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In order not to make a mistake in choosing underwear and home clothes, it is important to familiarize yourself with the materials, studying all the pros and cons.

Synthetics – for many this word still sounds scary. But it is very important to remember that progress does not stand still and all high-tech fabrics are made from synthetic fibers.

Synthetic fabric is based on polymers, which have no analogues in nature. They are created in laboratory conditions. Fabrics made from synthetic fibers reliably serve for several years without deforming under the influence of external factors (direct sunlight, humidity, temperature changes, etc.).

Interestingly, synthetics are often added to natural fabrics to give the latter greater strength and wear resistance.

Fabric with a shine resembling satin. The special weaving of the fabric makes the material quite dense, resistant to damage and abrasions. Satin is easy to care for, repeated washing does not reduce the quality of the products, it also retains color perfectly and does not fade.

With repeated machine washing, a microfiber product will retain its original appearance for a long time, does not deform, retains its original brightness and does not become covered with pills. Microfiber products will not disturb your heat exchange and allow air to pass through well. The fabric does not fade and dries quickly.

High-quality elastic lace with a pattern is called Textronic (after the name of the looming machine). Thanks to its elasticity, it does not lose its original shape for a long time. Combines well with other materials. Modern lace can be thin and smooth or dense and textured, wide or narrow – to suit every budget and taste.

These fabrics have low hygroscopicity and are usually used for the production of clothing intended for sports and leisure. They are easy to maintain, machine washable (with the exception of thin tights and stockings), they dry quickly and do not need ironing.

Choose lingerie and home clothes not only in terms of beauty, but according to other parameters: comfort, quality of materials, safety.

Have a nice shopping.