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How to choose trendy combinations

If children’s fashion adapts trends from adult fashion, then teenage fashion interprets them in a new way. Global trends play an important role in shaping the interests of young people. The basic wardrobe for a boy is universal. However, a capsule wardrobe for a boy follows trends.

In the 2024-2025 season, comfort and self-expression are the determining factors in teenage clothing. Let’s look at the 7 most popular trends in children’s looks for boys.

Features of PREPPY

Preppy is a tribute to the elitism that came from the American school culture of the 40s. This prestigious option combines high quality and impeccable taste.

In preppy, there are several constant characteristics:

  • Classic style. Discreet clothes for boys look good on the figure without concentrating all the attention on the style.

  • Natural materials. High quality fabrics, be it cashmere or cotton, and look great;

  • Calm palette. Natural colors work well with pastels and are usually subtle, such as brown, sand and navy blue;

  • Neat details. Pressed lapels and collars, cuffs and button placket are signs of elegance;

  • Conciseness. The absence of flashy elements and conservatism are an important part of preppy.

Of course, a neat appearance implies an appropriate image and lifestyle. Preppy is the golden mean between business and casual looks, which emphasizes your dignity.

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Theses of ECO-STYLE

Nowadays, ecology is not only a hot topic, but also an opportunity to support the principles of reasonable consumption. Eco-principles advocate the careful use of resources and determine the further development of the sector. Some theses are presented below.

Ethnic motives prevail over modern ones. These are boho and country elements, minimalistic lacing and buttons instead of zippers – in other words, accessories. Guys can use them to stand out among their peers.

Natural fabrics are preferable to artificial ones. Hypoallergenic and durable materials (usually linen or cotton) feel good on the skin and last a long time, and are processed without chemicals or harm to the environment.

Natural colors bring people closer to nature. Muted colors are the basis of eco: beige, brown, green colors are found everywhere in the world around us, and this palette brings us closer to nature. This is a universal option in a boy’s wardrobe: neutral colors are especially suitable for those who are in search of themselves. The universal palette suits everyone without exception.

Freedom in movement means freedom in life. The absence of constricting elements and the convenience of the style guarantee good health and a stylish look for the boy.

Layering and leather accessories, as well as straight or loose fit, allow you to create different looks, even despite a similar color scheme. Eco-friendly consumption is a thrifty attitude not only towards nature, but also towards oneself.


Compilation for SOFT BOY

Soft combat is a generic name for an 80s aesthetic that emphasizes emotional depth over masculinity. This is a youth trend with accent details: a person can show individuality without violating the boundaries of his own comfort.

The main style is oversized, in which the body experiences maximum freedom and comfort. In 2024-2025, sweatshirts with embroidery or patchwork, made from flowing materials, are also especially popular. If you decide to add them to the basic wardrobe for a boy 10 years old or older, start with the base:

  • Straight fit jeans. Straight jeans or breeches look perfect with both a baggy and classic top. In the first case, they create balance, and in the second, a more traditional combination. The look for a 10 year old boy often uses chinos or straight trousers.

  • Oversized sweatshirt. Baggy sweatshirts and denim jackets, as well as hooded hoodies, are a combination of comfort and elegance that goes beyond convention.

  • Printed T-shirts. Light-colored t-shirts with minimalistic and aesthetic prints usually resonate with trends and reflect old or new pop culture.

  • Striped and plaid shirts. Oversized flannel pieces are a vintage staple for a teenage boy: worn over a plain T-shirt, they add a casual touch. It is not necessary to fasten the buttons.

The fashionable look for a boy is dominated by restrained shades and colors. Vintage with wear but no holes or obvious stains fits perfectly with the aesthetic.

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Combinations in OLD MONEY

The idea is restraint and comfort. This aesthetic bucks changing trends and is a sign of high class. In old mani, traditional cuts and discreet design are no less important than high-quality fabrics and a muted palette.

A beautiful image for a boy will help a teenager understand how to present himself. With a minimum of accessories, the bow looks elegant and changes your worldview.

