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How select sliders, every experienced mother knows. Someone who has more than one child, or whose baby is already more than a month old, can determine by eye slider sizes. But a pregnant woman or one who has just given birth to a baby gets lost in these numbers. Especially when the doctor gives her a list of necessary things before giving birth. Which one is needed? size of romper for maternity hospital, how many outfits to take for a newborn and what exactly. These and other questions confront young parents.

Clothing manufacturer Valeo has been sewing nursery and children’s clothing for many years. We are the guru in these matters. Therefore, we will tell you how to understand the size grids, find smallest slider size and where is the best place to buy them.

When did the smallest size of sliders appear – the evolution of development

In fact, rompers are a fairly young type of clothing. If other outfits have, for example, a thousand-year history, then high pants are about 100 years old. And although they appeared closer to the middle of the twentieth century, women stubbornly continued to swaddle their children. Tying the babies tightly was considered the best solution. In maternity hospitals it was strictly forbidden to wear clothes.

Interestingly, no one even thought about why children make all their efforts to get arms or legs out of the “cocoon”. They didn’t notice that as soon as the baby took them out, he immediately fell asleep peacefully. But his parents were still sure that he slept better when tied up.

We all tend to believe in misconceptions that we or society have invented. It was the same with swaddling. But when a new era called “freedom for kids” began, everyone began to buy nursery clothes en masse. But the parents had no idea what length of sliders according to sizeswhere to get them. Clothing manufacturers and sellers quickly figured this out. We began to produce goods in large quantities. The smallest slider size appeared immediately – eighteenth. It corresponded to the height of a newborn, which typically varies from 50 to 54 cm. But for some sellers the same parameters correspond to size 32 or 36. And there is a small catch to this that you need to be aware of.

Rompers for newborns come in different sizes – different models

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Let’s start with the fact that choosing sliders can be difficult. Firstly, there are several types of them. Secondly, the sizes of each store are different. Let’s start with the first one.

The length of the sliders depends on their type. They are:

  • push-button
  • rompers with drawstrings
  • short pants
  • with buttons, with straps

There are also human overalls. These are the same rompers, but with sleeves. They are convenient because they are full-fledged clothing. There is no need for vests or pants here. I put on one overall and that’s it. They have buttons along the entire body, as well as on the bottom for easy diaper changing.

Parents need to choose from this list by trial. Buy a couple of different types and use them. In the process, you will understand which ones are suitable for you and your baby, which ones are comfortable, and which ones are not. And then you buy them, just take different sizes of sliders. We will briefly explain the pros and cons of each type.

  • Push-button. According to our observations – the most popular. They are really very comfortable. The buttons are easy to unfasten and fasten. And this is important when you need to quickly change a diaper, for example. Just pay attention that these buttons are of good quality – soft, without piercing elements. Such newborn rompers size, as a rule, have more. They won’t go to the maternity hospital, they take small short pants there.
  • Buttoned. Well, these are not very convenient to use. Small buttons are sewn onto their straps. It is inconvenient for parents, and especially dads, to fasten them. Large buttons cannot be sewn on for safety reasons. The smallest size for button-down rompers also usually starts at 20 (or at some stores, at 36).
  • Short pants. Many people love them. This is traditional clothing for babies. Here is the size of the onesies for the maternity hospital. But they have one drawback – the vest comes out. This is especially annoying when you carry a child in your arms and when he starts to spin or crawl. I have to tuck my clothes into my pants all the time. Also pay attention to the quality of the elastic band – it should be wide and reliable. Do not put pressure on your tummy.
  • With ties. These are the pioneers. Nowadays they practically don’t sew them. Because the ties are uncomfortable for both the baby and the parents.

Different sizes of sliders – why the numbers in stores are different

Everyone says that the sizes of the sliders are standard. But it was not there. They are different for each store. The same rompers for newborns have different sizes. Let’s find out why.

Let’s immediately make a reservation that there are several size grids – international, European, Italian, domestic and many others. Each has its own designation, its own numbers. They apply to both adult and nursery clothing. Therefore, the length of the sliders will be different for everyone.

Let’s give an example of nets for adults so that you understand what kind of nets there are.

Grid name

Size designation

























And now the sizes of the sliders:

Baby’s age, month

Height in cm

Slider sizes

Double size step



56 (18)




62 (20)




68 (22)




74 (24)




80 (26)


But the Valeo online store offers its own sizes, which must be taken into account:







Baby’s height












There is one important point – each clothing manufacturer uses its own designs, its own patterns when sewing products. Therefore, rompers for newborns have different sizes.

This must be taken into account when purchasing. A bona fide online store must have size sliders under each product. The clothing manufacturer Valeo indicates a specific mesh under the products.

The main criteria that will help you choose sliders

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The choice of clothing for children should be guided by certain requirements. Parents need to know them and be sure to take them into account before purchasing.

