Savings when purchasing Ukrainian knitwear for children

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Buying clothes takes second place in the household budget expense item in almost every family. The first one, of course, is food. And the issue of buying clothes for children is always acute. They grow very quickly, sometimes one thing is not enough even for the season. Therefore, parents are looking for ways to save money. But it is necessary to save correctly, wisely – the health of children should not suffer from this. Such requirements for children’s clothing as naturalness, environmental friendliness, and hypoallergenicity have not been canceled. That is why knitwear for children – a smart choice for conscious parents who care about their kids and want to save money. Because Ukrainian knitwear for children, and for adults too, it is inexpensive, and has excellent quality indicators. We will talk about this fabric, as well as other popular and little-known ways to save money in this article.

What clothes to buy – expensive branded or affordable knitwear for children

Almost all parents want the best for their children. Many, even to their own detriment, buy expensive clothes or shoes for their children. Mistakenly believing that what is expensive is guaranteed to be of high quality. This is a big misconception. But they still wonder whether to buy branded or knitwear for children. We are for the second option if you need to save money.

  • Firstly, natural and safe things are not necessarily expensive. For example, Ukrainian knitwear for children is a super-cool natural material, and its cost is reasonable. But branded clothing with a dollar price tag may well be synthetic; you are simply paying for the seller’s name and advertising.
  • Secondly, there is no point in expensive things, because they often last only 3-6 months. Depending on how quickly the child grows. In this case, knitwear for children is an ideal option.
  • Thirdly, a lot depends on your environment and lifestyle. If you and your child rarely go to restaurants, special events and official receptions, then branded items are not needed. Why should a child wear something from a famous French designer to kindergarten or to the playground? He needs simple and convenient products. In addition, usually by the evening any children’s clothing needs to be washed.

The main requirements for children’s clothing, or Why Ukrainian knitwear for children is the best choice

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Ukrainian knitwear for children is popular not only in our country, it is known all over the world. But it can also be different, there are more than 20 varieties of it:

  • interlock, interlock jacquard
  • ribana, kulir, fulikra
  • terry, velsoft, footer and many others

Knitwear, like all other fabrics, can be of high quality and not so good. Here it is important to buy from a trusted seller who sells only Ukrainian material and has been working on the market for many years.

Knitted products meet all the requirements for children’s clothing. The canvas has many advantages:

  1. Naturalness. One of the main criteria put forward for children’s things. Natural fabric, which is 100% environmentally friendly. Children of any age should wear clothes made from natural materials. Therefore, Ukrainian knitwear for children is one of the best options.
  2. Breathability. Also an important criterion. Surely, you know what happens in synthetic things that do not allow air to pass through – a steam room. The body sweats and feels discomfort. This is strictly prohibited for children. Their heat exchange is not yet set up like that of adults; they need “breathable” things. Therefore, knitwear is the best choice.
  3. Convenience and comfort. Well, you definitely can’t do without this when choosing clothes. No matter how high-quality the outfit is, if it doesn’t fit well, the child won’t walk in it. Otherwise, expect vagaries. Running, jumping, bending, squatting, crawling in things should be comfortable.

These are the three main indicators. There is also hypoallergenicity, hygroscopicity, wear resistance… And Ukrainian knitwear meets all of them. It also does not electrify, is pleasant to the body, and very easy to care for.

So, by buying such things, you already save money, with peace of mind – the clothes meet all the requirements.

Clothes for toddlers – how to save and how many things you need

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Nursery clothes can be said to be “disposable”. Babies grow so quickly that sometimes some items just slip through the cracks without ever being worn. Therefore, to save on purchasing Ukrainian knitwear for children, we recommend:

  • Wait for gifts. As a rule, all the clothes for a newborn are donated by those who come to the viewing. Therefore, you do not need to purchase it right away. Wait for what your guests bring, and then buy what’s missing. Even better is to distribute what you want and need among relatives and friends. And sometimes it happens that everyone gives only rompers when you need undershirts, bodysuits, hats. If you order who and what to buy, you can provide outfits for the child 1-2 months in advance. Here’s the savings for you.
  • Buy a minimum set of things. Even if you have to purchase Ukrainian knitwear for children yourself, take the minimum set. Kids don’t need a reserve, you don’t have to wear it. The money will be wasted – what a savings.
  • Understand what is really needed. Many parents, before the birth of their first child, had no idea what slips, men, bodysuits and other knitwear for children were. And even more so – what they are like. And they don’t know what they’ll like best – bodysuits with snaps or buttons, short rompers or jumpsuits. Therefore, to begin with, it is better to take 1-2 models of each type, try them out in everyday life, and then, having decided, buy them.

How to choose knitwear for preschool and primary school children

At this age, the costs of clothing for children are completely different – things are larger in size and more expensive. But this does not mean that you cannot save.

The main mistake parents make is buying a lot of clothes. And after some time, sorting through the rubble in the closet, you realize that many of the outfits have never even been worn.

