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There are a lot of online stores selling children’s knitwear on the market, but choosing a worthy seller who will pleasantly delight you not only with the quality of the product, but also with its range and service is not an easy task. Some online stores sell products at inflated prices, while others offer products at a lower cost but of unsatisfactory quality.

“Golden mean” – online store of children’s knitwear Valeo&V. Here you can find everything you need for children and adults. The quality of the products deserves the highest praise. Prices for goods are reasonable, since most of the products in the catalog are from trusted Ukrainian manufacturers.

Online store of children’s knitwear Valeo&V: assortment

The Valeo company has been successfully operating on the market for more than 19 years. The key component of success is the sale of only high-quality products from the best knitwear of Ukrainian brands. The assortment of the online store pleasantly pleases with its abundance. From a catalog with numerous products, even the most demanding parents will be able to choose for their child the ideal knitwear item that meets all the requirements at the same time.

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Assortment of children’s knitwear in the Valeo online store:

  • blouses – in classic and casual style, with short and long sleeves, white, colored, with decoration, embroidery, sequins, for school, walks and parties;
  • turtlenecks – autumn-spring, winter, bright and discreet colors, with cuffs, stand-up collars, fashionable prints for girls and boys of all age groups;
  • jackets, cardigans and jackets – with buttons, with a zipper, of different cuts, classic and sporty, with floral, animal print and checkered patterns;
  • children’s sets – with skirts, trousers, shorts, sweatshirts with zippers, sweatshirts, T-shirts;
  • dresses – colored, plain, short and long sleeves, casual, festive;
  • sundresses – for everyday wear, school, with straps, summer, autumn and winter options;
  • shorts, cycling tracks and breeches – made of interlock, kulirka, jacquard, other knitwear, with cuffs, classic cut, in a sporty and business style;
  • vests, jackets, coats – made of high-quality velor, soft fleece, cotton, wool, for cool autumn and winter, in a wide range of colors, a wide variety of cuts;
  • jumpers – made of natural wool, soft terry, pleasant to the touch fleece, with hoods, original decorative elements, plain;
  • shirts – polo, with snaps and buttons, in a wide range of colors from interlock, cotton, foam;
  • headwear – headbands, Panama hats, hats with embroidery, children’s sets for all occasions.

Even for the most demanding fashionista and modern fashionista, on the pages of the Valeo online children’s knitwear store you can choose an impressive wardrobe, suitable for all occasions.

Types of knitwear used

Clothing manufacturer Valeo&V uses knitted fabrics, knitted stitch, interlock, footer, stretch footer, torn terry, velor, cash-corse, fleece and rib for sewing. Each knitted material has its own advantages and distinctive features.

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Knitted fabrics

Used for making outerwear and underwear. They are distinguished by increased strength, wear resistance and endurance, are available in a wide range of colors, hold their shape perfectly, do not stretch, and do not require special care. Also, knitted fabrics do not restrict movement, drape well, and have increased hygienic properties. Valeo&V materials are based on natural cotton, which has excellent antistatic properties. It perfectly allows air to pass through, does not create a “greenhouse effect”, and does not cause allergic reactions or irritations. In clothes made of knitted fabrics, the child feels comfortable and confident.

Cooking surface

A popular type of knitwear, made of 100% cotton, classified into printed and plain-dyed, suitable for sewing rompers, vests, bodysuits, and other nursery products. This knitwear is also used to make shorts, dresses, and jackets. It is dense, durable, practically does not stretch, holds its shape perfectly, does not shrink, and has a back and front side. You can apply different designs to the stockinette. Any application and embroidery is placed on it in an original way.


100% cotton knitwear, an excellent solution for sewing shorts, dresses, trousers, overalls, blouses, rompers. Baptismal sets and all kinds of sets are made from fabric. It can be printed and plain-painted. The density of interlock knitwear is high. It does not cause irritation, has sufficient elasticity, is wear-resistant and durable, and does not require special care. Any print can be applied to such knitwear. The embroidery looks original and elegant on it.


This knitwear can consist only of cotton, or may include polyester. The footer has a fleece on the reverse side; the material is warm, comfortable and suitable for making winter clothes. At the same time, the fabric perfectly allows air to pass through, allowing the skin to breathe. The footer serves for many years without losing its presentable appearance. It does not stretch, does not shrink after washing, and is resistant to mechanical stress. This knitwear can be used to make excellent pajamas, nightgowns, blouses, rompers and other items for newborns.

Torn terry

Fully synthetic polyester jersey. It can be printed and smooth-haired, characterized by increased density and amazing lightness. Withstands heavy mechanical loads, does not stretch, does not fade or fade, and does not lose its original properties over time. Despite the fact that the material is fleecy, pellets do not form on it. Torn terry is pleasant to the touch, practical and very comfortable. This knitwear does not irritate the skin and is great for winter.

Cold terry

This type of knitwear is a looped fabric. On one side its surface is covered with pile. This children’s knitwear is considered one of the best. Robes, pajamas, sets of home clothes made from cold terry are convenient, comfortable, do not hinder movement, and do not cause irritation.


