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Clothes play a very important and significant role in the life of every person. With the help of outfits, we all express ourselves, our attitude to the world, our inner experiences or complexes. Any thing worn will say much more about a man or woman than he himself. And even more than his psychologist, if he has one. Remember what people say? That’s right – they greet you by their clothes. It is she who shows status, self-esteem, the presence or absence of taste and style, as well as the internal state and even character of a person.

When selecting things, you should not rely on brands, fashion or advice from friends. It is important to learn how to feel and develop your own style. Knitwear storeValeo» has been designing, sewing and selling clothes since the early 2000s. Our designers and stylists help people make the right choice – buy things that really suit them. In this article, we will share with you the secrets of how to easily and simply assemble a stylish wardrobe, saving on cost, but not on quality. And here is Ukrainian knitwear to help you.

How the Valeo&V knitwear store became popular – the history of the development of the Ukrainian enterprise

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In a small town in the Poltava region at the beginning of the 2000s, the economic situation was quite difficult, as throughout the country. The city-forming enterprise was operating at a third of its capacity, and the city was in danger of being abandoned. A local business came to the rescue – they brought knitwear to the city. And almost at lightning speed, Komsomolsk, now Gorishni Plavni, became the center of light industry. And Komsomol knitwear is a brand that has become known even outside of Ukraine.

Knitwear store Valeo&V gained popularity very quickly because he was one of the first to sew quality items. And he was also one of the first to enter the Internet space. To order and buy knitwear at Valeo, people came from different parts of Ukraine. Because they knew the quality was excellent, price affordable and almost always available discount. In addition, Valeo had its own stylists who helped choose outfits.

When Valeotrikotage moved to the online space, customers breathed a sigh of relief. Now there was no need to waste time on travel, money on gasoline, you could place an order on the World Wide Web in a couple of minutes. Knitwear has become more accessible, and the Valeo&V online store is one of the most requested on the Internet.

Over time, the Valeo knitwear store turned into a powerful knitwear production with its own sewing and embroidery workshops. Also Valeo:

  • More than 10 thousand clients, most of whom are regulars
  • An impressive catalog – about 3 thousand items of knitwear and linen products
  • Knitted clothing for children and adults
  • Highly professional staff – seamstresses, cutters, fashion designers, stylists, managers, embroiderers
  • Always an adequate price for clothes and a good discount for various holidays on knitwear
  • Many years of experience in the Ukrainian market
  • A well-deserved reputation as a seller you can trust

The Valeo knitwear store can rightfully be considered the guru of light industry. Therefore, all our clients listen to the advice of Valeotrikotage specialists.

Before you order and buy knitwear, you need to determine your style

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In fact, most people shop out of habit, automatically. If we analyze the wardrobe of the average man or woman, we will see similar things of the same type. It is very rare for a person to have several outfits from different styles. By looking at the clothes, you can determine the character of its owner:

  • Closed. Such a person has almost all things with zippers, buttons, snaps. The maximum number of fasteners with which the outfit closes almost to the neck. The Valeo&V knitwear store does not use too many accessories in tailoring because it creates practical and comfortable items.
  • Indecisive. Such people wear the same type of outfits. For example, everything is only black, gray, beige. Either exclusively synthetic or knitwear. In general, when you open the closet, it is not clear where the skirt is, where the trousers are, where the T-shirts are.
  • Uncertain. Valeo specialists say that such people try to buy knitwear a couple of sizes larger or oversized. It is important for them that things hang and “hide” the flaws of their figure. In fact, this is a misconception.
  • With low self-esteem. Based on work experience, Valeotrikotage has identified two categories among such people. The first ones wear only knitwear – sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuits. By the way, the Valeo knitwear store sews mega-cool items of this style from high-quality fabric. However, if they are the only ones in your wardrobe and there is no alternative, this indicates low self-esteem. The latter rush to the other extreme – they wear too revealing outfits, wanting to attract a lot of attention to their person.
  • Rebellious. People who defiantly do not recognize the rules. In a knitted tracksuit for an evening reception, in an open dress for work in the office. The knitwear store Valeo&V noticed that rebels are rare among our clients. Maybe because the things and politics of Valeotrikotage are harmony and peace.

It is very good when all these qualities, along with others, are equally developed in a person. That is, the wardrobe has a little bit of everything: knitwear with buttons, oversized, figure-hugging outfits, knitted tracksuits, hoodies and sweatshirts, evening dresses and business suits… The Valeo knitwear store claims that such a person is harmonious and self-confident, and therefore successful.

Many people mistakenly think that to create a stylish wardrobe, you must buy expensive branded items. Let us emphasize – this is a big misconception. You can look funny and ridiculous in couture items, but, for example, in a knitted suit from the Valeo store you can look stylish and beautiful. It is important to choose your own style. And more on this later.

Rules for a harmonious outfit – stylish tips from the Valeo knitwear store

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Fashion is a fastidious and very changeable lady. You can’t keep up with her. Yes, and you shouldn’t do this. It’s better to create your own fashion, or rather, your own style. We will not go into details, but will give general advice.

