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Children’s fashion is not just a smaller version of adult fashion. She plays by her own rules.

Say no to tired designs and yes to new ideas. If previously a child’s wardrobe was a smaller copy of an adult’s, now it develops independently.

In 2024, trends have already emerged that will determine new collections. Comfort is still a must, but style matters too.

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Modern decor

Bright clothes for girls not only lift the child’s mood, but also allow him to express his individuality. Prints are one way to express yourself.

Representatives of the mass market are guided by the global course. The most popular types of decor are:

  • Geometry: Beveled diamonds, houndstooth and tartan;

  • Animalistic motifs: exotic – for example, leopard color;

  • Classic stripes: timeless pattern in different color variations;

  • Floral pattern: romantic and delicate design;

  • Abstract themes: echoes of fusion;

  • Neon drawing: Glow in the dark images;

  • Tie-Dye: colored stains on plain fabric;

  • Large prints in combination with stripes or checks;

  • Traditional painting: original Gzhel and Khokhloma;

  • Mugs and polka dotswhich bring back the mood of the 80s;

When choosing a set with a print, remember that the colors and design of the top and bottom should be in harmony. In 2024, a combination of two or three consonant prints is allowed.

Prints are the most common, but not the only decor option.

Also pay attention to voluminous appliqués and fringed epaulets, bright stripes and custom photo printing. In the wardrobe of girls aged 11 and over in 2024, accessories in the form of rivets and light, careless wear are often found.

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Interesting color techniques

In 2024, bright colors go hand in hand with pastels, giving parents and children great freedom. Among pastel colors, blue, green, and pink are popular, and among rich colors, turquoise and coral are popular. The Itten circle will help you choose combinations.


For lovers of bright colors, neon colors in the form of a contrasting combination or a smooth gradient are suitable. Also pay attention to the popular monochrome technique. An image in one color will become more interesting if you combine different shades.

The color type also plays an important role: it helps to determine the palette that is suitable for your child based on his appearance. For example, warm pastel colors are suitable for “spring”.

Signs of grunge

Grunge is an alternative American movement from the 80s. This is a daring challenge to conventions and classics, a mixture of hard rock and hippie culture, naturalness in design – and a protest against everyday life. The grunge style is not limited to the philosophy of protest: its aesthetics lie in unusualness and ease. Grunge style looks are suitable for a younger or teenage girl.

Grunge is a common name for a group of trends. Among them:

  • post grunge – asymmetry with a glamor twist;

  • punk grunge – a combination of incongruous things, rough leather accessories – and light dresses;

  • soft grunge – jeans with holes or abrasions.

If you want to dress a girl in grunge clothes, use a layering technique: it can be jeans, a T-shirt and a shirt, as well as a scarf on top. In this case, there should be no discomfort, so coarse and natural materials are used in production: cotton or linen.

Grunge clothing means freedom not only in interests, but in movements. Oversized, long sleeves and layering are a couple more characteristics of the grunge style. It can also be recognized by its abrasions. Heavy shoes and texture blur the lines between things, allowing everyone to dress however they want. Some accessories – a leather bag or a discreet backpack – will suit both the outfit for a 5-6 year old girl and the school wardrobe for a 10 year old girl. For a girl aged 7, 11 or 12, one or two metallic items will also look fashionable and beautiful. Sparkling products with a shimmering color look extremely modern and daring.

This season, several trends stand out in grunge style clothing. In the 80s and 90s, scuffs and hoods, oversized, vintage and trends from other iconic eras were popular, challenging old conventions. And for a girl who doesn’t yet fully understand her character, you can try a combination of pastel and casual. True, grunge clothes are unlikely to be suitable for school.

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A basic minimalist wardrobe can be easily identified by loose-fitting items, easily combined colors and the absence of unnecessary decor. It is governed by the principle of conscious use.

The main sign of minimalism is a simple and comfortable style. Don’t get carried away with the fittings: the child should be comfortable, but unnecessary details can get in the way. Minimalism also manifests itself in naturalness, which does not require decoration.

In a minimalist wardrobe for girls, especially those 12 years and older, simple patterns are allowed: for example, lines or geometric patterns that will not shift the focus to themselves. This option is ideal for school activities. However, outside of class, you don’t have to give up prints: just choose designs in neutral shades.

Everyday looks are made up of a minimalist set of things. These are T-shirts and sweaters with sleeves, shorts and trousers, skirts – for the warm season. Made from natural materials (linen or cotton), they correspond to the idea of ​​sustainable consumption.

