Necessary things for newborns

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Necessary things for newborns

There’s a new addition to the family. It is difficult to name a more important, touching, joyful event in the life of a family. Parents are ready to buy half the world so that their child has everything he needs and even more.

Store shelves are filled with cute trinkets, bright clothes, and goods intended for children. It is difficult to choose the essentials, save the family budget, and avoid unjustified expenses.

Basic baby wardrobe? What is he like?

No matter how grandiose your intentions are to fill the children’s chest of drawers with a bunch of all kinds of new things, stop. Use these recommendations:

  • buy what you need;
  • save money;
  • be reasonable;

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A newborn child must have

  1. Vests with seams facing out – 4 pcs.
  2. Flannel, knitted blouses 2 pcs.
  3. Sliders 4 pcs.
  4. Cotton bodysuits – 2 pcs. (with long and short sleeves)
  5. Slip 1 pc. (can be replaced with a blouse with rompers)
  6. 1 warm hat (knitted, made of thin fur, lined; not needed in summer)
  7. Cap 2 pcs. (summer, warm)
  8. Scratch gloves 2 pairs
  9. Socks 3 pairs cotton, 1 pair warm
  10. Booties 2 pairs
  11. Seasonal walking overalls 1 pc.
  12. Warm diapers (with diapers 3-4 pcs., without them 20 pcs.)
  13. Light diapers – the same as warm ones
  14. Sleeping bag 1 pc.
  15. Soft quilt 1 pc. (your choice)
  16. Diapers

And now in more detail about each of the elements of the dowry for the toddler.

Let’s start from the end of the list of things in a child’s closet.

1. Diapers

Even our grandmothers could not do without them. A real magic wand. Perhaps the most important element of baby care.

They will provide a comfortable sleep for the child and mother. Dry pants and clean diapers are the key to healthy rest and long-term peace of mind for parents and babies.

The size varies. It depends on the weight of the fool. The size chart of a specific manufacturer will help you choose the best option.

2. Sliders

Very comfortable clothes. These are simple pants that fasten at the shoulders and cover the legs. They are short, with an elastic band, and height up to the waist. Often complemented by a blouse. If necessary, additional socks are put on your feet.

3. Babydolls

A blouse without fasteners, sewn from natural fabrics. For convenience, it may have a button on the side and ties. Put the shirts on with the seams facing out. Be careful. Internal seams may cause fraying.

4. Bodysuit

Long T-shirt with a zipper between the legs. The back of the product is closed. It is very comfortable. Clothes do not wrinkle and rub the skin. There are summer and winter bodysuits.

5. Bonnets

The baby needs two of them: for hot weather, walks in winter. The headdress must be made of natural hypoallergenic fabric.

6. Scratches

Special mittens. They put it on so that a child who does not yet know how to control himself does not get scratched.

7. Slips

Nothing more than a versatile jumpsuit. Fastens between the legs. The model allows you to change diapers without taking off your clothes. Complete with gloves.

8. Jumpsuit

Clothes for the cold season. Models that deserve special attention are transformers. The product easily turns into an envelope.

9. Booties

First shoes. It is sewn from fabrics of soft structure: flannel, terry, cotton, thin natural, artificial fur. Sometimes shoes are knitted from yarn.

10. Socks

They help keep little feet warm.

11. Sleeping bag

The name speaks for itself. It is convenient to use it in a room with reduced air temperature.

12. Diapers

Some consider them a relic of the past. In vain. You can’t do without them. A diaper is used to cover the baby, used in the absence of diapers, they are convenient for carrying out various procedures.

List of requirements for infant clothing

  • convenience;
  • absence of tight ties, elastic bands, buttons, rough seams;
  • products should not be worn over the head;
  • when choosing a size, give preference to things larger in size;
  • buttons and ties must be firmly secured;
  • the material is exclusively natural;

Size selection

Remember, up to three months the baby is actively developing, gaining weight, and growing. Things “back to back” are impractical.

Purchasing wardrobe items “for growth” prevents unnecessary costs and makes the products universal.

The company “VaLeo&V” offers size chart new clothes for newborn babies.

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Where to buy clothes for newborns

There are many opportunities: in the store, at the market, in specialized boutiques.

Many modern mothers prefer to shop at the trusted Ukrainian manufacturer VaLeo&V and are happy to use the services of the VALEO online store, where they can profitably buy high-quality, cheap, stylish products for children and adults wholesale and retail.

Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine. Constant promotions, sales, and sweepstakes are especially attractive.

When dressing your baby, remember the three golden rules: safety, convenience, practicality. The above recommendations will protect your children from choosing low-quality products. Healthy kids, happy shopping!