Hairstyle trends 2025: These are the hottest hairstyles in the new year!

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There is hardly a woman who doesn’t like to experiment with her hair and try out new looks. It’s hard to believe, but 2023 is slowly coming to an end and the turn of the year is always the perfect time for a visual change. What does the new year have to offer in terms of hairstyles and what are the hairstyle trends for 2025 that we will soon see everywhere?


blunt bob with bangs hairstyles trends 2024

I’m sure you would agree – the feeling of leaving the salon with freshly cut hair is magical. A new hairstyle immediately improves our mood and is an excellent way to optimally showcase our facial features. And when it comes to hairstyle trends for 2023, all I can say is that the new year will be anything but boring and all fashionistas will get their money’s worth!

Hairstyle trends 2025: These are the hottest hairstyles in the new year

Who suits Italian bob hairstyles trends 2024

Cheeky short hairstyles, different bob variations, XXL mane à la Rapunzel or the elegant choppy cut – the hairstyle trends for 2023 have something to offer for every taste and style and I’m already looking forward to the next visit to the hairdresser! If you also fancy a visual change, stay tuned and discover the hottest hairstyles in the new year.

The Sachel Cut

hairstyle trends 2024 what is the sachel cut

Okay, we all know the Rachel cut and the shag cut. But what does Sachel Cut mean? As the name suggests, this is a hybrid look between the two iconic hairstyles. The cut is characterized by steps of different lengths, but they are not as strong as the shag cut. The trend hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants a visual change but doesn’t want to sacrifice too much of their hair.

Checker cut trend hairstyle hairstyle trends 2024

The sachel cut looks particularly feminine with slightly fringed bangs that emphasize our facial features even better. And when it comes to styling, the sachel cut is best worn naturally and leaves the hair around the face a little longer – this way the fringed cut comes into its own. Here’s a little tip – so that the strands fall nicely wavy, always use a texture spray.

Bubble Bob

Italian bob styling hairstyle trends 2024

The bob in all its facets is a timeless classic and will of course also be at the forefront in the new year. Voluminous, elegant and a real eye-catcher – the bubble bob is being celebrated as one of the biggest hairstyle trends of 2025, and for good reason. The hair ends at around chin length, remains a little longer at the front and runs a little shorter towards the neck, while the ends are slightly layered.

Italian bob styling bob hairstyles trends 2024

The special cutting technique creates a round shape that is reminiscent of a bubble – hence the playful name. The bubble bob is the perfect combination of cool and casual and gives our mane an extra dose of dynamism and fullness. The trend hairstyle is perfect for women with narrow, elongated and oval faces and softens the facial features.

bubble bob trend hairstyle hairstyle trends 2024

However, the look is less suitable for women with a round face, as the round shape makes the face appear even rounder. To better show off the curved cut of the bob, style the hair with a hairdryer and a round brush. If you still prefer something a little more casual, the popular Beach Waves are the perfect choice.

The short bob

short bob with bangs hairstyles trends 2023

If you look at the trend hairstyles for 2025, it quickly becomes clear that the bob will remain our undisputed number 1 again. In the coming months we’ll be wearing the classic in its shortest form, as a short bob.

short bob trend hairstyle 2024 which short hairstyles are modern

The hair ends at least to chin length or even further and the short hairstyle exudes a timeless elegance. Despite its simplicity and clean shape, the short bob looks super classy and is a great way to leave our comfort zone and try something new.

bubble bob hairstyles trend 2023 to style short hair

The trend hairstyle is clear proof that short hair is anything but boring and can be styled in a variety of ways. Whether straight, with light curls, in a trendy sleek look or blow-dried with a little more volume – the short bob can do it all and is always an eye-catcher.

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The middle parting is back

middle parting hairstyle trends 2024

Would you rather wear a side parting or a middle parting? This is probably the eternal topic of debate between Millennials and Generation Z. Although the side parting has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, the middle parting is currently celebrating a huge comeback and is definitely one of the hottest hairstyle trends in 2025. The look always looks modern and gives every haircut a timeless and elegant touch in no time. A middle parting gives the face more symmetry and clarity and perfectly highlights the cheekbones. So it’s no surprise that he’s back. For a particularly feminine and elegant appearance, combine the middle parting with a playful half-up half-down hairstyle.

Micro bangs as a hairstyle trend in 2025

Micro bangs styling hairstyle trends 2024

Either you hate them or you think they’re really cool – when it comes to micro bangs, opinions in the beauty world are divided. But no matter what you feel, one thing is certain – the bangs from the 90s are back and we can no longer imagine life without them.

hairstyle trends 2023 styling micro bangs

The bangs end approximately halfway down the forehead, which creates a particularly edgy and interesting look. Admittedly, micro bangs take a bit of courage, but once you take the step, you won’t regret it. The trend hairstyle actually suits all face shapes perfectly and emphasizes the cheekbones. Especially in combination with a short bob, micro bangs make a real statement and optimally focus on the face.

Long hair à la Rapunzel

Long hair care hairstyle trends 2024

Short haircuts are particularly practical and cool, but a super long mane is simply unbeatable. XL hair is also one of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2025 and looks cooler than ever. The look looks particularly cool when the hair is not cut in one length, but is supplemented with several layers. The fringes give the hairstyle a casual yet playful touch and XL hair is the new favorite of many It girls. However, keep in mind that with this hair length the hair has to be bursting with health and the right hair care is the be-all and end-all.

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