Which bangs suit my face? There are the most beautiful ponies for all face shapes!

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Deciding on bangs is an important matter. Remember, you’re cutting off the part of your hair that frames your face and is most visible to the world. It is important that you choose the best bangs for your face shape because bangs are the ultimate “accessory” because they make a statement. Which bangs suit my face? Many ladies want to know this!

Bangs can be styled to suit a variety of face shapes, including oval, round, square, and heart shapes. Bangs will be all the rage in 2024, so now is the perfect time to try them out and find the right bangs for you.

Find out the shape of your face


which bangs suit my face tips for all shapes

Before you can decide on a bangs style, you need to know your face shape. Get out your tape measure and take the following measurements:

  • the width of your forehead
  • between the cheekbones
  • from ear to ear along your jawline
  • from the neck downwards

You can now use these measurements to determine the shape category of your face.

  • If your face shape around is, width and length are equal. Your jawline and forehead are both rather round.
  • If you have a square If you have a face shape, the width of your jaw and forehead are the same, and the length of your face is also equal to its width. Your cheekbones are slightly curved and your jawline is square.
  • Your cheekbones are wider than your forehead, giving you a diamond-shaped Gives face shape. Your chin is small and your face is as wide as it is long.
  • A person with one oval Face shape has rounded cheekbones and a smooth jawline. The width of your face is less than its length. Because of their versatility and harmony, oval faces are sometimes referred to as the “ideal” face shape.
  • One elongated (rectangular) Facial shape is characterized by a length to width ratio of 2:1. The width of the jawline, forehead and cheeks are almost the same size.
  • A heart-shaped Face has a wider jawline and equally wide forehead and cheeks. Your face is longer than it is wide, and your forehead is rounded instead of square.

Which bangs suit my face?

Take a look at these beautiful pictures and get inspired!

Stylish bangs for heart-shaped face

  • Elegant curtain bangs
stylish bangs for heart shaped face curtain bangs

Face-framing bangs accentuate a heart-shaped face. The stunning effect of these bangs is obvious. Because curtain bangs distract attention from the naturally wider forehead, these bangs are a good choice for people with heart-shaped faces. If you want your bangs to have just the right amount of wildness, you should always have a texturizing spray on hand.

  • Wispy bangs are trendy
Wispy bangs for heart-shaped faces are in trend

You can pull the bangs to the side or part them in the middle, giving it great versatility. When styling, use a pomade that protects your hair from frizz, gives it a flexible hold, and at the same time emphasizes its natural structure.

Chic bangs for a round face

  • Thick, full bangs
chic bangs for round face thicker, full bangs

A round face can be framed by full, hard bangs. Nowadays there is an almost endless variety of bangs. But when we hear the word “bangs,” we usually imagine the classic style – thick hair falling over the forehead. Full bangs are great for round face shapes because they balance out the curves of the face.

  • Baby bangs for round face
baby bangs for round face

Long bangs framing a square face

  • Side swept bangs
long bangs that frame a square face, side-swept bangs

When styling a square face, the length of the bangs should be the first consideration. Instead of opting for shorter bangs, which can look unbalanced and distracting on already delicate facial features, longer bangs create a more balanced and harmonious appearance, especially on square faces.

  • Style long bangs
Styling long bangs for square face

Since the jawline tends to be more pronounced on square faces, bangs can soften this line while accentuating your enviable features.

Bangs for oval face

  • Blunt Bangs
bangs for oval face blunt bangs

Blunt bangs can lengthen your forehead. The modern bangs frame your face to some extent and flatter your facial features.

  • Curtain bangs
curtain bangs for oval face

You can also try the curtain bangs if you have an oval face.

Modern bangs for diamond shaped face

  • Side swept bangs
modern bangs for diamond shaped face

Because it can soften the effect of wide cheekbones, side-swept bangs look great on diamond-shaped facial features. The strict jawline is softened and the forehead appears narrower thanks to the side-swept bangs. A diamond face shape is ideal for side-swept bangs as the asymmetry and softness balance and harmonize the look.

  • Long, curly bangs
Long, curly bangs for diamond-shaped face

This is another great option for diamond shaped faces.

Bangs for elongated face shapes

  • Curtain bangs
Bangs for elongated face shapes

Rectangular (or elongated) faces aren’t complete without chic curtain bangs. Such looks resemble longer versions of square faces, which, as already shown, are most attractive when adorned with long bangs. Bangs for elongated face shapes are not only fashionable, but also draw the eye downward and give the face an oval shape.

  • Bardot Bangs
bardot bangs for long face

Bardot Bangs are also perfect for rectangular faces.