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Modern children are very developed and advanced in all respects, including in matters of fashion and clothing. Even kids know what’s trendy and won’t wear something they don’t like. If earlier parents could buy children’s knitwear, without thinking much about the appearance, guided only by the price, now many people pay attention to the design. This is all, of course, good, but in pursuit of fashion trends, mothers and fathers should not forget about the requirements for clothing for children. Things must be natural, hypoallergenic, hygroscopic – there are a number of other characteristics that we will discuss below. The main thing we want to say is that children’s knitwear meets all these parameters. Price it is acceptable, things are fashionable, beautiful and safe. Our knitwear store Valeo&V has been operating on the Ukrainian market for more than two decades, and we can confidently say that the most popular items for children are made from knitted fabric. Why and what this is connected with is further in the article.

Children’s knitwear – what is it and when did it become popular?

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Knitwear, if we take it literally and speak correctly, is not fabric, but linen. The word translates from French as “knitted items.” After all, it is not woven, but knitted from threads of one or several types.

If you delve a little deeper into history, children’s knitwear, and indeed the fabric itself, did not take root in society for a very long time. For a long time it was considered a poor man’s material. The unpresentable appearance of clothing, the availability of raw materials and the low cost of their production did not impress the wealthy society. Until it was promoted by Elsa Schiaparelli, who has since been called the “princess of knitwear.”

One day she saw a simple sweater knitted by a peasant woman on her friend and was surprised – she thought it was very stylish. Elsa found a craftswoman and their acquaintance grew into fruitful cooperation – they opened the first knitwear factory, knitwear store and even created the Schiaparelli Fashion House. This was in the twenties of the last century.

Then knitwear went into even more powerful promotion when Coco Chanel began to actively promote it in her collections.

Since then, adult and children’s knitwear has become mega-popular, and the fabric has not lost this popularity to this day.

What categories of fabrics does the Valeo knitwear store offer?

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Children’s knitwear is made from different fibers, including silk, cotton, wool and synthetic. The quantity and quality of threads determines the category of the material, its density, quality, and functionality. There are three main groups of canvas:

  1. For linen. This is the clothing of the first layer – T-shirts, briefs, T-shirts, bodysuits, vests, rompers, pajamas, etc. There should be natural varieties of fine children’s knitwear, because this is very important for the health of babies. Adults also need natural fabrics if you’re taking care of yourself.
  2. For sportswear. For this category of items, children’s knitwear with increased density with higher wear resistance and strength is used. This includes tracksuits, jackets, pants and other outfits for active pastime.
  3. For outerwear. When sewing such items, the most dense and wear-resistant knitwear is used. Knitwear store “Valeo» offers sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, vests, hats and more in this category. If the price bothers you, then it would be best to buy such clothes in the summer – at this time they are good discount.

Types and prices of knitwear – what is better to order and buy, which fabrics are often discounted at Valeo&V

Adult and children’s knitwear has more than twenty varieties. The canvas is strikingly different – there is thin, dense, smooth, fluffy… We will briefly talk about the most popular types.

Type of fabric



Incredibly light, delicate, airy fabric, at the same time very durable and strong. It retains heat perfectly – it is used to make onesies, pajamas, blankets, hats, overalls, etc. In the cold season, children’s knitwear made from velsoft is irreplaceable. Breathable, durable, deformation resistant.


Durable but very thin children’s knitwear. It is mainly used for sewing first layer clothes, underwear and summer outfits. The Valeo knitwear store sells interlock items all year round – they are very popular. This fabric is popularly called the king of knitwear. But interlock jacquard is a completely different story. It is dense and warm, used for outerwear.


Soft, pleasant and at the same time durable. Denser than interlock, but also often used for underwear and children’s knitwear, T-shirts, pajamas and other things.


This is the thinnest children’s knitwear, which is based on pure cotton. Occasionally, elastane or lycra are added to some types for greater strength. But the percentage there is small, it does not affect the quality indicators of this type of canvas.


This fabric is intended for second-layer clothing. It comes with fleece, so any knitwear store, including Valeo&V, sells warm clothes made from footer.


Popular, fleecy and fluffy children’s knitwear. Very pleasant when you touch it, it carefully warms the body, allowing the skin to breathe. Lots of it Valeotrikotage sells a nursery range. The price is reasonable, so many parents want order terry things.

There are more than 10 types: velor, capitonium, angora, peak, jersey, crepe, supplex and others. The Valeo knitwear store sews items from all types of fabric.

Why children’s knitwear is popular – the opinion of Valeotrikotage experts

The two main advantages of adult and children’s knitwear are naturalness and reasonable price. It’s simply wonderful that such important qualities for the consumer are combined in one canvas. This is the reason for his mega-popularity. With such excellent quality, the price is quite reasonable – a godsend for parents who want to order and buy things in a knitwear store.

