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How to instill a sense of style from childhood

Fashion for children appeared only a couple of centuries ago. Previously, a smaller copy of adult suits was sewn for them, and one could only dream of comfort. Properly selected clothes for a girl are not only comfortable, but also have their own style. Nowadays, interesting images for girls are an opportunity for their self-expression.

Basic wardrobe for teenage girls

Young people know very well what they like: some prefer classics and preppy, while others prefer grunge. A basic wardrobe for a girl is clothes that can be used in various interesting combinations. It has a laconic cut and minimalist design, and also allows a teenage girl to create many trendy looks.


When choosing an image, style for a girl is key. However, in a children’s wardrobe for girls there are common top options:

  • t-shirts: 2-3 oversized or printed T-shirts;

  • shirts: They go well with a variety of bottoms.

  • sweatshirts: This option is suitable for cold weather;

  • sweater: teenage girls can wear a couple of warm knitted sweaters, as well as lightweight models, on their own, with a shirt and cardigans.

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A basic wardrobe for a teenage girl includes a pair of classic jeans and trousers, as well as leggings, shorts and skirts. They combine universally into beautiful looks for girls.

For a walk

It is important for children of any age to spend time outdoors. There is a significant difference between outdoor clothing for toddlers and schoolchildren. In the first case, comfort is more important, and in the second, the opportunity to show individuality.


On warm days, kindergarten kids spend an hour on a walk. The look for a girl 5 years old and younger usually includes a headdress: a Panama hat or cap will protect her head from direct sunlight. Comfortable, easy-to-fasten shoes are also helpful. Boots made from natural material absorb moisture, and the perforated upper allows the skin to breathe. The flexible and smooth sole should not slip. For cool evenings, prepare insulated options: sweatpants and a sweater.

Schoolchildren prefer trendy and comfortable clothes. It should be comfortable and adaptable to changes in temperature. The look for a 6-year-old girl should include breathable items made from natural materials that will be as comfortable as possible.

Remember the headdress. While a hat will keep you warm in winter, a sunhat will do the trick in summer. The right choice of shoes will also affect comfort: these could be sandals and light shoes, flip-flops and sandals…

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Kids will need two sets: after an active day in the garden, you need to dry the snow jacket. As an alternative, a warm jumpsuit is suitable – however, if it gets dirty, you will have to look for a replacement for both the top and bottom. It will be easier to buy a pair of warm pants with a strap and an easy-to-clean jacket.

Replacement shoes are required in winter. Typically these are shoes or boots with a non-slip base that are easy to fasten. Any shoes for children do not contain synthetics, and the materials are hypoallergenic, so the main thing is to choose a comfortable model.

Students in grades 1-4 usually wear insulated pants and a jacket with winter boots. A sweater, tights and thermal underwear are worn underneath. Long down jackets look good for girls 11 years and older. Instead of overalls in the wardrobe for an 11-year-old girl, baloney trousers are preferable, and on warm days – trousers.

High school students strive to show individuality. Denim, insulated oversized sweaters, as well as sweatshirts and bomber jackets are especially often worn. When choosing a jacket with your daughter, offer her shortened sports models, fitted and A-line down jackets, as well as parkas with many pockets and a large hood.



In spring and autumn the weather changes gradually. For the demi-season, waterproof clothing is usually made.

In the mid-season, kids wear lightweight overalls or insulated jackets and trousers if it’s really cold outside. A windbreaker and raincoat are the ideal solution for rainy weather: you can further insulate yourself with thermal underwear and a warm jacket with a zipper.

When purchasing shoes, consider changing weather conditions. Rubber boots and waterproof boots with Velcro are ideal. Long coats, sports parkas, light raincoats and jackets are popular among older girls.


For kindergarten

The building is always warm, so the sets do not change throughout the year. A child uses several sets per week, so it’s worth having:

  • Outerwear: T-shirt, tunic or long sleeve jacket;

  • Underwear: skirts, shorts, light sweatpants or leggings;

  • Tracksuit: T-shirt, shorts and sneakers;

  • Shoes: slippers or sandals (closed ones for younger children);

  • For sleep: light pajamas.

The outdoor list changes slightly depending on the season. So, a winter suit includes an additional warm layer. In summer, it is better to choose T-shirts made from breathable and water-repellent fabrics.