If you want to save money, consider the following rules:

  1. Functionality. Buy things that can serve multiple functions. For example, a suit that will be suitable for sports, for walks, and even for school.
  2. Practicality. Knitwear for children should be comfortable and easy to wear. That is, the minimum number of fasteners, ties, buttons or buttons. Children don’t like to bother putting things on. The simpler the better.
  3. Versatility. Here we are more referring to the color scheme of the clothing. If you have a preschooler, then bright and colorful things are allowed. But pastel and plain colors are a priority for school-age children.

By purchasing Ukrainian knitwear for children taking into account these requirements, you will be able to save money.

Let’s take for example a modern suit for children from the Valeo store. It meets all three points from the above list. It is stylish and fashionable – you can easily wear it to a party or for a walk. At the same time, it is an ideal option for physical education or training. The suit is practical – easy to put on, convenient and comfortable. Universal – colors are suitable for both boys and girls.

It turns out that by buying just one suit, you are “killing three birds with one stone.” Saving? Even some!

Rules for a harmonious wardrobe

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What do you imagine when you mention the word “wardrobe”? A beautiful room in which fashionable outfits are hung on shelves, and clothes, shoes, and boxes with accessories are neatly stacked on shelves. Of course it’s a perfect picture. In reality, it’s usually a closet or chest of drawers filled with clothes for all seasons. And at the same time, the eternal complaint is that there is nothing to wear. Because children are often bought things that don’t go together.

There is an unspoken rule for a harmonious wardrobe, in which the following percentage of clothing is recommended:

Basic things


Situational outfits


Fashion products


This rule is suitable for both children and adults – so take it into account for yourself too.

Let’s figure out what this means?

  • Basic things. This is time-tested clothing that is difficult to live without: T-shirts and turtlenecks (white, black, pastel), jeans, trousers, skirt…
  • Situational outfits. These are things for special occasions: an open lesson, a matinee, a birthday in a cafe, etc. White blouses/shirts, dresses, classic suits, etc. These items include embroidered shirts, which are now popular. The Valeo store has a large selection of knitted and linen embroidered shirts for different ages.
  • Fashion products. There should be 1-2 such things in a children’s wardrobe. This includes well-known branded outfits, if, of course, your child has the opportunity to go to appropriate events.

By observing these proportions, you will save money and teach your child to treat things correctly and choose outfits.

TOP 5 ways to save money when buying Ukrainian knitwear for children

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We have already figured out what a wardrobe should be like, what things are suitable for certain occasions. But you still need to buy them, and all parents want to save the family budget. We give the most popular ways to make a successful and profitable purchase.

  1. Sales. Well, this is a favorite and anticipated event for all shopping lovers. It is at sales that parents often buy several things at once for their child. But there is a danger here – adding too much and unnecessary things. Be vigilant, don’t let discounts and promotional offers make you lose your mind. Before the sale, make a list of what you need and stick to it.
  2. Thrift stores. Yes, yes, they still exist, and they are still alive. Quite a convenient tool. There is also their modern analogue – online flea markets. In these cases, parents sell things their children have already outgrown. Very profitable, because prices are sometimes reduced by up to 50%, while the clothes are in excellent condition.
  3. Exchange with other parents. As a rule, in each city appropriate groups are created on social networks where things are exchanged. You can give your children’s products to someone else, and take from others for your baby. It’s usually free. Cool savings.
  4. Buying things to grow. This technique also helps to save money, because when you buy wholesale or size-sized items, you “get” a discount. Many stores have various promotions like “two plus one” – when you purchase two items, you get the third one as a gift. So you can buy, for example, rompers with a size margin in advance.
  5. New life for old things. It’s good if you know how to sew or alter things yourself. But even if this is not given to you, you can ask a seamstress you know to make a new one out of 2-3 small and old things. For example, sew a frill to a short skirt or dress, or tie cuffs to a jacket. You can also make cuffs on trousers. This way you will save money and come up with an exclusive outfit based on the design.

These are just five basic and popular methods. We are sure that you have at least a couple of your own life hacks on how to save on products for children. We will be glad if you share them with us in the comments below the article.

Buy Ukrainian knitwear for children only in trusted online stores

And another way to make smart purchases and adequate savings is to choose the right and trusted seller.

Pay attention to:

Store age

The more years a store has been on the market, the better.

Availability of social networks

Accounts must be active, with daily posts, live comments and likes


The store’s catalog should be extensive, and the selection of knitwear for children should be huge

Functional website

The simpler the online store interface, the better. It should be easy for people to make a purchase, without any hassles.


Managers call back immediately, give explanations about the order, and quickly respond to requests

A good example is the Valeo store. It has been on the market for more than 20 years, has active accounts with almost 25 thousand subscribers. The catalog contains more than two thousand products for children and adults. Easy and simple website, polite managers who are always in touch. In addition, Valeo constantly holds promotions and sales, despite the fact that the prices here are already adequate. After all, this is a Ukrainian manufacturer of knitwear that has a closed production cycle.

By purchasing from trusted sellers, you can rest assured about the quality and the family budget.