How to create an image for a boy? It all depends on the specific case.

A preppy look is ideal for studying: a jumper with a geometric pattern in soothing colors can be worn with trousers. Argyle, or diamond pattern, will concentrate the main attention. The classic version with a jumper can also be used for a casual meeting in cold weather. The jumper can also be tied on your back while walking in the mid-season.

Alternate colors: 2-3 jumpers in pastel or monochrome colors is already a small everyday capsule. It is better for the colors to complement each other: white goes with sand, and blue goes with dark blue.

Old Money will help you create the perfect summer looks for a boy. A boy’s look for a photo shoot or outing can be part of a linen suit, but you can also try a combination with jeans and a jacket.


GRUNGE Directions

Grunge is an unconventional way of self-expression for rebels. Originating in the USA in the 80s, grunge expresses a protest against everyday life. It combines the incongruous, comfort always prevails over tradition, and negligence is an opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

The look for boys 11 years and older often uses bright red in combination with classic black, as well as checkered patterns and logos.

Since grunge is about creative freedom, guys can experiment with its offshoots. The following images for boys 12 years and older are especially popular:

  • Rock grunge. Simple but high-quality branded items with holes, chains or leather inserts combine heavy materials with lighter fabrics;

  • Punk grunge. A budget version of rock grunge with hardware, leather and fraying is a bright and slightly more daring subtype;

  • Neo-grunge. An experimental mixture of trends looks interesting in soft and delicate colors;

  • Loft grunge. Loft uses light and layered combinations.


CASUAL for any occasion

Modern casual is the choice in favor of daily comfort and stylish looks for teenage boys. At the moment there are many varieties – which one is best for your case?

One of them – street: It puts your child’s comfort, simplicity and freedom above all else. Jeans are usually used as a bottom: this year the total denim look is back in trend. You can wear a sweatshirt on top.

Sport – a functional solution for active guys. Loose fit and contrasting materials are its main characteristics. Instead of traditional sportswear, they use comfortable sets for walking: sweatshirts and jeans, trousers and sweatshirts, and so on.

It is impossible not to highlight chik, or casual chic – the manifestation of maximum elegance in everyday outfit. Such images for a teenage boy combine expensive and budget products. Their distinctive feature is the absence of unnecessary decor, glamorous negligence and moderately strict style.

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CYBERPUNK, or trends of the future

Cyberpunk is a topical offshoot of punk based on the world of technology. These are futuristic styles and accessories, a combination of punk rock aesthetics and the cult of robotics.

Everything about cyberpunk is unique, but there are 6 recurring trends. By following them, you can easily put together fashionable looks for teenage boys:

  • Materials. Leather jackets and belts, latex fabrics – all this is an integral part of the cyberpunk aesthetic. Fabrics with protective membrane impregnation are another practical element. Worn leather or shiny latex, artificially aged for the desired effect, will add a touch of mystery to a guy’s image.

  • Baggy style. Oversized jeans with a low rise and characteristic scuffs should look deliberately careless, because eternal chaos reigns in the world of cyberpunk. On top, guys also wear cloaks or capes.

  • Technological elements. Neon and shiny fabrics, iridescent raincoats and metallic accents reflect cyberpunk to perfection.

  • Multi-layering. A layered look with a T-shirt, denim and baggy trousers usually comes with a light trench coat. Don’t forget about the accessories!

  • Practicality. Military or neo-kitch is a comfortable option for emergency situations: cyberpunk demonstrates constant readiness for certain events and incidents.

  • Dark gamma. Black and gray look great with bright colors (like acid green, purple or any neon shade).

Dystopian cyberpunk aesthetics – futurism combined with shabby or old things. If you want to put together a capsule wardrobe for a teenage boy in cyberpunk style, start with joggers and hoodies, don’t forget about sweatpants, long sleeves and bomber jackets. A capsule with a futuristic aesthetic is a real hit of the season in the wardrobe of teenage boys.

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Trends for guys in 2024 are an opportunity to express themselves in a new way, and bold experiments will help a boy understand what he likes most.