How to Wear a Suspender Belt

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Many people associate erotic lingerie with corsets, stockings, and, of course, garter belts. This sexual attribute of an intimate women’s wardrobe attracts men and makes women real temptresses. We will tell you how to wear a garter belt in this article.

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How to put on garter belts correctly?

  1. First you need to choose a belt. It should match the style of your bra and panties. The belt can be lace, satin, vinyl, leather or mesh.
  2. When purchasing, pay attention to the garters; there can be from four to twelve. A belt with a minimum number of garters is suitable for a sexy outfit, and if you plan to wear it in everyday life, choose a model with a large number of garters.
  3. Try on the belt before purchasing. It should fit snugly at the waist, if it slips, you probably got the wrong size.
  4. Once you have decided on the belt, you can put on stockings. They should have a special border on the upper thigh.
  5. Next you need to fasten the garters to the stockings. This procedure looks like this: the round part of the fastener is placed under the stocking, and the part with the loop is pressed on top of it, that is, a kind of lock is formed.
  6. Do not forget to adjust the length of the garters, otherwise the stockings may tear if the tension is too strong. The length of the garters is adjustable in the same way as the straps on a bra.
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