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A modern interior should combine functionality, conciseness and interesting design solutions. The design of the room affects the choice of decorative elements.

Curtains in a modern style will look great in the appropriate interior.

Curtains for classic and neoclassical interiors

Elegant and formal classics will always be in fashion. room in classic style easy to recognize by the presence of a compositional center (sofa or fireplace). Furniture and decor are placed symmetrically around it. Many light sources are another sign of a classic. Most of the room is illuminated by a chandelier, and the functional areas are equipped with floor lamps, wall lamps and sconces. Classics are also characterized by the use of a natural palette and natural materials: wood, leather and velvet.

The main element of window decoration in a classic interior is the curtain. It is traditionally made from noble materials:

  • velvet retains heat and insulates light (durable and pleasant velor is similar to it);

  • durable, shiny atlas;

  • noble and unwavering jacquard with a complex relief pattern.

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A classic interior is characterized by multi-layering, so the curtain is often complemented by a translucent curtain (it is hung behind the curtain). Most often, decorative curtains are made from veil or organza. The thin and transparent veil diffuses light, and the smooth organza drapes well. Most often in a classic interior there are plain curtains. Contrasting accessories will help you place the right accents.

A characteristic detail of window decor in a classic style is a lambrequin – a drapery located along the cornice. Typically, lambrequins are made from the same material as curtains.

Neoclassical style – a modern rethinking of the classics. What is the difference between classics and neoclassics? In both cases, the emphasis is on noble tones and symmetry, only neoclassicism prioritizes functionality, and classicism prioritizes decorativeness. Neoclassicism adapts to the urban lifestyle with the help of lightweight textures and simple forms. For this, alternative finishes, modern decor and minimalistic, plain textiles are used.

Curtains for modern interiors

Modern interior is a combination of various current styles, among which minimalist (high-tech, loft) and accent (Provence, country, loft) stand out.

Modern minimalism

Minimalism is an example of rational use of space. Strict lines, laconic forms and basic muted shades do not need decoration.

The advantage of minimalism is its versatility. It simplifies life: the absence of unnecessary elements eliminates visual noise, and the simple layout reduces cleaning time.

The most current trends in minimalism are high-tech and loft.

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High tech

What is hi-tech? – Priority of functionality over decoration. In high-tech, innovative technologies are combined with chrome, nickel and glass, replacing natural materials. The main features of high-tech: clear geometry, free layout and monochrome palette. The set should be roomy, the windows should be large, and the shapes and lines should be clear and straight. Furniture takes up little space: movable or hidden structures are preferred.

Curtains in the interior of a living room or bedroom, decorated in a modern high-tech style,

must comply with a number of rules: absence of decor, folds and draperies.

High-tech usually uses a monochrome palette (gray, white and black). Shades with highlights that imitate gold or iron are also popular. The trending colors for 2023 were bright colors: for example, emerald, blue and yellow. The main thing is that the curtains are plain or gradient.

A straight curtain without decorative elements is the main type of curtains in the high-tech style. Roman blinds are also often used. This is a flat canvas that folds beautifully thanks to the lifting mechanism. You can also use an electric curtain rod: it is controlled remotely and is ideal for high ceilings.

Conciseness and lack of frills are one of the key requirements of high-tech. If desired, use geometric prints, strict or abstract patterns. High-tech doesn’t need curtains. Functional decorative accessories are allowed – for example, tiebacks – but not bright or accent ones.

Pay attention to high-tech and fire-resistant materials. They have beneficial properties:

  • wear-resistant polyester with metal threads;

  • moisture repellent Teflon treated fabrics;

  • acrylic fabrics with characteristics close to natural wool.

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Industrial trends prevail in the loft. Large windows, open floor plans and high ceilings create a comfortable, spacious space.

Natural materials – wood, brick or concrete – are combined with casual finishing. Furniture from different eras, stairs and flooring are used for zoning.

Modern curtains in neutral colors look good in a loft interior. The most common colors are grey, brown or beige. Patterns are rare, but simple prints (lines, checkered patterns) are allowed. In the loft, clear lines or graphics across the entire width of the fabric look great. The absence of small drawings is the main condition. The main task of textiles is to create an ascetic environment.

Suitable for loft:

  • roller blindswhich are durable, lightproof and easy to maintain;

  • Japanese curtainswhich can be easily moved apart and protect from heat and sun;

  • rope blindswhich allow air to pass through well.

