How new clothing models are born

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There has not yet been a person born who would not want to replenish his closet with unique, fashionable, “unhackneyed” clothing models.

The path to the birth of new models is long.
The process of creating details, style, and fittings, which must distinguish the future creation from accepted standards, is complex and at the same time interesting, creative, and labor-intensive.

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Modeling is not the banal transformation of fabric into some kind of product, but the generation of something new, interesting, and unusual.

The new model is creativity, based on a certain set of basic techniques for design, sewing, cutting clothes and their details.
Creative ideas can turn boring line drawing into a fun process.

We invite you to our workshop. You will learn how clothes in which you feel comfortable and comfortable, and look unique, original, extravagant, get a start in life.

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It all starts with an idea

Our clothing designers, fashion designers, seamstresses, cutters are real creators and artists.
How they “recharge” with inspiration, skill, where they get ideas and imagination from, let it remain behind the scenes of their creative studios. The result is important to us

So, we open the curtain on the “secret” world of designing new outfits

  1. The birth of a plan. He is the head of everything. This is the main driving force that forces us to bring our plans to their logical conclusion.
  2. Once an idea has been conceived, experts try to hold it tightly. A traditional pencil or monitor with a computer mouse comes to the rescue.
  3. Creating a basic pattern. Even the most skillful milliners are unable to develop a new pattern every time. Therefore, it is important to understand that all “cool” dresses, trousers, skirts, suits, hats, jumpers are modeled on the basis of a basic pattern. It becomes a kind of imprint of the body. This means that everything that is sewn based on such a pattern will have a perfect fit.
  4. When the construction of the “foundation” of the product is completed, the process of introducing model features begins. Sleeves, necklines, decorative trims are subject to development, and the “highlights” of the future new item are determined.
  5. The time has come to attract the skillful hands of experienced tailors, cutters, designers, and textile decorators. This is a group of special specialists: modeling, fitting, sewing, preparing clothes for fitting.

We are trying to move away from constructive modeling, which is readily used in the assembly line production of clothing.

We carefully work on every model of dress, hat, trousers or blazer. This is true collective art. It determines what niche this or that new product will occupy in the capricious market of modern clothing.

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Stages of the path to a new model

  • collecting information on the topic of a new plan;
  • working on a drawing, sketch;
  • creating a layout;
  • fitting on a model;
  • sewing the sample;
  • preliminary presentation;
  • approval of the product by the artistic council;

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Selecting material for a new model

Fashion designers and designers carefully weigh the pros and cons when choosing canvases for a future product. Preference is given to fabrics that

  • keep their shape well;
  • are not afraid of machine wash;
  • do not require expensive, unique detergents;
  • have the maximum content of natural fibers;

The favorites, as a rule, are 100% natural materials: chintz, satin, calico, silk, poplin, cambric, cotton.
But mixed composition fabrics also occupy a worthy place in the production of clothing.

Consumers of our products appreciate them for

  1. hygroscopic qualities;
  2. wear resistance;
  3. ability to maintain shape, color, richness of shades;
  4. antistatic properties;

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How long does it take to instantiate updated collections?

  • The time from the artistic and design concept to the appearance of a new product in the product catalog of the Ukrainian manufacturer “VaLeo&V” takes at least 3-4 weeks. This period of time determines the deadline.
  • As a rule, a new item reaches the consumer within a month, but the thoughts of the creators of the new item revolve around the details and nuances of the newly created product for a long time.
  • An element of some “zest” can be introduced or canceled at the last moment. Designers are very scrupulous. They do not tolerate shortcomings and do not welcome excesses in the details of the design of things.

Our specialist creators of new models are in constant creative search. They learn from each other every day, do internships, observe the achievements of leading experts in the fashion world, and study the experience of fellow designers via the Internet.

Professional team of designers of exclusive items from VALEO searches and finds the best, most interesting and high-quality in order to meet the requirements of the modern consumer of its products.