Which shoes to wear with a dress in winter? Styling tips for a stylish look!

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Sweaters and jeans become our absolute favorite everyday combination in the cold winter months. It may be cold and uncomfortable outside, but sometimes we still want to dress up. For me personally, there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing. Even when the temperatures are below zero, I don’t want to go without my favorite dresses and so that you look stylish even on frosty days, I’ll explain to you in this article which shoes go with the dress in winter.


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Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we should only wear jeans until spring. The combination of a fabulous dress with the right trendy shoes is a consistently reliable outfit formula for every season – even winter. Whether short, long, midi, plain or with playful patterns – dresses are available in a wide variety of designs and the pieces bring a breath of fresh air into our wardrobes. So, find out now which shoes you could wear with the dress in winter to create a stylish and elegant look.

Which dresses are suitable for winter?

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On very cold days and temperatures below zero, we often reach for our cozy and soft sweaters, and that’s a good thing. After all, no one wants to freeze to death in these low temperatures, right? But with the right shoes for your dress in winter, you can achieve a look that is both stylish and warm at the same time. However, not all models are suitable for the cold season.

Which shoes to combine with the dress winter maxi dresses

Typical summer motifs such as sunglasses, watermelons, strawberries and the like are rather out of place for the winter months. Checked patterns, animal prints or even the timeless floral patterns, on the other hand, simply look gorgeous in every season. The choice of color is also crucial for whether you can wear your favorite clothes in winter. Always follow the trend colors of the season and you won’t go wrong. Shades like blue, red or brown are always a safe choice. And if you like to stand out from the crowd, dresses in bright shades such as pink or green are the best choice.

Which shoes to wear with a dress in winter?

Heeled boots trend 2023 which shoes to wear with a dress winter

The fashion world always encourages us to experiment with our outfits and what shoes you wear with the dress in winter depends on the occasion and your own style. For a sporty yet stylish everyday look, it’s best to choose flat boots or sneakers.

Style leather dresses combine ankle boots and dress

But narrow ankle boots also look great when combined with our favorite dresses. For a festive occasion or for the office, shoes with heels such as pumps or heeled boots are always the right choice. Here’s a little styling tip – to visually stretch your legs and make them appear slimmer, make sure that the distance between the dress hem and the shaft is not too short.

Ankle boots and dresses

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Fashion trends back and forth – ankle boots are a timeless classic and should not be missing in any shoe closet. The elegant shoes usually end just above the ankle and therefore harmonize wonderfully with absolutely all dress models.

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It doesn’t matter whether you combine the shoes with a long dress in winter or with a mini dress – you can’t go wrong with ankle boots. For an elegant business outfit, choose models with a small heel that can be ideally combined with feminine shirt dresses or knitted dresses. Add a high-quality blazer or an elegant coat and voilà – you are perfectly dressed!

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Chunky boots

Combat boots and dresses combine shoe trends winter 2023

Who says you can’t wear your summer dresses in winter? Our absolute favorite combination for the cold season: chunky chunky boots and feminine dresses!

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The masculine shoes provide a cool break in style that immediately sets us apart from the crowd. Even our satin dresses look really cool and are absolutely suitable for winter.

Knitted dresses combine 2023 which shoes to wear with the long dress winter

With their rough look, chunky biker boots make a super exciting outfit, especially when combined with girly midi dresses with patterns.

Which shoes to style with a checkered dress in winter

The trend shoes are actually real all-rounders and go with absolutely every dress in your wardrobe. Mini, maxi, knit or satin – absolutely anything you like is allowed.

Knee-high boots

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Nobody wants to catch a cold right before the holidays. Which shoes to wear with a dress in winter to stay warm while creating a fashionable look? The answer to that is very simple – you can’t go wrong with knee-high boots! The classic shoe is making a huge comeback this year and looks cooler than ever! The boots end just below the knee and can therefore be wonderfully combined with midi-length dresses. And if you want to cheat by being a few centimeters taller, go for knee-high boots with a small heel.

Mini dress and boots combine which shoes to go with the dress winter

Knee-high boots are also a popular choice for winter with mini dresses and are a great option for anyone who wants to show a little more skin, even in sub-zero temperatures. To give the outfit an edgy touch, play with different textures. Suede boots are the latest rage and feel wonderfully comfortable in uncomfortable weather.

Knee-high boots and dresses

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The fashion world has had an on-off relationship with overknee botts for years. Sometimes they are totally popular, sometimes they are frowned upon as a no-go. But if you want to make a fashion statement with your outfit in winter, over-the-knee boots are the perfect choice! They keep our legs pretty warm and are therefore the ideal shoes for dressing up in winter.

overknmee boots 2023 are modern which combine boots and dress

To show off the boots to their best advantage, we prefer to combine them with mini dresses that reach within a few centimeters of the toe of the shoe. Styling over-the-knee boots is sometimes a bit of a challenge and the outfit can quickly look cheap. To avoid this, we advise you to choose dresses in basic colors such as black or gray. Too much glitter and bling-bling is more of a fashion faux pas.

Style dresses and sneakers in winter

Knitted dresses and sneakers combine which shoes with a long winter dress

Warm days with temperatures around 10-15 degrees are not uncommon even in winter and we somehow don’t feel like wearing thick boots. Whether dad sneakers, retro or the popular Chucks – sneakers have been part of every fashion-conscious woman’s basic equipment for years. The sporty shoes can be combined in a variety of ways and also look great with dresses.

Which shoes to wear with a long dress? Winter sneakers and maxi dress outfits

Our absolute favorite combination for the cold season? Trendy knitted dresses and high-top sneakers are a great match and the girlish models are slightly lightened up by the sneakers. Add a warm coat and you have the perfect winter outfit.