In addition, the canvas has a number of positive quality characteristics:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Well, this is the same as naturalness. The fabric is knitted from natural threads. Only sometimes synthetic weaves are added to some types. But most children’s knitwear is 100% cotton. This is very important for the health of the body and well-being. People who love themselves and their children will never buy cheap synthetics. After all, it soars the body, creating a sauna effect.
  2. Hypoallergenic. Recently, more and more children and adults are becoming patients of allergists. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the cause, to find that same irritant. People react to chemical impurities, dust, aerosols, blooms, foods, dyes, etc. Allergy sufferers are very sensitive to low-quality fabric in clothes containing formaldehyde or other “chemicals”. Therefore, children’s knitwear in this case is the best choice. Well, still flax.
  3. Hygroscopicity. This is a property of fabric that allows it to absorb moisture. Important for children and adults. The body sweats constantly, but when clothes absorb this sweat and evaporate it, the person does not even notice the discomfort. Another thing is synthetics; in such things you will clearly feel every drop of sweat.
  4. Breathability. This quality is as important as hygroscopicity. The skin is the largest organ, and if it is dressed in a “space suit” that does not allow air to pass through, it will begin to fail. Many people don’t even realize that sometimes their health problems are directly related to what they wear every day. Clothing should allow air to pass through and allow the body to breathe.
  5. Comfort. Children’s knitwear, and adults too, is very comfortable and convenient clothing. The fabric fits nicely to the body, does not restrict movement and is suitable for various occasions.

And knitted items look very beautiful. Increasingly, even famous fashion designers are including such outfits in their lines.

Does price affect the quality of things – rules for choosing clothes

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Most buyers know that clothes that are too cheap cannot be of high quality. And indeed it is. But being too expensive also doesn’t mean it’s natural. With cheap, everything is clear – low quality, low-grade materials and poor workmanship, that is, tailoring. The cost of clothes with a high price tag often includes extra markups and expenses – renting premises, paying for utilities and the salaries of a large number of sellers. This is if you want to buy the product offline. And sometimes you just pay for a brand that is promoted. But basically, of course, expensive things justify themselves – they last a long time and look chic.

By the way, you can also save on them if you order from the Valeotrikotage knitwear store or wait until there is a discount on them.

But it is best to buy clothes in the middle segment, and here the optimal choice is children’s knitwear. Although this is also true for adults. But the canvas is different, and so are the sellers. Conscientious sew knitwear professionally, using experienced craftsmen, high-quality fittings and equipment.

To order or buy a high-quality and good-quality item, you need to pay attention to some points:

Tailoring, or rather its quality. Straighten the product, inspect it for distortions, stretching, and cut. Do not take if there are unevenness, stretched or protruding threads, deformations, or pellets. Seam processing. This is also an indicator of the quality of the item. All seams must be reinforced at the shoulders, even, and strong. There should be no omissions or shortcomings. Size, namely its suitability. No matter how high-quality the item is, if it doesn’t fit you in size, you won’t wear it. And you won’t put it on a child. Many manufacturers have their own size chart, as they use their own patterns when cutting. Therefore, always check the sizes and measure your parameters if you want to buy knitwear in the Valeo&V store.

How to properly care for children’s knitwear

So, you bought an outfit made of high-quality fabric, the size suited you, you like everything. But so that the item does not fail after the first wash, you need to properly care for it. Otherwise you risk losing it.



We erase

It’s best to use your hands in cool water. Temperature – no higher than 30 degrees. Machine washable, but in delicate or hand cycles.


It’s better not to do this. At least we don’t twist it too much. Squeeze out a little water and that’s it.


Optimally – unfolded, but you can also hang it, only on large “ribs”.


Also not with a hot iron, but warm. Children’s knitwear does not like high temperatures.

We store

Here Valeotrikotage recommends folding things neatly and not filling up closets. So that there is air access to things.

Which knitwear store is better – rules and criteria for choosing an online seller

Lately, people are buying things online more and more often. The covid pandemic made its own adjustments, and then a full-scale war. Many offline stores have closed, many have reduced staff and production. Therefore, shopping smoothly but confidently moved online.

There are many advantages to this:

  1. Save time. Shopping in online stores for children’s knitwear takes much less time than regular shopping trips. At home in the kitchen over a cup of coffee or on the minibus on the way to work, you can place an order.
  2. Wide geography. Even living in a small town, you can buy children’s knitwear in Kyiv, Odessa or even America. The whole world is available to you online.
  3. Saving money. Children’s knitwear online is much cheaper than in regular stores. Moreover, online there is often a discount or sale where you can buy more profitably.

Also, the advantages of online shopping include a wide range of children’s knitwear, much larger than offline, convenient delivery, absence of queues and annoying sellers.

The main thing is to choose the right knitwear store. To do this, pay attention to the number of years he has been working on the Ukrainian market, the size of the catalog and products in it, the presence of accounts and posts in them. And also on comments, likes, the work of managers and the availability of quick feedback.