Why is it best to buy knitwear from the manufacturer?

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Knitwear has been known in different parts of the world for thousands of years. People have given preference to clothes made of thick, durable fabric since ancient times. And now its popularity is at its peak. The credit for this is the positive characteristics of the material, the always neat appearance of the outfit, and low cost. Knitted clothing is also ideal for wearing in cold winters and hot summers.

Knitwear from the manufacturer on the modern market

Today the market offers a wide range of different styles. Bright, extraordinary models or laconic suits and blouses. The showcases are full of variety, vying with each other to offer the buyer different designs. It’s easy for a fashionista or fashionista to lose his head from such abundance. However, it is worth remembering that it is better to buy knitwear from a time-tested manufacturer. In this article we will tell you why and look at the issue from different angles. Let’s start with choosing a canvas.

From knitted fabric to clothing

To make good knitwear you need special equipment. You can’t do without using health-safe, durable dyes. It is imperative to use strong threads to ensure the durability of the material. The skillful hands of craftswomen working in the production workshop are also important. All this together serves as the key to creating high-quality knitted fabric.

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Large knitwear manufacturers can afford this “pleasure”. They prioritize the use of certified raw materials, quality control and satisfied customers. Factories engaged in sewing knitted clothing, in turn, cooperate only with the above-mentioned manufacturers. After all, clothes made from such knitted fabric are always comfortable to wear and eliminate the greenhouse effect. It will serve for a long time, maintaining its shape after washing.

Features of the material

Looking into the French dictionary, it is easy to find the literal translation of the word knitwear – “knitted products”. Indeed, the manufacturing technology differs from the production of other fabrics. In this case, the threads are knitted. Thanks to this, the result is a durable, elastic knitted material. It has a number of features:

  1. It has a loop structure, made up of columns and rows, which ensures that very stretchability.
  2. Silk, cotton, wool and other fibers are suitable for production.
  3. Knitwear can consist of combined threads when sewing outfits for different seasons.
  4. For greater elasticity and wear resistance, it is permissible to add a small percentage of elastane.

By the way, taking into account several features of knitted fabric, you can quickly identify it among other materials. Take the product in your hands and carry out a simple manipulation. If it stretches, taking the opposite shape, and when stretched, a loop structure is visible – this is knitwear.

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Properties and characteristics of knitwear

Like any material, knitwear has its own characteristics and properties. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the latter by studying the table below.


Physical and mechanical


below average



Dust capacity

above average







Thermal protection








Water resistance




Vapor permeability


Wear resistance


Knitted clothes are worn by both adults and children of different ages. The outfit gives you a comfortable feeling and does not restrict movement while wearing. These qualities are especially important when playing sports or playing on the playground. What else can you say about knitwear clothes? It has the following characteristics:

  • elastic material fits your figure well;
  • velvety fabric, which is pleasant to run your hand over;
  • after wear, knitted clothing quickly returns to its original shape;
  • favorably emphasizes the contours of the body;
  • the fabric is breathable, thanks to which air exchange is ensured – the body “breathes”;
  • absorbs moisture and also removes body evaporation well;
  • high strength indicators make knitted clothing wear-resistant;
  • the fabric does not require maintenance, practically does not wrinkle or deform after washing;
  • favorable price for knitwear from the manufacturer.

Of course, it was not without its shortcomings. Compared to other materials, clothing made from knitwear does not have many disadvantages. We’ll talk about them further:

  1. Can highlight figure flaws. Of course, if we are talking about sports uniforms, then this quality is only beneficial. What to do when you want to hide from the eyes of others, for example, your belly or a couple of extra pounds? Choose clothes made from loose-fitting knitwear. Otherwise, the textile product will only highlight the so-called figure flaws.
  2. Allergy. If you buy knitwear from an unscrupulous manufacturer, you may encounter an uncomfortable disadvantage – allergies. This is inevitable when using toxic dye and low-quality raw materials. When opening your own store, or choosing knitted clothes for your family, be vigilant. Be sure to check the reliability of the factory.
  3. Simplicity of design. The last thing is considered by some to be a minor drawback. Yes, it is difficult to find artsy designs among knitwear. But, if you are a fan of discreet style, practicality and versatility, this is only a plus.

It would not be amiss to note that manufacturers have nevertheless managed to fill their assortment with styles for every taste. Thus, the large Ukrainian clothing and knitwear factory “Valeotrikotazh” pleases you with stylish original new items every season.

Types of knitwear

When purchasing knitwear from a manufacturer, you get access to different types of fabrics. Types of material differ in density, characteristics such as elasticity, heat retention, etc. Some are used to make pajamas and dressing gowns, while others are used to make tracksuits and jackets. The list of types of knitwear is very wide, and here are some of them.

Type of jersey

Fibers used/knitting features

What are they sewing?


Cotton, wool, silk. Sometimes synthetic fibers are added/


Blouses, suits, skirts, trousers, dresses.


