Winter is coming: Cozy pajamas for the cold season

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Warm, cozy pajamas for the night and as a leisure suit are on trend this coming winter. Which materials are particularly skin-friendly and which material keeps you warm? Manufacturers make nightwear from different membranes with individual properties. To ensure that it is neither too cold nor too warm, there are a few things to consider when purchasing pajamas.

Cozy pajamas: dreamy fabrics for winter


trends in pajamas colors fabrics and patterns

Fine materials such as satin or silk look chic, are stylish and feel comfortable on the skin. They are not suitable as winter pajamas. The membranes only cool and warm in combination with other layers of clothing. If you have pajamas made of one of the two materials in your wardrobe, leave them there until spring and use a warming material in the cold season.


The naturally renewable material is one of the most commonly used to make clothing. Cotton pajamas are suitable for the fall and winter seasons. Their air permeability is a good argument for buying a leisure suit that can also be worn at night. The fabric feels pleasant and is suitable for all skin types and allergy sufferers.


The material consists of polyester microfibers that are roughened on one or both sides. Goods made from 100, 200 and 300 fleece are available in stores. The marking refers to the material weight. The fabric weighs 100, 200 or 300 grams per square meter, which affects both its thermal properties and comfort. Pajamas with a high material density are for very cold days and nights.

Sheep wool

Cozy night suits for women these are the trends

Animal fibers warm the body and absorb sweat well, which is wicked away through the fabric. Wool fibers consist of up to 85 percent air and reflect your own body heat. Ladies with a low body temperature do not increase it by wearing nightwear made of animal wool. Rather, the fibers ensure that the internal heat is stored and only moisture is dissipated. The material carries up to 33 percent water of its own dry weight.

Blended fabric

Elastane, cotton and polyester are often mixed, which cancels out the characteristics of each material. Mixed fibers are warm and feel cozy, but require more care than natural materials.


The antistatic yarn absorbs moisture and stores it in the fabric. Unfortunately, the material lacks robustness and is quickly used up.

These are the trends for 2023/2024

Breakfast in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas

In addition to their warming properties, pajamas are intended to style the wearer fashionably. The designers have used new fabrics for the winter season. Unique colors and checked patterns are popular. Let’s take a look at the trends of the season:

Cozy pajamas in velor

The royal, plush fabric came to Europe from India in the 15th century. As a noble material, it was reserved for nobles who had covers made from the fabric for chairs and curtains. When they found that the material was comfortable to wear, robes were commissioned. The material disappeared from the market for a few years, but now the velvety material is celebrating its comeback.

Flannel: The classic is reinterpreted

Traditionally, the fibers are made from wool or cotton and roughened, but more gently than fleece. Today, producers mix natural fibers with chemical fibers. It hugs the body, is warm and is robust compared to other materials. The classic flannel shirt is still made for craftsmen today, which is why pajamas made from this material have a checked look.

Elegance for women in the cold season

Plain two-piece suits, with or without a hood, pajama tops with button placket, combined with patterned trousers: Cozy pajamas for fall and winter there are many variations. They can hardly be distinguished from elegant jogging suits and allow many combinations for a changing style.

Women who want it to be more comfortable wear regular or baggy trousers. The material does not constrict, but lies directly on the skin. Leggings feel like a second skin. If you find it too warm in long pajamas, you should wear shorts. It is suitable for wearing under a thick winter blanket that does not require overly warm pajamas. With pajamas made from your preferred material, you will stay cozy and warm on cold days.