How to choose underwear for a wedding dress

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A wedding is the most important event in the life of any girl. And I really want to look perfect in everything on this day. One of the most important stages in preparing for a wedding is choosing the bride’s dress. And for the dress to fit amazingly and make you a real princess, you should take the choice of lingerie for your wedding dress seriously. If it is much easier with panties, since they are hidden under the fluffy skirt of the dress, then the bra should be selected to match the style of the dress. Next, we will take a closer look at the types of dresses and the types of bras that go with them.

How to choose lingerie for an off-the-shoulder wedding dress?

Often wedding dresses have corsets, so you can do without a bra, but if you can’t do without it, then give preference to models such as balconettes and bras push-up — they will create additional volume of the chest and beautifully emphasize the décolleté area.

wedding lingerie
wedding lingerie

Lingerie for a wedding dress with sleeves and covered shoulders

Underwire bras are suitable for closed wedding dresses push-up. If you have large breasts, then choose bras with additional support. Remember that the wedding ceremony takes a lot of time, so you need to be comfortable in your lingerie throughout the day.

wedding lingerie

Lingerie for a fitted wedding dress

If you choose a tight-fitting dress, then choose seamless underwear. It is very comfortable, and most importantly, it is invisible under clothes.

Lingerie for a closed wedding dress

If your bride’s dress is as closed as possible, then you can afford almost any underwear. We advise you to opt for lace sets. They are charming and at the same time very sexy, they will be a real surprise for your new husband on your first night.

wedding lingerie
wedding lingerie

Lingerie for an open wedding dress

If your dress is too revealing and you don’t know which bra is best to choose, then we recommend using silicone pads. It is held in place by a special adhesive layer. And you can be sure that the bra will not fall off at the most inopportune moment.

Lingerie for any wedding dress

The most functional underwear for any type of dress will be a transformer bra. The straps of such a bra can not only be unfastened, but also their level can be adjusted to suit the style of the dress.

wedding lingerie

Wedding lingerie color

Of course, the classic color of a wedding dress and linen is white. Symbol of purity and innocence. But modern fashion has long moved away from these conventions. For a wedding, you can choose all delicate shades: blue, light pink, bodily. It is important that your underwear fits you well, then any color will look good on your figure.