Cotton, wool, silk. Sometimes synthetic fibers/pile are added

Homewear, jackets, tracksuits, dresses, skirts, pants.



Blouses, dresses, suits.


Cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibers/ Plain

Blouses, tracksuits, demi-season and winter clothes.


Viscose, lycra, polyester/complex

Sportswear, leggings, suits, trousers, dresses, skirts.



Children’s clothing, dresses, suits, blouses, home clothes..


Cotton, sometimes with other fibers added/Special

Blouses, dresses, tracksuits, home and children’s clothing.


Cotton, sometimes with other fibers added/Special

Sweaters, turtlenecks, suits, blouses.


Cotton, wool, silk/ Linen

Suits, warm skirts, jackets, cardigans, outerwear.


Cotton, sometimes with other fibers added/Special

Blouses, dresses, children’s clothing.

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How to distinguish high-quality knitwear

As mentioned above, when buying knitwear from the manufacturer, you will protect yourself from purchasing a low-quality product. This is important when buying clothes for the family and replenishing the assortment of your own store. In the latter case, your reputation and business success depend on the quality of knitwear. Only good material will bring comfort during wearing and can withstand washing without deformation. Checking knitted fabric is very simple:

  • stretch the material. After weakening, a high-quality product quickly returns to its original shape;
  • after stretching, the formation of elongated folds and swollen places on the knitted fabric is excluded;
  • look at the light. There should be no knots or skipped loops.

When sewing knitted clothing, a conscientious manufacturer produces models with neat seams. If the style includes fittings, then without flaws.

We summarize the benefits of cooperation with a knitwear manufacturer

No matter what product we are talking about, it is always profitable to buy from the manufacturer. This gives the buyer the advantage of guarantees as well as economics. And so, we suggest summing up why it is better to buy knitwear from the manufacturer:

  1. Saving. You purchase knitted clothing bypassing the hands of intermediaries. This means you get the best possible price. Moreover, knitwear factories often give good discounts, freeing up warehouses. By registering on the manufacturer’s website, you can cheaply dress the whole family. Store owners can order clothes from the manufacturer in bulk, at the best prices – nowhere lower.
  2. Safety. Any factory values ​​its reputation, especially those with a long history. Therefore, financial fraud in small and large quantities is excluded. In addition, a manufacturer of knitted clothing can always replace a product that for some reason is not suitable.
  3. Hygiene. Sometimes unscrupulous knitwear manufacturers deceive the buyer by adding synthetic threads to the natural composition, hiding the truth. Products may be painted with unsafe dyes. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Buying and wearing such an item can cause health problems for a person with allergies. Low-quality threads can create a greenhouse effect, which causes the body, while wearing knitwear of no quality, to sweat and may cause irritation on the skin. You will protect yourself and your loved ones from a similar fate by choosing a reliable manufacturer.
  4. Responsibility. Are you opening your own boutique, an online platform for selling knitted clothing? Deliveries are not on time, there is no need for mistakes and a “crooked” batch. This may result in losses and loss of potential customers. By collaborating with the manufacturer-supplier, you will always be sure that the agreed deadlines will be met without problems.
  5. Impeccability. High-quality knitwear from the manufacturer is the face of the company. The manufacturer is interested in the buyer returning. Therefore, the best raw materials, materials and accessories are used in production, from which neat, high-quality clothing is obtained.
  6. Wide range of knitwear. Who can offer more than the manufacturer himself? The Valeotricotazh factory has in its arsenal modern equipment for sewing a variety of knitted clothing. There may be embroidery, sequins and other original solutions. From the abundance of available models, you can choose styles to suit your taste.
  7. Individual tailoring. Yes, yes and yes again. Owners of online fashion boutiques want something unique. And they have this opportunity by working directly with the knitwear manufacturer. Ordering custom-made rulers is available to everyone.

The Valeotrikotage factory is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of knitwear in Ukraine. The company has been on the market for 20 years, producing beautiful and comfortable collections of women’s, men’s and children’s knitwear. When studying the price list, you can pay attention to the pricing policy – the cost is 20-30% lower than other sellers.

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Buy knitwear from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Buying knitwear from the manufacturer “VaLeo&V” is not only economically profitable, but also convenient. The website’s virtual catalog contains informative product cards. Full description of each item, photographs of real styles. Petite and adult models demonstrate the fit of their outfits. While viewing the virtual showcase, you can carefully examine each style. And for this you don’t need to go anywhere.

The company offers wholesale and retail sales. Buy clothes for yourself or as a gift. To offer knitted clothing to customers in your personal store, you can cooperate using the dropshipping system. Free yourself from storing goods in a warehouse. Make a purchase, indicate the coordinates for shipment and wait for positive feedback from your customers.

Regardless of the batch, the factory for sewing knitted clothing sends orders to all corners of Ukraine. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the most optimal delivery service – which is an indisputable advantage. And each client is guaranteed technical support, qualified service and only safe transactions.