This children’s knitwear can be natural and contain polyester. Pleasant to the touch knitwear has excellent performance characteristics. It does not shrink, does not fade, does not require special care, holds its shape perfectly, and even after several years of use it looks like new. Velor is an ideal material for sewing autumn and winter children’s clothing. A child wearing products made from this knitwear feels cozy and as comfortable as possible. There are wool, cotton, and drape velor.


This children’s knitwear was loved by all mothers without exception for its softness, wear resistance, hygroscopicity and hypoallergenicity. Despite the fact that the fabric consists of synthetic fiber, its properties are not inferior to natural fabrics, even predominating in some ways. Sweatshirts, overalls, jackets, and sweaters are made from fleece. All manufacturers of children’s clothing boldly use this practical and wear-resistant knitwear.

Advantages of Valeo&V children’s knitwear

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Ukrainian children’s knitwear, which Valeo offers to buy, has gained popularity for a reason. Its key advantages:

  • softness. Children’s knitwear is pleasant to the touch, does not cause irritation, does not damage or scratch the skin;
  • elasticity. Children’s knitwear easily takes any shape. It does not hinder movement, does not cause a feeling of tightness or discomfort. A child in clothes made of knitwear is always comfortable, comfortable and cozy;
  • plastic. Children’s knitwear is suitable for any figure and is easy to put on and take off. It is aesthetically pleasing;
  • crease resistance. Children’s knitwear does not need careful and attentive ironing;
  • easy care. To keep children’s knitwear in perfect condition, all you need to do is wash it carefully and dry it properly. You can use any powder and conditioner for washing;
  • all-season. Children’s knitwear is relevant in all seasons; in cold weather it is simply impossible to do without it;
  • hygroscopicity. Children’s knitwear perfectly repels moisture and allows air to pass through, allowing the body to breathe.

Ukrainian knitwear in the Valeo online store is sewn with high quality. It meets the highest standards and requirements.

  1. All seams are strong, durable, do not tear or come apart.
  2. The fittings meet all the requirements: not damaged, securely and correctly sewn, not damaged by the slightest physical impact.
  3. Places that are subject to the greatest wear and stress are additionally strengthened. Thanks to this, the service life of knitted products is extended by 1.5-2 times.
  4. All pockets and external decorative elements are additionally stitched, so they do not come off or fall off even after many years of wearing the item.
  5. The laces, batiks and appliqués are stitched, do not unravel, and add zest to the knitted product.

In addition, Ukrainian knitwear, which is offered by the Valeo online store, is affordable. Buyers with any income level can afford it.

Recommendations for choosing children’s knitwear

Before purchasing children’s knitwear, Valeo experts recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • quality of seams and edges. The seams should be smooth, neatly processed, not skewed, and the edges should not be stretched. The same goes for parts and hinges;
  • percentage of synthetics in the composition. Artificial fibers make children’s knitwear stronger and more durable. The more synthetics, the less the garment stretches. The ideal material is one that contains up to 30% acrylic or viscose and up to 70% wool or cotton. Children’s knitwear with cotton is what you need for sewing summer clothes; wool provides great warmth in cold weather. If there are a lot of synthetics in the composition, children’s clothing will become electrified, have poor air permeability, and pellets will form on the surface when worn;
  • color uniformity. The canvas should be evenly colored. Spots, uneven tone, and other defects visible to the naked eye indicate that the quality of children’s knitwear leaves much to be desired.

Children’s clothing made of knitwear should be soft, pleasant to the touch, elastic, and immediately after trying on it should take its original shape.

Important point! Stores that sell children’s knitwear must have certificates confirming their quality. If documents are not presented at the buyer’s first request, you should think about how feasible and safe it is to buy the products offered.

Promotions and great deals in the online store of children’s knitwear

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The online store of children’s knitwear works with both individuals and companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs. Flexible pricing policy and high quality of products sold are not the last advantages of the Valeo online store. The company regularly holds promotions for its customers that allow them to save even more on purchases. There is a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. Terms of cooperation with wholesale customers are discussed individually.

The online store of children’s knitwear from the manufacturer also constantly organizes sales, so all children’s clothing made from knitwear, without exception, can be ordered at the lowest price.

Terms of delivery and payment for children’s knitwear

The Valeo online store delivers orders throughout Ukraine in the shortest possible time. You can pay for your purchase by credit card, by bank transfer or in cash. Delivery of children’s knitwear in Ukraine is carried out by such companies as “Novaya Poshta”, “Ukrposhta”, “Delivery”. On average, delivery takes from 1 to 3 days. Cash on delivery is possible only if the order amount exceeds the minimum limit established by the online store. Orders are paid on the day of purchase. All documents confirming the fact of payment are provided to clients.

Convenient ordering

You can order children’s knitwear in the Valeo online store by phone or through a special form on the website. Online orders are accepted around the clock. The manager of the online store contacts customers without fail and clarifies all the points. Valeo guarantees the high quality of products. Certificates of compliance of children’s knitwear with all established requirements are provided.