Old Money Bob: Try the chicest hair trend for winter 2025/2024

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This winter everyone is obsessed with the Old Money trend. And one of the most important accessories for this style is our hair. Do you want to add sophistication and elegance to your haircut? Why not take inspiration from the ultra-trendy Old Money Bob? The chic hairstyle is very easy to recreate and in no time you will have a whole new look that exudes wealth and class.


how to restyle an old money bob

Old Money Bob: How can you recreate the sophisticated hairstyle?

Who is the old money bob suitable for?

Inspired by the upper class lifestyle, this timeless and classic hairstyle adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any hair. If you want to try the trend, opt for a sleek or slightly wavy bob that ends just below the chin or falls around the shoulders for a chic look. The secret actually lies in how you style it. To achieve an old money look, you’ll want to focus on a voluminous root, slightly curved ends, and a glossy finish. And if you really want to lean into the old money aesthetic, don’t forget to wear a pair of retro sunglasses to complete the look.

Who can wear the glamorous hairstyle?

old money bob for straight hair with a middle part

Whether you have straight or curly, thick or thin hair, the Old Money Bob is suitable for all hair types. With proper blow-drying, fine hair can gain volume while thick hair can appear lighter. The trend haircut is so versatile!

Easily recreate a shiny look

glamorous look with old money bob

Long hair is not always the best option. A short cut bob with long bangs that sit just below the cheekbone is much better for round faces and emphasizes the facial features very nicely. Be careful, however, that bangs that are cut too short will make your face appear wider.

Combine old money bob with middle or side parting

old money look with an elegant bob with bangs and middle parting

Whether worn with a center or side part, the Old Money Bob is a versatile hairstyle that suits various occasions and fashion styles, adding a touch of timeless glamor to the overall look. Simply cut straight, without fringed layers, this versatile haircut ensures classic elegance at any age.

Spiced up with waves and curtain bangs

old money bob rounded with waves

The classic bob itself is a timeless hairstyle. If you want to turn it into an old money bob, your hair should be properly cared for, which means using high-quality moisturizing shampoos and weekly deep conditioning. Then just create volume that looks natural and not obvious. And if you prefer an elegant but vibrant look, opt for subtle waves.

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Shiny, elegant look for brown hair

Shiny brown bob in old money style

Old Money Hairstyle for Short Blonde Hair with Money Piece

blonde bob with money piece for a glamorous look

Exude sophistication and elegance with a stylish bob hairstyle

the trend hairstyle for winter 2023 24 old money bob

Style old money bob for curly hair with side parting

Wear the curly old money bob with a side parting

Create volume with Airy Bob

airy bob for an old money look

Shoulder length bob in old money style

Re-style old money bob for shoulder-length hair

Make your hair look luxurious with the right haircut and styling

Give your hair a luxurious touch

Playful look with Old Money Bob

The old money bob is suitable for every hair type and face shape

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