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Home textiles should decorate the home and create comfortable conditions for the whole family. But how do you determine which is best for you?

When buying curtains for the hall, you need to take into account several nuances that will allow you to find a long-term and practical option.


How to choose the color of curtains for the living room interior

When choosing the color of curtains in the living room interior, pay attention to the following points.

Dark or light

What effect do you want to achieve with curtains? If your goal is to visually expand the space, pay attention to products, for example, in white or beige tones. In contrast, a dark palette narrows the room and looks very elegant in a living room.


Warm or cold

Now it’s time to figure out color temperature.

Colors are divided into warm (in which yellow and red predominate) and cool (in which there is more blue and violet). To understand color temperature, use the Itten circle.

Textiles in warm colors are an excellent option for a dimly lit living room. This solution will add light and comfort to the space. And products in a cold palette will be appropriate in sunny rooms. They will definitely create a calm mood and increase the space, especially in a small room.


Bright or pastel

The next step is choosing a shade. What looks better in the living room: bright or neutral shades?

Pastel is perfect for relaxation. It will not attract unnecessary attention or stand out brightly against the background of the interior. The pastel palette softens the rich details so you can feel comfortable and enjoy the beauty around you. Below are photos with successful examples.

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To create an accent, use rich colors. To make sure you get an interesting composition, add accessories that are consistent in design or contrasting.

Solid color or design

What is more suitable for the interior of a living room in an apartment: curtains in a single color or with a design?

Plain curtains They will best fit into a living room in a neoclassical style (then it should be heavy draping textiles). They are suitable for high-tech and loft styles, which are distinguished by laconic solutions, lack of unnecessary decor and functionality.

If you prefer patterned textiles, pay attention to styles such as:

  • boho, in which ethnic motifs are complemented by natural plants;

  • Provence style, the source of inspiration for which is the smallest details and natural ornament;

  • country with checkered prints, lush frills and bows – similar to rustic;

  • Scandi is a successful mixture of pastel shades (white and beige) and minimalism in design.

Curtains with beautiful patterns have a lot of advantages. They are suitable for a large hall: accent points enliven a calm and bright interior. And such curtains allow you to use an individual approach to the design of the room, visually expand it (horizontal lines) or raise the ceiling (vertical stripes). They also look perfect with plain walls and break up their monotony.

Accent details

Bright textiles do not need to be complemented with anything. To decorate curtains, you can use decorative accessories: for example, tiebacks or ribbons. Some decorations are only suitable for certain styles: for example, lambrequins are classic. If you have tubular curtain rods at home, position the curtain asymmetrically: this will create beautiful folds. To create a bright accent in the living room interior, use a photo print. A huge number of available designs in photos on web sources will allow you to show your individuality in home decoration.

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Between the floor and standard length products is approximately one and a half centimeters. This distance protects the lower part of the textile from damage, dirt and rapid wear.

To create an effective and voluminous composition, it is better to take a product whose height is ~10-25 cm greater than the distance from the ceiling to the floor. In this case, the fabric will lie on the floor in beautiful folds. This technique looks impressive in a classic room.

Another option is to find curtains whose parameters correspond to the exact dimensions of the window. Roman or roller blinds have a decorative or light-protective function. Thanks to the lifting mechanism, they will free up the window, which can be decorated with pillows or anything else.


When creating modern curtains, synthetic fabrics are most often used. Artificial materials have a number of advantages, such as: durability, practicality, high density and creating a blackout effect (protection from bright light sources). Transparent and airy tulle will facilitate the composition.

Want to focus on luxury design? Then jacquard will definitely suit you: fabric with a woven pattern is highly wear-resistant. Fans of classic-style products will appreciate the volume of the material and the interesting design. You can also use soft and soundproof velvet that retains heat. Fabrics with iridescence and spectacular design are also suitable for a classic-style interior. These include lustrous, low-maintenance satin and glossy taffeta with a stiff texture and drape.

When looking for curtains for your living room interior, don’t forget about natural fabrics. Pay special attention to thick, fade-resistant linen and high-strength cotton. Made from hypoallergenic cotton, the matting is strong and durable, and the vibrant patterns on it will add style. Natural materials have a less darkening effect than synthetic ones, but their design is more interesting and their composition is more environmentally friendly. Modern curtains made from them will look great in your living room interior and will last you a long time.

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Fashion trends

Fashion in the home textile design industry is constantly changing. In recent years, several popular movements have emerged. There are several trends that determine the trendy design of curtains in the living room interior:

  • Neutral shades found in nature

Shades of beige and cream, white and gray, as well as muted tones bring the design closer to natural conditions and match any decor.

  • Simple shapes and laconic designs

The absence of unnecessary decor and strict design is a source of a pleasant mood that will help you create a cozy atmosphere in the living room and minimalist window design.

  • Multilayer composition

Since the design of a home depends on the taste of its owners, layering is no less popular trend than laconicism. A stylish combination of curtains in the living room interior focuses attention on the beautiful window from the threshold. Experiment by repeating compositions from different photos on the Internet.

  • Functionality

Aesthetic design must be combined with practicality, and convenience with style and versatility. This is in line with the popular Scandinavian trend


How to decorate your window in an interesting way

Have you not yet fully decided how to decorate the window? Below are some interesting ideas. In general sources you can also easily find photos and designs for every taste.

If you have a round or oval window in your home, try visual geometry. To do this, use asymmetrical shapes or a larger curtain.

An accompanying curtain made of glass or crystals on long threads is suitable for a room in the Art Nouveau style. Crystal threads will create the dynamics of light in the frame: glass shining in the sun will shimmer beautifully, being a source of sunlight in the room.

You can combine bright and plain curtains, as well as tulle with thick fabric on which photos are applied. It’s a great design, a source of inspiration and a great opportunity to make the space around you a little more unique.

For a complete picture, use soft pillows and blankets. When choosing curtains that will look good in the living room, evaluate the photos to understand how they look in real life and how well they suit all your requirements.

For a small living room

Depending on the tone of the textiles, the room may look larger or smaller. The universal rule says: light curtains in the living room interior create the illusion of increased space. Dark curtains in the living room interior or textiles with bright designs, on the contrary, will make the space heavier and smaller.

For the window it is better to use textiles in neutral pastel colors. It will allow light and air to penetrate inside, filling the room with lightness and visually enlarging it. Smooth textured fabrics without a bright design also visually increase the space. The use of lambrequins, curtains and colorful fabrics has the opposite effect.

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Let’s sum it up

Having found the optimal solution for decorating a recreation area, you can breathe new life into its design. Home textiles should suit you in appearance, material and size. Successful combinations and popular trends in window design will allow you to create a beautiful space.

To understand how the curtains will suit the interior of your living room, look at their design in the photo.

Have you already started transforming your home?