Glitter dress trends of the season: Gorgeous outfits with guaranteed glamor

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The Christmas party and New Year’s Eve are getting closer and it’s time to think about our festive outfits. And when we think of all the glitter, dazzling decorations and twinkling fairy lights, of course we should Adjust clothing accordingly. What could be better than a glittering dress? Before you buy your perfect party dress, check out the glitter dress trends of the season!


Glitter dress trends of the 2023 2024 season

Glitter dress trends 2023: The ultimate outfits for the party season

Style a glittering New Year's Eve dress with a black blazer

Glitter dresses are known for their ability to add glamor to any occasion. They look festive and the best thing about them is that you can wear them for Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well as a wedding party. We introduce you to the latest glitter dress trends and help you make a fashion statement.

How do I choose the right glitter dress?

choose the right glitter dress

Choose a dress that fits your body shape and fits well. Choose the color carefully, making sure it suits your skin tone. Also think about the type of glitter depending on the look you want – subtle shimmer or flashy sequins.

Mini dresses with glitter effect

Mini dress with glitter effect for the holidays

Short glitter dresses are very popular due to their versatility. Whether decorated with sequins or glitter patterns, they offer a playful and youthful look for cocktail parties and festive events.

Wear sparkly dress for Christmas

Sequin dresses are perfect for Christmas

Glittery dresses are perfect for any event! And of course they are a must in the glitter season, from Christmas parties to formal occasions, you can easily create an elegant, radiant outfit with them. From classic round sequins to innovative shapes like stars and geometric patterns to rhinestones, the textured effect captures the light in a fascinating way and makes you look glamorous.

Glitter dress trends: Asymmetrical designs

Asymmetrical look with one shoulder sequin dress

Asymmetrical designs are very popular these days. From one-shoulder dresses to uneven hemlines, the traditional glitter dresses are simply given a modern touch. If you want a visually dynamic and playful look, look for asymmetrical models.

Different textures

Glitter dresses with different textures are very trendy

A glitter dress with different textures can elevate the entire look. The combination of glitter fabric and other luxurious textures such as satin, velvet, feathers or fringes is integrated into the designs and allows you to create a unique and very trendy outfit.

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How do you style a glitter dress?

How to style a glitter dress

The glitter dress should always be the center of attention. That’s why it’s important to choose accessories very carefully so as not to overdo the look with excessive jewelry. Think elegant stud earrings, delicate bracelets and chic watches.

To keep the focus on the dress, opt for neutral or metallic shoes. Strappy heels or classic pumps are perfect for this and add an extra touch of elegance.

And of course don’t forget your handbag. A clutch will perfectly complement your festive look, again paying attention to neutral or metallic colors.

Depending on the occasion and weather conditions, you can style the dress with an elegant neutral-colored blazer or a scarf. Or you can opt for a faux fur coat, which can also add warmth and sophistication without compromising the glamor of your dress.

Beautiful silhouette with mid-length off-the-shoulder glitter dress

Elegant look with an off-the-shoulder glitter dress in medium length

Sequin dress for mature women styled with gloves

Festive look with sequins dress for women over 50

Glittery dresses in jewel tones are very trendy

Wear jewel toned sequin dresses for Christmas

Festive look with a silver dress

Silver dress with glitter effect for a glamorous look

Combine dark red mini sequin dress with nude heels

Combine a classic sequin dress in dark red with nude-colored shoes

Trendy outfit with a silver dress and elegant black shoes

Combine trendy glitter dress with black shoes

Style a sparkly, long dress in blue with metallic shoes

elegant, long glitter dress in blue