  1. Natural fabric. Mega-important indicator. You can’t go anywhere without him. Don’t even think about synthetics for children’s clothes. The only thing that is allowed is the addition of a small percentage of synthetic thread for warm rompers of the second layer of clothing. For those that are worn directly on the body, use only natural knitwear. In this case, the best items are made from interlock, ribana, fulicra, and kulir.
  2. Hypoallergenic. Also an obligatory factor. The baby’s health comes first. The outside world is already an aggressive environment for him. There are exhaust gases, aerosols, dust all around. The only thing missing was chemicals and dyes in the fabric. Therefore, make sure the materials are clean before purchasing.
  3. Safety. Everything is taken into account here: the composition of the fabric, the quality of the accessories, etc. The composition is only natural, the size is according to the baby’s parameters, the quality of the buttons is excellent.
  4. Correct sizes of sliders. You can’t take small ones so that they are end to end. The body will be compressed, the baby will not like it. If the length of the sliders is larger than the child’s size, they will bunch up and press and begin to slide. It’s also uncomfortable.
  5. Breathability. You should always check whether the fabric is breathable. The body must breathe – this is a prerequisite.

There are several more factors, let’s say – optional. But no less important. Comfort, beauty of products, hygroscopicity, etc. Everything in the complex will help you be satisfied with your purchase.

Don’t think that appearance doesn’t matter. It has, and what kind. At this stage, the baby doesn’t care what he’s wearing. But it is important for parents. For them, a child is the center of the Universe, the most beautiful. Accordingly, his outfits should also be beautiful. Therefore, choose colors and embroidery only those that please your eye.

How the length of the size sliders depends on the quality of the material

A very important factor that helps in choosing is the quality of the material. We pay attention to this first of all.

Most often, rompers are sewn from knitwear. High-quality, natural, hygroscopic. In general, it meets all the requirements that are specified in the previous section. But it also has several varieties. Let us characterize those from which the Valeo store sews.

  • Interlock. Welcome His Majesty, the King of Knitwear. That’s what customers secretly call it. Soft, thin, delicate. At the same time, it has a dense texture and is wear-resistant.
  • Cooler. Incredibly thin but durable fabric. Natural, hygroscopic, very popular.
  • Ribana. Durable, dense material. Keeps its shape, easy to care for. Contains 5% lycra thread. Therefore, elastic and wear-resistant.
  • Kapiton. These are already warm fabrics. Durable, three-layer. Has good thermal insulation.
  • Footer. An excellent alternative to wool, it has excellent heat-saving properties. The basis of this fabric is cotton. Items made from it are worth buying for the cold season.
  • Mahra. Care, comfort, coziness. Here is a brief description of the fabric. Like the footer, it is based on cotton – a natural, environmentally friendly material. Permeates air and absorbs moisture.

How to choose the size of sliders for the maternity hospital and how many of them are needed

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Another important question. Maternity hospital kit for a baby is usually standard:

  • sliders
  • vest
  • blouse
  • cap
  • booties
  • anti-scratch pads (if the vest has closed handles, then they are not needed)
  • diapers
  • diapers

By quantity – 3-4 pieces of each. In terms of quality, it depends on the time of year. If it’s hot, light knitwear is enough. It’s cold – then you need more fleece or terry clothes.

The list may also include diapers. This is not for changing, don’t worry. They are needed as a sheet or bedding. You can cover your child with them.

You also need an elegant discharge kit. After all, there will be a photo shoot – this is a memorable event, it 100% needs to be captured. Therefore, there should be a photographer on the statement, not necessarily a professional one.

A good idea is a personalized kit. For example, the clothing manufacturer Valeo has its own embroidery production. We embroider names on kryzhmas and kits for discharge from the maternity hospital. This is a memory for life, a kind of amulet.

Rules for caring for sliders

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In order for something to last a long time, you need to take proper care of it. Our recommendations regarding knitwear:

  • Wash in cool water, no higher than 30 degrees
  • We use gentle chemical-free products
  • We also iron with a warm iron
  • Turn off the spin, squeeze the water with your hands

The main rule for caring for knitwear is no hot temperatures. They, along with strong spinning, can deform the fabric. If you do everything correctly, things will last a long time, even for more than one child.

We generally recommend hand washing for knitted items. But we understand that the number of rompers and other nursery clothes is large. You can’t rub it with your hands. Therefore, we recommend manual or delicate machine washing.

How to choose sliders and be satisfied – criteria for a reliable online store

Nowadays, few parents go shopping for rompers. Everyone has switched to online shopping. It’s profitable, convenient, comfortable. It’s just important to find a reliable manufacturer. What you should pay attention to.

  • How many years has the store been on the market? The bigger, the better.
  • Availability of a website with good navigation, active accounts on social networks.
  • Number of clients, reviews, comments on the website, in social networks.
  • Assortment of goods in the catalogue. Here, as with age, the more the better.
  • Price. It should be adequate – not too high, but not too low either.

It is also important how the store staff works. If you made an order, you should be called back within this day to clarify the details. Provide information about product availability. Experienced managers will advise you how to choose the appropriate size and what to pay attention to.

Why is it important? There are many sites on the Internet that are called “fly-by-night”. There, a website was quickly built and several products were listed at a “bargain” price. People place an order, send money, but do not receive the goods. So be careful. Make purchases in trusted stores.

We hope our tips were useful and you found answers to your questions.