Loft textiles are made from natural and light-proof materials. Synthetic materials are usually used, but natural ones are also found: for example, durable linen or hypoallergenic cotton.

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Modern accent interior

Provence, country and fusion stand out among the accent styles. These styles are suitable for those who want to decorate their apartment in an unusual and tasteful way.


Provence, inspired by the French countryside, creates a homely feel, filling the space with light and tranquility. French Provence focuses on naturalness. In this style, natural materials and natural colors are preferred, as well as handmade decor, upholstered furniture and forged elements. The walls are covered with paint or wallpaper, and the floor, windows and doors are made of wood. Preference is given to natural lighting.

In Provence, textiles complement the windows rather than draw attention to themselves. Its main task is to draw attention to the window area. The Provence style is characterized by patterns in the form of floral designs. Curtains with plants will look stylish in the interior of a kitchen in a modern Provence style. Rustic decorations are suitable as additional decor in the living room: tassels, frills, ruffles and lace. The textiles must match the color of the room, and the pattern on it may match other textiles.

If there is a large amount of room decor, use plain textiles. Provence is characterized by light colors: pink, blue, light green, white and yellow. A pastel palette will create an atmosphere of lightness in the room.

When choosing fabrics, pay attention to those that are easy to care for. Natural modern curtains will look organically in the interior of the living room. For example:

  • dense and translucent linen is easy to care for and allows air to pass through well;

  • Light cotton drapes beautifully and shades the room;

See photo:

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Beautifully draped curtains with tiebacks, lace and gathers will create Provencal chic in the room. Modern Provence allows the use of lifting Viennese curtains and roller blinds. They will free up the window sill, isolating excess light.


Country is an American alternative to French Provence. This trend is also inspired by farm life, only cowboy style. Like Provence, country uses natural colors and natural finishing materials without unnecessary gloss. Country interiors are characterized by practical furniture, handmade decor and functional furniture. It can be leather or wicker, but is always an accent detail. Country furniture is also distinguished by unfinished wooden floors and walls and dim lighting. When choosing a design, pay attention to colorful fabrics with natural patterns. Geometric patterns are also often used – checks or stripes. If you prefer monochrome textiles, use a muted palette. In this case, bright and contrasting decorations are needed. Feel free to decorate your windows with contrasting ruffles, tiebacks and ruffles.

Now let’s look at the styles that are most often shortened:

  • Cafe curtains that reach the window sill and are attached in the center of the window;

  • Lifting with lace or braid;

  • A small curtain covering the lower half of the window.

Selection of material is the final step. Naturalness and naturalness should also be seen in the composition of the product: usually durable cotton or denser linen. Natural materials are hypoallergenic and combine with wood in the living room or bedroom. They complement the kitchen interior design and look good with a modern style curtain.

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Fusion is a stylish combination of incompatible things, an opportunity to show creative freedom and deviate from strict canons. Fusion does not imply restrictions. The fusion of styles and cultures will make the apartment unique.

Fusion is an original way to decorate a room (for example, a living room) in a modern style, following your interests. Allowed:

  • use of various accessories;

  • non-standard lighting;

  • bright palette;

  • extraordinary shapes and textures.

Fusion tends to experiment, but has clearly defined trends. For example, the emphasis of vintage items and the ability to highlight them with lighting.

Even between disparate objects there must be a connection. When looking at the overall composition, there should be no dissonance. It is a sense of proportion that distinguishes fusion from chaos.

There are almost no design restrictions in fusion. Combine bright, accent colors and bold, cheerful prints; pastel colors are inappropriate. Ethnic accessories that connect textiles with other decorative elements are also suitable.


Experiment by alternating styles. Curtains in a fusion interior combine modern designs and traditional elements, classic and loft elements, as well as different styles. The duo of modern and antique elements is particularly successful. Try decorating a tech fabric with an antique pelmet. When choosing curtains in a modern fusion style interior, try combining textiles from different fabrics (for example, smooth and textured), as well as dark ones with a pattern – and plain ones.

There are many ideas that will transform the interior and appearance of curtains. For inspiration, use photos of home textiles in a modern style. Based on your preferences, there are many new materials and designs available now. Modern curtain design in your interior is a great opportunity to show your creativity and make your home a cozy, stylish place.