How to choose women’s panties

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A woman’s style begins with details, and panties are an important detail. This item of intimate clothing can say a lot about its owner, because we select panties according to the mood, as well as for a specific occasion. Now on store shelves there is a huge selection of different styles of panties: thongs, hipsters, shorts, slips. To choose the model that will fit perfectly, it is very important to know the size of women’s panties. Today we will talk about how to correctly take measurements and choose the size of this intimate part of a woman’s wardrobe.

How to determine the size of women’s panties?

First of all, panties are needed to protect delicate areas from infection, as well as to protect them from friction with clothing. It is important that the underwear is comfortable and convenient, so pay attention to the cut and fabric from which the panties are made. To determine your lingerie size, take two measurements:

  • Waist circumference
  • Hip girth

In order for the result to be as accurate as possible, we recommend taking measurements in underwear or thin clothing.

Size chart for women’s panties

Your pant size Waist(cm) Hip circumference (cm) Europe
38 57–59 84–88 32 0
40 60–63 88–92 34 2
42 64–67 92–96 36 4
44 68–71 96–100 38 6
46 72–75 100–104 40 8
48 76–79 104–108 42 10
50 80–83 108–112 44 12
52 84–87 113–116 46 14
54 88–91 116–117 48 16
56 92–95 118–121 50 18
58 96–98 122–125 52 20
60 99–102 126–129 54 22
62 103–106 130–133 56 24
64 107–109 134–137 58 26
66 110–113 138–141 60 28
68 114–117 142–145 62 thirty

To make it more convenient for you to navigate with the data received and calculate your size, you can use this table. For example, if the waist circumference is 70 cm and the hips are 98 cm, you need to purchase panties marked “40”. Often, manufacturers use international markings (S, M, L). If you are size 42, then products with the letter S will suit you.

Your Russian size Letter/International
38 XXS
40–42 XS
42 S
42–44 S/M
44–46 M
46–48 M/L
48 L
48–50 XL
50–52 XXL – 1XL
52–54 XXXL – 2XL
54–56 XXXXL – 3XL
56–58 XXXXXL – 4XL

Many women buy one size almost their entire lives, and this is wrong. The figure tends to change, so it is necessary to take measurements periodically. Knowing them, you won’t have to look for your panty size; this will make you enjoy your purchase more, paying attention to the styles and designs of the underwear, and not to the numbers or letters on the label.

What size of women’s panties do foreign manufacturers use?

European sizes differ from Russian and international ones. In order to find out what size you have, you need to subtract six from the usual value. For example, if you have size 40, then 40–6=34 – this will be the size of women’s underwear that must be ordered in European online store.

How to choose the right women’s panties?

When choosing panties, pay attention to whether the elastic band is cut in or whether the model is too small for you. Underwear that is the wrong size does not look aesthetically pleasing, and too tight underwear can lead to problems with women’s health.

Properly selected panties will highlight beautiful shapes and also suit your body type. Now, modern manufacturers offer various models of panties: from the most familiar slips to seductive evasions for special occasions. In addition to the style and design, an important criterion for selecting panties is the material from which the product is made. It is best to choose panties made from fabrics that are highly breathable. It can be cotton, microfiber, satin or silk.

Of course, it is worth noting that the best way to select the right size of underwear is to try them on. But you should try on panties on your own underwear to avoid infection, and after purchasing, do not forget to wash it.