Trend hairstyles fall 2026: 6 haircuts that we will soon see everywhere!

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The next hairdresser’s appointment is just around the corner and you don’t know what to do with your hair? What are the latest fall 2026 trend hairstyles that we will all be wearing soon? Which haircuts are totally popular for the coming season?


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Some love summer and others are already looking forward to the golden season. But no matter how you feel, the change of season is always the perfect time to freshen up our look. And what’s the best way to do that? With a new and modern haircut, of course! No matter whether you have short, medium-length or long hair – the trend hairstyles for autumn 2026 are more versatile than they have been for a long time and have something to offer for every taste and style!

Trend hairstyles fall 2026: These haircuts are popular

We at are true fashionistas and do our best to stay up to date with the latest trends. We already know what the latest hair color trends will be in fall 2026. But since we’re in the mood for a complete change, we’re combining our new hair color with some of the coolest trending hairstyles for fall 2026.

The grungy midi

trend hairstyles fall 2023 gunge haircuts medium length hair


Ever since the Netflix series “Wednesday”, the grunge look has become an integral part of the fashion world. Whether it’s Wednesday Bangs, grunge outfits or even make-up – grunge has never been so popular! But what does that mean for the trend hairstyles in autumn 2026? The Grungy Midi is nothing more than an extension of the popular shag cut – but the look is much more wearable and doesn’t seem as harsh. The soft fringes blend naturally into the rest of the hair and create the illusion of more fullness and volume. And the best? The grungy midi thrives on its casualness and comes into its own perfectly in the popular undone look. The perfect trendy hairstyle for anyone who wants an effortless yet chic haircut.

Italian Bob

Trend hairstyles fall 2023 Italian bob with bangs

Hardly a week goes by without at least one new bob variant. After celebrating the Messy Bob, today we are inspired by the Italian women. Noble, chic and extremely feminine – the Italian bob radiates pure glamor and is without a doubt one of the most sought-after trend hairstyles in autumn 2026. What makes the bob so special?

Italian bob styling trend hairstyles fall 2023

To create this glamorous look, the hair is usually cut at one length and usually ends below the chin. The Italian Bob comes into its own particularly well with a cozy turtleneck sweater (which is a must in autumn anyway). Unlike the classic blunt bob, the tips of the Italian bob are slightly rounded and the hair is complemented with light layers.

The “Plush” Bob

Plush bob hairstyle trend trend hairstyles fall 2023


Is it just us, or are things getting a lot more opulent and voluminous when it comes to trendy hairstyles for fall 2026? The “plush” bob is another bob variant that we can look forward to for the coming season and the hairstyle is clear proof that short hair is anything but boring. So what is Plush Bob?

trend hairstyles fall 2023 who suits the plush bob

Essentially, it’s a mega voluminous haircut that looks luxurious, soft and classy – like plush and hence the name. In contrast to other bob hairstyles, the plush bob is not about a specific haircut, but rather about the right styling. To achieve this airy and full look, the hair is always styled with a blow dryer and a large round brush.

The Fox Cut

Fox cut hairstyle trend trend hairstyles fall 2023

While the wolf cut played an important role among haircuts in the summer, it will have plenty of competition for the coming season. Just as cheeky, but still a little more glamorous and elegant – the fox cut is the new favorite of all fashion girls and is being celebrated as one of the coolest trend hairstyles for fall 2026. This is also a layered haircut that gently caresses our facial features and cheekbones. The Fox Cut may be a completely new phenomenon in the fashion world, but it exudes cool 90s vibes and enchants us with its retro charm. The layers visually provide more fullness and dynamism, making the fox cut the perfect hairstyle for women with thin hair.

Quiet Luxury Hair

Birkin bangs bangs hairstyles trends fall 2023

Do you like something simpler and more subtle? Then Quiet Luxury Hair is exactly what you need now. Sure – cheeky haircuts like the shag or the hush cut are on everyone’s lips at the moment, but sometimes we fancy less trend-conscious and more timeless looks. And that’s exactly what Quiet Luxury Hair is all about – the trend hairstyle impresses with its timeless elegance and always ensures an elegant look.

what is quiet luxury hair trend hairstyles fall 2023

To underline the luxurious charm, proper hair care plays an essential role and there is nothing more beautiful than a shiny and healthy mane. How is the hair cut at Quiet Luxury Hair? Instead of fringed bangs and layered hairstyles, we prefer blunt cuts. A classic, structured bob would always be a safe and beautiful choice for short hair. And if you are not a fan of the blunt look, then complement your hairstyle with very fine and barely visible layers.

Curve cut bangs

curve cut hairstyle styling trend hairstyles fall 2023

Yes, bangs will also remain at the top of the trend hairstyles in fall 2026. After all, bangs are always a great way to give our current haircut an exciting and fresh touch. We all know wispy bangs and curtain bangs, but this year we’re going to be wearing curve cut bangs!

trend hairstyles fall 2023 curve cut bangs hairstyle

None other than fashion icon Jennifer Lopez has made the new hairstyle an absolute trend and we can’t wait to try out curve cut bangs. The fringes are slightly longer and asymmetrically cut and gently caress the jawline. To get this C shape, style curve cut bangs with a round brush and twist the tips slightly outwards. This small but nice trick gives the face more structure and makes our hair look fuller.

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