The 5 coolest trend sneakers for fall 2025 that should be in every shoe closet!

You are currently viewing The 5 coolest trend sneakers for fall 2025 that should be in every shoe closet!

Are you tired of squeezing yourself into uncomfortable pumps and high heels? So which are the coolest trend sneakers for fall 2025 that should be in every shoe closet?


converse combine colorful sneaker trends fall 2023

We’ve long since stopped wearing sneakers just for sports or hiking, and the comfortable shoes are one of the most important shoe trends from season to season. Whether in everyday life with jeans or in a style contrast with feminine dresses and skirts – sneakers can do anything and are real all-rounders when it comes to styling. Sneakers are also very popular this year and the trend sneakers for autumn give our outfits a cool touch.

The 5 coolest trendy sneakers for fall

trend sneaker fall 2023 which shoes to wear with jeans


Sneakers are now available in a wide variety of versions and, depending on the model, cause real hype. Whether plain, colorful, high-top sneakers or retro classics – sneakers are among the most important must-haves that should not be missing from any shoe closet.

Colorful sneakers

trend sneaker fall 2023 combine colorful sneakers

While white sneakers were more popular in spring and summer, the trend sneakers for fall 2025 are much more colorful and colorful. No wonder – the colorful sneakers transform even the simplest jeans look into a real eye-catcher and put you in a good mood in the dreary autumn weather.

trend sneakers fall 2023 which shoes combine with leather pants

Models in bright colors such as Barbie pink, sunny yellow or blue in particular create exciting contrasts and are the new favorite of all fashion girls. How you combine colorful sneakers in autumn depends on your own taste. To ensure that the cool sneakers are shown off to their best advantage, you can choose simple clothing in muted colors such as beige, black or brown. Or why not try something new and bold and match the color of the sneakers to the outfit?

High-top sneakers

trend sneakers fall 2023 combine high top sneakers


Cold ankles? Not with the trend sneakers for fall 2025! Once thought of as basketball shoes, high-top sneakers are now part of every sneaker fan’s shoe closet. The sneakers are characterized by a high shaft and are an excellent alternative to ankle boots, especially in transitional weather. Numerous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Off-White, etc. rely on high-top sneakers and have brought back high-top sneakers. With leggings, jogging pants, wide-leg jeans or with flowing maxi skirts – high-top sneakers can be wonderfully combined with absolutely everything in our wardrobe.

high top sneaker combine trend sneaker fall 2023

But what is our absolute favorite among the trend sneakers for fall 2025? The popular Chucks from Converse, which were the shoe trend par excellence in the late 90s, are making a huge comeback this year! The cult shoes are the perfect companion to all jeans trends and bring back great memories of our youth. Simple models in black are particularly popular, but Chucks in bright colors also look great.

Vans sneakers are back

trend sneakers fall 2023 vans combine women

When it comes to timeless skater shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is Vans. However, the sneakers are no longer just popular among skaters, but also complete the outfits of many fashionistas. The footwear scores with a lot of comfort and stylish, exciting designs. Whether as a slip-on with the typical checkerboard pattern or as a high-top sneaker – Vans is currently conquering our shoe closets and has earned a permanent place among the coolest trendy sneakers for fall.

how vans combine women's trend sneakers fall 2023

How can you combine Vans to create a modern look? The answer to that is super simple – whatever you want! A popular combination is of course with jeans and a sweatshirt in a trendy athleisure look. Add a classic trench coat and voilà – you have the perfect look for the transitional weather. You can also combine cute dresses and skirts with Vans and the outfits radiate cool retro vibes.

Silver sneakers

trend sneaker fall 2023 which shoes to wear with a midi skirt in the fall

The trend sneakers for fall 2025 literally make our feet shine and silver sneakers are currently taking the fashion world by storm. The sparkling shoes also add a bit of glamor to everyday life and always make a great statement.

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trend sneaker fall 2023 how to combine sneakers and skirt

Whether completely in a metallic tone or with fine, silver details – sneakers in silver are an absolute must for autumn and the perfect basis for exciting outfits. The trend sneakers can be combined particularly well with jeans or leather trousers, but they are also a great eye-catcher with trouser suits or elegant dresses. Which model you choose is purely a matter of taste. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a platform sneaker, a high-top or an ugly dad sneaker – the main thing is silver!

Hiking sneakers as a shoe trend in autumn 2025

hiking sneakers combine trend shoes fall 2023

When it comes to trend sneakers for fall 2025, the focus is increasingly on comfort and functionality. And if you think that hiking sneakers are only suitable for hiking, you are very wrong. Outdoor sneakers are THE ultimate shoe trend in autumn and will be huge in the coming months.

Hiking shoes combine trend sneakers fall 2023

Hiking sneakers with feminine satin dresses or an elegant pants suit? How to say yes! The otherwise clunky sneakers always create a great contrast in style and make for exciting street style outfits. However, if you prefer to keep it simple, then style the hiking boots classically with jeans. Hiking sneakers not only impress us with their exciting designs and are always a great choice in wet and cold weather.