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Denim is back in trend

Iconic denim has long gone beyond jeans. This could be a jumpsuit for outdoor activities, a dress with long sleeves for an evening walk, or a sundress with straps, combined with a modern shirt.

Denim is developing in many directions. One of them is total denim, or Canadian tuxedo: this is a combination of a denim top… and a denim bottom. A total denim shirt will look great with denim shorts, pants or a skirt.

Another denim trend that will be popular in 2024 is patchwork. Patchwork from the era of stagnation is often found on ripped jeans. Patchwork jeans are worn with sweatshirts, crop tops and oversized shirts.

Fans of originality will appreciate denim with bright patterns, sequins and prints. Nostalgic jeans with patches are a choice in favor of spontaneity. Pay attention to jeans with sparkles and sequins. These can be sparkling inclusions – or a fabric completely covered in glitter.


What is oversize?

Oversized is a symbol of comfort and freedom. Oversized products for girls have migrated into children’s wardrobes from adults. They can be recognized by their loose fit, as well as their wide shoulder line and broken proportions.

How to wear oversized correctly?

  • You should be wearing one oversized item: for example, a T-shirt or trousers;

  • Minimalistic design is a must: the increased size already attracts attention;

  • Oversized reveals the advantages of the figure: a girl can not only hide flaws, but also emphasize her waist by tucking the product into her belt;

  • Body structure is of great importance: if a girl has too broad shoulders or a body, it is better to choose trousers rather than an oversized T-shirt;

Those who love bright details need to know when to stop: too bright colors or noticeable decor can shift the focus from the main thing.

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Old money philosophy

Old money, or quiet luxury – a stylish lifestyle for girls. Aesthetic children’s clothes will allow your child to look luxurious in any situation.

By offering a girl this style, you instill in her taste and influence her attitude towards her appearance. Old money denies novelty: it is complete in itself. This is high-end European fashion.

The old money philosophy promotes the following theses:

  • Restraint. Laconicism is a sign of sophistication, so complex styles and bright colors will look tasteless.

  • Freedom. Straight-cut clothes do not restrict movement and look elegant on a girl with any figure: tapered and shortened clothes can make the look vulgar. Laconic and wide trousers, as well as loose knitwear, are in particular demand.

  • Naturalness. The high quality of the material makes the bow more expensive and extravagant. It is intended for several seasons, because it is always relevant, and the fabric retains its quality for a long time. Natural fabrics (linen, silk, cotton, wool) are strong and durable, and are also environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.

  • Nobility of color and design. Restrained and muted shades, as well as deep colors (for example, beige or milky) will make a lady out of a girl. The natural palette of old money (brown, olive and gray) goes perfectly with floral or geometric patterns. Classic designs are allowed: for example, houndstooth, check or stripe, which will harmonize and not draw attention to themselves.

The old money capsule contains formal wear: high-waisted skirts and trousers, loose jumpers and shirts, polos and cardigans, as well as tailored jackets. The main thing is to feel comfortable in them. Hats are not the least important: Panama hats, hats and berets – depending on the season – distinguish an aristocratic approach to life.

One of the key ideas of the old money trend is durability, so you should carefully select universal accessories. This could be a beret or hat, as well as a quality vest or jumper.

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Hip-hop culture

Like grunge, hip-hop is created for lovers of freedom. Its main characteristics are practicality and convenience. Original prints and bright colors, as well as slight casualness and memorable accents are also important features of hip-hop.

The absence of frames allows you to brutally combine almost any top and bottom option:

  • low-rise jeans and a jumper with a wide vest;

  • sweatpants – and cropped T-shirts;

  • Tight-fitting top and baggy bottom;

  • trousers decorated with rhinestones and a plain top.

Any creative experimentation with accessories is encouraged: sunglasses and baseball caps, bandanas and scarves, as well as personalized details.

About multi-layering

Hip-hop loves multi-layered combinations: they emphasize the rejection of the usual framework. This format is especially popular for teenage girls: you can find many basic combinations in their wardrobe.

You can wear a loose T-shirt under an oversized sweatshirt with a tapered cut. Interesting layered combinations include T-shirt + shirt + denim, as well as shirt + vest + leather jacket.

Light lower layers should be visible from under the upper and heavier ones. The girl will not only look great, but she will always be able to change clothes if she is too cold or hot.

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