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For school

Instead of uniforms, a business dress code has long been introduced, which allows you to stand out among your peers. However, trends vary depending on age.

Primary classes

A business dress code has already appeared in middle and high schools, but younger students still wear the same uniform.

Sundress makes the look for girls 7 years and older more feminine. It can have long or short sleeves, a loose or fitted fit, and a full or straight skirt. There are many types of decor: for example, lace, collars or beads.

Skirt should fit comfortably to the body and provide freedom of movement. In demand are a pleated skirt that fits comfortably at the waist, a fluffy circle skirt and a feminine pencil skirt with a tight-fitting but not restrictive cut.

Trousers – an alternative for those who prefer freedom of movement without restrictions. Among the trousers, the following styles are especially comfortable:

  • Straight cut that emphasizes the figure;

  • Shortened for active and not very tall children.

Always act as the top blouses and shirts. Usually they are united by a laconic design, although moderate use of decor is allowed: for example, beads or frill. The styles of shirts and blouses are completely unlimited: they can be long and short, equipped with straight and voluminous sleeves…

The uniform in the elementary grades is strict and concise. Sometimes the color is determined by the dress code, but usually it is a dark color scheme. Neat tartan patterns are often found. In cold weather, wear a jacket and cardigan.


Middle classes

The modern form is a departure from old traditions in favor of comfort. This is a time of experimentation, so children come up with a variety of things.

Shirts — a departure from laconicism in favor of more current styles. During adolescence, a person develops his own preferences: some like a classic cut, while others prefer curly collars and other decorative elements.

After six years, blouses begin to appear in children’s wardrobes – a lightweight version of the top with a loose fit and decorative design. You can buy several light-colored shirts and alternate them.

Jacket (with a clear waistline) or a jacket (straight cut) will organically complement the outfit on special days. For those who prefer a loose fit, universal jumpers are suitable.

Many people are interested in miniskirts, but they are not always acceptable within school walls. Their alternative is often skirts with pleating or wrap, fitted and high-rise models.

Dresses – another way to stand out in the crowd. Tight-fitting models will emphasize external advantages, and straight-cut models will hide flaws. For those who don’t like skirts, trousers will do. Dress codes sometimes prohibit wide or tapered models, so it is better to choose a standard fit.


Senior classes

Creating a fashionable look for a girl is not at all difficult. Below is a recommended shopping list for this age:

  • Pair shirts according to the figure and a few more – loose cut. They can be plain or checkered;

  • Elegant light blouse for special school events;

  • Classic or long blazer straight cut. You can wear a T-shirt or vest with a plain jacket;

  • Knitted or knitted jumper with a zipper and a voluminous cardigan;

  • Dark trousers with standard and high rise, which will emphasize the figure. More and more often they wear models that are tapered at the bottom, as well as flared ones;

  • Some skirts: midi and mini length, checkered and ribbed, straight and flared;

  • Dresses Fitted and mid-length A-line that are not too figure-hugging.

High school is an opportunity for girls to show their character in children’s images. In the wardrobe of a girl 12 years and older, it is better to have both universal pastel and bright accent items. Older girls already have their favorite colors: you can designate them using jewelry or shoes with a characteristic decor.


For Sport

Sportswear should be safe and comfortable. You can buy straight trousers or tight leggings, an oversized T-shirt – or a straight-fit tank that leads the trends. For the cold season, an sweatshirt with a zipper is suitable, and you can also create a stylish look for a girl. For example, a T-shirt and a thin sweatshirt look great for a girl 12 years old and younger.

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For photography

Taking photographs is a way to preserve childhood memories.

For children

When choosing an image for a girl for a photo shoot, take a closer look at the shooting style:

  • For thematic shooting, you need to prepare kits in advance;

  • For New Year’s photography, they usually choose 2-3 colors without prints, but with shiny seasonal patterns;

  • For home photography on a light background, choose sets in neutral and soft tones.

Remember that when creating an image, the style for a girl at a photo shoot must be taken into account.

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In images for girls 10 years and older, the emphasis is on originality. The topic depends on the person’s interests: it could be a rock venue or a romantic venue, a crazy party with friends – or a solo shoot. Images for teenagers, girls especially, should reveal their outer and inner beauty. A wardrobe for a 10 year old girl gives maximum scope to the imagination.

Proper combinations will always make you look great, instill good taste in your child and save parents money.