At what temperature should a child wear a hat?

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At what temperature should children wear a hat?

All parents, getting their kids ready for a walk, ask the same question: what to wear, whether to wear a hat.

Indeed, at what temperature should you wear a hat? To parents, the weather seems cold, the child persistently tries to get rid of the unnecessary attribute.

Let’s try to find a solution that would suit both sides. Weather conditions vary. Hats accordingly.

Should I wear a hat?

It’s difficult to answer unequivocally. It all depends on the temperature outside the window. It is best to focus on

At what temperature should children wear a hat?

Baby’s age

Note that newborn babies are not able to warm themselves; their ability to thermoregulate is too low. This means we dress them warmer than adults.

An extra layer of warm clothes is necessary. Place your palm on your back, tummy, neck. Cold skin indicates insufficient insulation. Humidity means overheating. Both options require a balanced approach.

Don’t overdo it by wrapping yourself up to the point of sweating or dressing too lightly.

The heads of small children, covered with thin, sparse hair, quickly freeze.

A cap for newborns from VaLeo&V will help solve the problem.

Go to the online store and choose a soft, comfortable, warm, beautiful headdress made from high-quality materials.

Weather. Ambient temperature

It’s below 14C outside. The smallest ones already need a head covering.

For children of senior preschool age, pediatricians advise wearing a hat when it is below 10-12C outside.

Consider air humidity. It’s raining, there are gusts of wind, and fog has appeared. In this case, a children’s hat will come in handy even at a temperature of 18-20C.

Baby mobility

Babies in strollers get cold faster than older children. Newborns move less and are less able to maintain their own body temperature.

Older preschoolers run, jump, chase a ball, and participate in outdoor games. They are not in danger of hypothermia.

Make sure your child doesn’t sweat. Determine the need for head insulation. Do you have any doubts? Choose a thin hat for a boy.

Changes in the weather are felt, it has become cooler, the wind has risen, and it has begun to rain. Place the hood of your jacket or overalls over your head.

Health status.

Pay special attention to this factor. Perhaps the child recently coughed, sneezed, or suffered from a viral disease. Don’t take risks. Wear a hat for baby girl, boy, newborn. You can’t go wrong. It will be calm for you, cozy, comfortable for the child.

When to wear a hat for a child

Which hat should I wear? When?

First of all, pay attention to the material and its composition.

TM “VaLeo&V” offers products made from high-quality natural fabric.

Its advantages:

  • does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations; synthetic impurities can provoke prickly heat and contribute to the greenhouse effect;
  • absorbs excess moisture, allows air to pass through, prevents disruption of heat exchange processes, adds comfort in any weather;
  • has an ideal fit, does not slip, stays well on the head;
  • the cut of valeotrikotage products is precise, the patterns are high-quality, developed by professional designers of children’s clothing;

At what temperature should children wear a hat?

Compliance with weather conditions

  • Autumn, +5C

We dress the little ones warmly. A fleece-based beanie works best. Use a knitted or woolen one with a flannel lining. Cold? Put on the hood of your jacket or overalls.

  • Outside +7C

A headdress made of torn terry, wool, or soft dense knitwear will be just right.

  • Cool autumn weather, temperature +10-12 C

Use a demi-season hat made of cotton, kulir, double-thread, interlock, or foam.

These materials are quite warm, pleasant to the skin, will not cause overheating, and will protect from wind and bad weather.

The child refuses to wear a hat

For a mother, the health of the child comes first. Young children are looking for an opportunity to quickly get rid of an unwanted attribute. What to do.

  1. Make sure it is comfortable and the size you choose is correct. The hat should not fall over the eyes, warp, slide back, or be too wide or narrow.

The VALEO manufacturer’s size chart will put everything in place and help you choose a product according to the age and personal preferences of young customers.

  1. Check the quality of tailoring. Rough seams cause abrasions on delicate baby skin.
  2. Consider the children’s tastes.

Choose hats together with your baby, listen to his wishes. It’s not your place to wear a hat.

The VALEO online store offers a wide selection of knitwear. The catalog includes hats for girls and stylish clothes for boys.

Here you will find cheap, practical, high-quality products that adults will love and kids will love.

  1. Teach by example.

Don’t walk around bareheaded. Children are capable of imitating. Why is dad allowed, but not me? Show, convince – you need to wear a hat. It’s comfortable, warm, beautiful.