties with a high waist are suitable, this way you can visually correct the tummy and hips.


It is important that you feel comfortable and comfortable in your underwear, so pay attention to the cut and the fabric from which the panties are made.
To determine your underwear size, take two measurements:

– waist circumference

– hip girth

The figure tends to change, so it is necessary to take measurements periodically.

Your panty section
Hip circumference (cm)
Size “Defile”
60 – 63
84 – 87
64 – 67
88 – 92
68 – 71
93 – 96
72 – 75
97 – 100
76 – 79
101 – 104
80 – 83
105 – 108
84 – 87
109 – 112
88 – 91
113 – 116
In addition to the model, an important criterion for selecting panties is the material from which the product is made. It is best to choose panties made from fabrics that are highly breathable. It can be cotton, microfiber, satin or silk. In our online store you can buy panties of your favorite model from any material.

There can never be too many panties, especially if they are comfortable, beautiful, figure-flattering models. Choose the most important part of your wardrobe carefully and with love for your body. Always be beautiful.

Happy shopping at Defile.