Hair color trends in fall 2025: We’ll soon see these shades everywhere!

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Have you been thinking about coloring your hair lately? What are the latest fall 2025 hair color trends that await us? What shades for blondes or brunettes are popular for the coming season?


cinnamon swirl hair color trend 2023 which shades of brown are popular

Autumn is knocking on the door and soon we will have to stow our summer clothes deep in the basement. Shortly before the change of season we always get the urge for a small visual change. And what is the easiest way to achieve this? With a new hair color, of course! The hair color trends for fall 2025 are more diverse than they have been in a long time and definitely have something to offer for every taste and style.

Hair color trends in fall 2025: These blonde tones are popular

Blondes will have a lot of fun this year too, because different shades of blonde are one of the coolest hair color trends in autumn 2025 that we can already look forward to. Not all blondes are the same and if you’re looking to try something new for the coming season, you’ll literally be spoiled for choice.

Linen Blonde

Linen blonde hairstyle trend hair color trends fall 2023


Whether dresses, shirts or trousers – linen as a fabric is simply a must in late summer and early autumn. But this year we’re also taking inspiration from it when it comes to our hair, and Linen Blonde is being hailed as one of the biggest hair color trends for fall 2025. What does linen blonde look like? As the name suggests, the color is similar to the airy, light fabric and has a beige undertone as a base. To give the look more dimension, you can work with darker or lighter highlights in Linen Blonde.

Hair color trends fall 2023 linen blonde hairstyle trend

Here’s a little tip on how to find the perfect shade of blonde for your skin type. For women with a cool skin tone, experts recommend complementing a darker powdery beige with slightly lighter taupe highlights. Women with a warm skin tone, on the other hand, should soften the beige with soft gold tones. However, don’t overdo it, because Linen Blonde is a rather cool shade of blonde. And so that the hair color retains its shine, use masks or color care shampoos that refresh the color once a week.

Golden blonde as a hair color trend in autumn

Golden blonde hairstyle trend hair color trends fall 2023

While last year an ice-cold platinum blonde caused a stir among fashionistas, next season it’s all about naturalness. A shimmering, natural golden blonde is the new favorite of numerous celebrities and is definitely one of the most beautiful hair color trends in autumn 2025. Whether honey, caramel or wheat gold – golden nuances make our skin shine and also underline our summer tan.

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Hair color trends fall 2023 golden blonde hair color


But that’s not all – in contrast to platinum blonde, golden blonde reflects light much better, which automatically makes our hair appear healthier and shinier. Golden blonde is a beautiful, easy-care hair color that adds a touch of glamour.

Barbie Blonde

Hair color trends fall 2023 who suits Barbie Blonde

Are you looking for a fresh hair color that is also on trend? The movie “Barbie” created a real hype and the Barbiecore fashion trend is on everyone’s lips. So it’s not too much of a surprise that Barbie Blonde is also one of the most popular hair color trends for fall 2025. It is an almost platinum blonde, bright color that reminds us of the original hair color of the famous Barbie doll.

Barbie blonde hairstyle trend hair color trends fall 2023

The color is a real eye-catcher and puts you in a good mood in the dreary autumn weather. To find the perfect shade of Barbie Blonde, go for a cooler undertone. And if you want to rock the Barbie look, then the best way to wear the Barbie Blonde is with long, straight hair. To ensure that the radiant hair color comes into its own, proper hair care is essential. Protein hair masks keep your hair healthy and a silver shampoo removes the yellow tint that appears after 1-2 weeks.

Peach blonde

Hair color trends fall 2023 who suits peach blonde hairstyle trend

We actually all know strawberry blonde. But this year, peach nuances are popular and peach blonde is without a doubt one of the most beautiful hair color trends in autumn 2025. The dreamy color is ideal for defying the dull, rainy weather and giving our hair a lively, summery touch. Peach Blond is a mix of pink and orange and the pastel hair color immediately catches the eye.

Peach blonde hairstyle trend hair color trends fall 2023

Since it is a warm color, peach blonde harmonizes wonderfully with olive skin tone. However, you can experiment a little with the peach shades and easily adapt the hair color to your own skin type. Depending on the look you want, you can work with orange-gold or pink highlights. But no matter which color combination you choose, one thing is certain – Peach Blond exudes a good mood in autumn and always has a wow effect.

Hair color trends in autumn 2025: The most beautiful shades for brunettes

It’s not just blondes who can have all the fun, because the hair color trends in autumn 2025 also have many cool looks to offer for the brunettes among you. Whether deep brown, fiery red or a soft caramel balayage – we will be seeing these shades everywhere in the next few months.

