How to choose a dress to suit your figure?

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The variety of dresses will pleasantly surprise every fashionista, but such an assortment makes you think: how to choose the perfect dress style? It is important to choose a dress that will successfully hide all the flaws of the figure and thereby emphasize its advantages. To do this, you need to know exactly your body type:

  • Body type: Pear. In this case, we follow the proven rule – we achieve the ideal balance of top and bottom. Therefore, the top should have puffy sleeves, wide straps, a deep neckline, and the bottom should be made of thin fabrics in neutral shades.
  • Body type: Apple or Oval. It is recommended to pay attention to loose-fitting dresses, but not curvy models. Straight cut models should be a priority. No less relevant are dresses with skirts that taper slightly towards the bottom.
  • Body type: Rectangle or male body type. To make the look more feminine, add a wide belt at the waist or use styles with an offset waist. You can diversify your wardrobe with semi-fitted wrap dresses.
  • Body type: “Triangle” or “Trapezoid”. The main advantage of this figure is the presence of slender hips, which must be emphasized. This way, it will be possible to divert attention from the wide upper part. Therefore, you need to choose dresses with straps that are close to the neck – we draw attention to the protruding collarbones. For such a figure, you can buy dresses with one shoulder or with a too low waist.
  • Body type: Hourglass. This is the most feminine and “universal” figure, for which you can choose different styles of dresses. Choose fitted models with or without a belt, models with a large V-neck. However, for women with full arms, it is worth choosing dresses with either long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.

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By following the above recommendations, every lady will be able to create an unforgettable image by choosing the right outfit that will become a real decoration for her body type.

Deciding on the optimal color shade of the dress

Many people ignore such an important point when buying a dress as its color. Dealing with the fact how to choose a dress by color, you need to remember that it is the shades that can make you slim/full, make you look younger/age. For example, if you need to reduce the bottom or top, choose models in dark shades, and white colors always make you look fuller.

A too variegated color palette can take on several decades and make the skin pale. In order not to make a mistake with “your” dress color, you need to take into account the original color type of appearance.

Matching dresses by style

Every modern girl has her own style preferences, based on which she chooses her wardrobe. To feel as confident as possible, choose a dress according to stylein which you will be comfortable:

  • For lovers of functional clothes that are comfortable to move around the city in, dresses in the “casual” style are suitable.
  • For the feminine nature, who cannot go a day without heels, a more romantic style is suitable.

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The choice of style directly depends on two main factors – lifestyle, as well as individual preferences. If a woman is used to walking and covers many kilometers, maximum comfort will come first for her, which means the dress should not hinder movement.

Optimal dress length

The eternal question of all fashionistas: long or short? How to find that “golden mean” and choose the ideal dress length. Remember that length can also be used to adjust your own figure.

There is the following set of rules and recommendations regarding the optimal length of the outfit:

  • Light summer sundresses or floor-length evening dresses can be long. Their main advantage is that they visually lengthen the female silhouette and make them as slim as possible. However, long dresses are not suitable for short girls. In this case, the outfit “cuts down” the already short stature.
  • Short outfits are an excellent solution for those with beautiful legs. In this case, the choice of length depends on the woman’s age: ladies 50+ are recommended to choose dresses with a length no higher than the knees.
  • Medium length outfits are a great way to hide certain problem areas on your legs.
  • For tall women there is real freedom – they will be able to choose dresses of any size, but it is important not to overdo it with extreme minis.

In addition, do not forget that each dress has its own event, and therefore the selected outfit must necessarily correspond to the occasion, the specific situation. For example, everyday dresses are characterized by the absence of a large number of decorative elements, while evening dresses require the presence of lace, drapery, and bright decorative elements.