Sports fashion 2025: Sportswear suitable for everyday use is in vogue

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Sports fashion has long since established itself in our everyday lives, not just for sporting activities, but as a casual fashion style. Sporty fashion has become an integral part of the fashion show catwalks. The fashion world calls this trend athleisure: This term stands for comfortable and functional fashion for everyday life in a sporty look. Let’s take a closer look at the current athleisure trends for 2025.


Sports fashion athleisure trends 2024

Sustainability will be trending in 2025

It is not surprising that sustainability is one of the most important fashion trends for 2025. Sporting goods manufacturers have also been using their know-how for many years to make sports fashion more sustainable. The focus is clearly on the use of sustainable materials such as organic cotton. But the topic of recycling is also important. More and more manufacturers are switching to using recycled polyester or plastic. This trend can be seen especially in sneakers. In addition to Nike, Adidas is one of the pioneers in the field of sports shoes made from recycled materials. Sustainable sportswear Adidas, for example, is available on

Sports fashion in meaningful colors and patterns

Meaningful colors and patterns will be trendy in 2024

Sports fashion will definitely be colorful in 2025. Colorful patterns and lively, bold tones dominate most labels’ collections. Neon colors can be found here as well as animal prints, geometric patterns or floral prints. Striking patterns adorn, for example, leggings, graphic T-shirts or sweat jackets as an all-over print. The Trend color of the year Peach Fuzz can of course be found in most collections.

Functional accessories for everyday sporty life

Accessories also play an important role in sports fashion. The offering ranges from practical shoulder bags, backpacks and cross-body bags to accessories for training such as yoga mats. Functionality is the focus here, the accessories are usually made of sturdy but very light materials and offer numerous features and extras to make everyday life and of course training easier.

The fashionable accessories also include hats in all shapes and sizes, especially the classic baseball cap and the bucket hat, which should not be missing from any trendy outfit in 2025. Here too, there are improvements in technology, for example through the use of particularly breathable and lightweight materials.

Sports fashion 2024 accessories and wide pieces are in

The silhouettes remain wide

We’ve been seeing this for many years Trend towards oversized fashion. Loose-fitting clothing not only looks casual, but is also comfortable. In 2025, sporty fashion will again be wide-cut. Oversized hoodies and hooded jackets, wide-cut trousers and XXL T-shirts are popular with men and women alike.

The athleisure trend in business fashion

The athleisure trend is not just limited to streetwear; the trend towards sportier and more comfortable fashion is now also permeating business fashion collections. The changes can often only be recognized in the details. Business-friendly athleisure wear makes everyday work more comfortable, but still looks elegant and chic. This is made possible by using breathable and lighter materials, for example in blazers or suits.

athleisure trend 2024 in business fashion

The combination of sporty and more conservative business fashion is also popular. So why not combine a streetwear T-shirt with a suit? Sneakers are no longer a no-go in most industries, but are of course combined with business outfits.