  1. Define your figure. Just don’t need this – I’m fat, nothing fits me. Admit it objectively – your hips protrude, your tummy sticks out, your legs are short. Don’t criticize, but accept this fact. All people are different, each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Just learn to work with them. Long trousers and a short jersey top will help lengthen your legs, and a voluminous sweatshirt under tight leggings will help hide curvy hips.
  2. Play with color. Determine your successful or favorite shades and learn how to work with them and combine them harmoniously. By the way, now monodrobe is in fashion – simple and laconic things from the same knitwear, usually in the same or very similar colors. For example: beige with brown, green with khaki, blue with light blue.
  3. Create your own mood board (another buzzword). This is a set of photos – images of other people who inspire you. And try to repeat them for yourself. You can look at the photos on the website of the Valeo knitwear store – there are many interesting images there.
  4. Make a “black list”. Identify things that absolutely do not suit you, and do not buy them even on a total sale.
  5. Conduct an analysis of your lifestyle. If you are “rushing” around the city to be in several places at the same time, classic things, patent leather shoes or high-heeled boots are unlikely to suit you. You need a free style. Having determined the goals and tasks that you perform during the day, you can choose your wardrobe.

Fabric also plays a big role in choosing things. Choose simple, affordable and natural ones – knitwear, linen, cotton, wool, etc.

Why Valeo&V chose knitwear – characteristics and quality of the fabric

The Valeo store chose knitwear for a reason – it is a natural, high-quality material that is easy to work with. At the same time, the price of things is affordable, because the production of linen is a low-cost process. Knitwear has a number of other advantages over other types of fabric:

Knitwear quality



The fabric is knitted from natural threads, so the knitwear is environmentally friendly. For most modern people, this indicator is the most important. Now there is a real eco-boom in the world – people are returning to nature, choosing naturalness in everything. Therefore, knitwear is the number one choice in clothing; people want to order and buy things from Valeo.


We didn’t think much about this before. Apparently because there weren’t so many synthetics around. Now synthetic things have flooded the market. But they are harmful to the body, especially children. The knitwear store Valeo&V explains that clothes must “breathe”, things must allow air to pass through. Knitwear in this case is a must have.


Another scourge of our time, after synthetics, is chemistry in fabrics. Various harmful dyes, formaldehydes, etc. are added to cheap fabrics. And this provokes allergic manifestations in people, in particular in children. The Valeo knitwear store uses only pure, natural and high-quality fabric.


The property of knitwear to absorb moisture is one of the most important. Especially for clothes of the first layer – T-shirts, pajamas, T-shirts, underwear, including bedding. Such knitwear does not stick to the body and creates an important and necessary microclimate.


There are more than twenty types of knitwear. Specialists, using various technologies, obtain many varieties of canvas. Therefore, different things are sewn – from a thin bodysuit or vest to a thick and warm tracksuit or sweatshirt.

These are the main reasons why the Valeo&V store then, more than twenty years ago, chose knitwear. But here you can also add such properties of things as comfort, convenience, practicality and, of course, attractive appearance.

What can you order and buy in the Valeo store – price, discount, assortment

A sign of a good and reliable seller is a diverse catalog. And the more product names it contains, the better. The Valeo knitwear store has more than two thousand products for newborns, babies, teenagers, men and women.



Nursery knitwear

Bodysuits, diapers, booties, sandals, blouses, rompers, vests, overalls, panties, “men” and more. And also blankets and blankets.

Children’s knitwear

Turtlenecks, tracksuits, coats, cardigans, dresses, pants, skirts, embroidered shirts, dressing gowns, pajamas, sundresses, jumpers, sweatshirts, overalls, shirts, leggings, sets and more.

Women’s assortment

Blouses, dresses, sweatshirts, cardigans, skirts, hoodies, suits, pajamas, turtlenecks, jumpers, sweaters, embroidered shirts, robes, shirts, leggings, T-shirts and more.

Men’s knitwear

Trousers, jumpers, suits, shorts, dressing gowns, T-shirts, sweatshirts, embroidered shirts and more.

In addition to clothes, in the Valeo knitwear store you can order and buy underwear, shoes, socks and tights, everything for the holiday, stationery, toys, art supplies, and even chevrons and shoulder straps.

I would especially like to highlight onesies – a special pride of Valeotrikotage. These are bright, cheerful and very comfortable pajama suits. The Valeo&V knitwear store is famous for its onesies – all customers are satisfied with their purchase. Warm, soft, comfortable, convenient and mega-popular. The price for them is also good, and during the season there is also a discount on knitwear.

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How to care for knitwear – secrets of keeping things safe from Valeotrikotage

Knitwear and items made from it are very popular. But knitwear has one peculiarity – it must be properly cared for. In order for the outfit to last a long time and retain its original appearance, it is important to follow the following rules:

  1. Properly prepare for washing. Namely, sort by color, turn the knitwear inside out, you can even pack it in special bags. If the item is very dirty, you can soak it in soapy water.
  2. Wash in cool water. And it’s better to do it by hand, or on delicate cycles in the washing machine. The water temperature is no higher than 30 degrees. Use gentle detergents – gels, soaps, capsules.
  3. Squeeze carefully. If you use your hands, then lightly squeeze the water, if in a machine, then set it to minimum speed.
  4. Dry on the surface. If wet knitwear is hung on a narrow rope, it will stretch and may lose its shape. It is better to lay out the thing, first stretching it in the right places, giving it the desired shape.
  5. Do not iron with a hot iron. Knitwear is generally afraid of high temperatures, so ironing should be gentle.

If you follow our recommendations, you will be able to choose a stylish look from quality items that will delight you for a long time.