Dark red hair

Dark red hair care tips hair color trends fall 2023

Red hair always makes a real statement and red-haired women are considered particularly passionate and spirited. While bright red dominated the trends last year, dark red is currently making a huge comeback and is taking our hearts by storm. The bold hue was seen all over the runways, creating a modern, not-so-drastic grunge look. Whether cherry red, aubergine red or a strong shade of red – the selection of shades is really huge, so there is certainly something for every taste.

Hair color trends fall 2023 to dye dark red hair

Dark red hair exudes a unique elegance and is an excellent choice for anyone who would like to stand out with their hair color and is not afraid of big changes. And the best? You don’t have to bleach your hair beforehand to wear the shade. The trend hair color looks particularly flattering on women with cool skin tone.

Copper Brown

Spice up brown hair copper brown hair color trends fall 2023

Brown hair is trendy and numerous celebrities have said goodbye to their blonde hair in recent months. A little darker copper red, but also lighter than a deep brown – copper brown is THE trend hair color for fall 2025 and looks stunning. The dreamy hue gives us the best of both worlds and the red and copper nuances shine in the light in a unique way.

Copper brown hair color trend fall 2023 which hair colors for brunettes

Copper Brown is the perfect choice for all women who love red hair but have never dared to try it. The gentle reddish nuances somehow fit our mood in autumn perfectly and provide an elegant and super refreshing touch, especially for pale skin. But to ensure that Copper Brown shines in its full glory, you should have your hair recolored every 3 to 4 weeks.

Caramel balayage

Hair color trends fall 2023 caramel balayage hairstyle trend

If you just want to give your brown hair a little update, caramel balayage is the way to go. The coloring technique provides bounce and vibrancy and the subtle highlights make our mane shine. The sun-kissed, natural look is perfect for the golden season and gives the hair more dimension and depth. Also, for those of you who want to lighten your hair slightly but don’t want to go completely blonde, caramel balayage is an excellent choice.

caramel balayage hairstyle trend hair color trends fall 2023

Caramel balayage is extremely versatile and can therefore be wonderfully adapted to any hair type. Depending on the initial color, you can either go dark or lighten your hair a little more – the choice is entirely up to you.

Expensive Bronde as a hair color trend in autumn 2025

expensive bronde hairstyle trend hair color trends fall 2023 blonde hair with highlights

First it was Expensive Brunette. Then came Expensive Blonde. And now? Now it’s clearly time for Expensive Bronde! It is a gentle mix of brown and blonde – hence the name. Expensive Bronde adds a touch of glamor and the play of colors is always a great eye-catcher. Whether you’re tired of your blonde hair or want to slightly lighten your brown mane, Expensive Bronde always works and looks truly stunning. It’s a great way to subtly spice up our hair and we’re sure Expensive Bronde will soon be one of fall’s most sought-after hair color trends.

Cinnamon Swirl Hair

Hairstyle trends brown hair cinnamon swirl hair colors trend fall 2023

If you think that brown hair is boring and monotonous, you are very wrong! The latest hair color trend for fall 2025 is inspired by our favorite pastry – cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon Swirl Hair is our new favorite for the coming season and gives our hair more dimension and depth. To create this multidimensional masterpiece, tones of caramel, copper and cinnamon are mixed together.

cinnamon swirl hair hairstyle trend hair color trends fall 2023

The play of colors between the nuances creates an indescribable shine and the look simply fits the autumn mood perfectly. Depending on your preference and initial color, Cinnamon Swirl can be customized and the possibilities for rocking the color this fall are truly endless. Sometimes lighter, a little darker, with golden highlights – we love Cinnamon Swirl Hair!

Gemini Hair

Hair color trends fall 2023 what is Gemini hair

The color block look has become an integral part of our wardrobes. This season we’re going one step further and also coloring our hair in the popular look. Gemini Hair is the perfect fall 2025 hair color trend for anyone who loves to stand out from the crowd and want to try something bold.

what is gemini hair hair color trends fall 2023

Gemini Hair as a hairstyle trend is nothing more than two-tone hair. There are no rules and you can use any colors you like. Whether orange and pink, gray and blue or blonde and black à la Cruella de Vill – Gemini Hair brings all possible color combinations to our hair. Very important – to ensure that the hair color does not fade and look unkempt, regular visits to the hairdresser are essential.