4 tips for choosing fabric for sewing children’s clothing

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4 tips for choosing fabric for sewing children’s clothing from Valeo

If you want to sew chic and high-quality clothes for a child, then you should pay attention to the properties of the knitwear used. As practice shows, it is not always possible to buy good material that will not fade or deform.

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However, the absence of any deformation is not the only indicator of quality. Please note how important it is to purchase fabrics with environmentally friendly composition. This nuance is fundamental when it comes to sewing clothes for a child.

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Babies have delicate skin that can react with allergies to unnatural dyes and synthetic fibers. Give preference to 100% cotton.

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Today there are a large number of knitted fabrics, which are created both on the basis of pure cotton and with the use of certain impurities. To sew outerwear, you can safely use materials with impurities.

But it is better to sew underwear, rompers, undershirts, and some other products from natural cotton.

We select high-quality textiles for sewing children’s clothing.

As stated above, we recommend choosing natural fabrics. A small amount of impurities (up to 20%) is quite appropriate.

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Coloring and print

Of course, children’s things, most of them are colorful and bright. They can be patterned or have one or another print. But plain canvases of bright colors and rich shades are also used.

Pay attention to the fittings; they should not be rough or large in size.

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The issue of caring for children’s things is very important

They are often washed and ironed. It is important to choose a fabric that is not deformable and does not shrink.

Manufacturer of knitwear for children and adults VaLeo&V is always happy to offer a wide range of different types of knitted fabrics.

Materials based on pure cotton and with admixtures are available for sale. Our knitwear can be used to make underwear, home clothes, pajamas, dressing gowns, tracksuits, knee socks, tunics, etc.