How to choose a set of underwear

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All women are unique, but what they all have in common is the desire to look perfect from the roots of their hair to their fingertips. Nothing increases a woman’s self-esteem more than the admiring glances of men and the envious glances of women. In her wardrobe, every girl should have not only attractive dresses, skirts, jeans, but also sets of women’s underwear for all occasions. Today we will talk about how to choose the right set of underwear so that your figure looks even more attractive and its flaws are not noticeable. By following our simple rules, you can easily achieve this.

Linen sets for all occasions

Depending on the purpose, women’s underwear should be made of different materials.

Basic underwear should be in every fashionista’s wardrobe. It usually comes in three colors: black, flesh and white. Suitable for daily wear. The material of such a set should be made of natural or mixed fabrics that allow air to pass through well. For example, cotton, satin or microfiber.

black lingerie set

In addition to plain, seamless underwear for every day, don’t forget about sexy sets, because this is a real weapon for any girl who wants to seduce and get her man. The colors of such lingerie can be absolutely varied, and as for the material, give preference to lace, silk or satin. Such materials are most attractive to men. By the way, in addition to the usual panties and bras, you can buy matching garter belts, fishnet stockings, and for lovers of more extravagant sexy looks, corsets and graces are suitable.

red lingerie set

And of course, don’t forget that for playing sports you also need to have a separate kit. It is important that the underwear does not hinder movement and also allows air to pass through well, because strong physical activity increases sweating. Choose simple, seamless patterns.

sports underwear set

The right size is the key to comfort

A set of women’s underwear should fit well and not be too tight or too big. Before going to the store, measure the volume of your breasts at the protruding points, as well as under the breasts – this way you will know your breast size. And in order to choose the right size of panties, measure your hips. Also choose kits taking into account your individual characteristics. For women with plus-size figures, panties with a high waist are suitable, this way you can visually correct the tummy and hips. Girls with short stature should forget about panties-shortsbecause they visually shorten the legs.

Choosing a color scheme

When choosing the color of your underwear set, pay attention to the color of your skin. Bright colors are suitable for dark-skinned girls: red, yellow, hot pink. If you are white-skinned, choose delicate shades: white, peach, blue and light pink. Basic colors (nude, black and white) are suitable for everyone.

black lingerie set
red lingerie set

Quality above all!

Dear girls, remember that underwear is closest to the body and if the fabric of panties and bra is made of low-quality materials, irritation may occur on the skin. The savings from purchasing a set of underwear will be spent on allergy medications. You will not get any joy from such underwear. Look at what materials the linen is made from, give preference to natural or mixed hypoallergenic fabrics of high quality.

quality underwear

Dear ladies, amaze the imagination of your men, decorate your figures with beautiful and sexy lingerie sets and be desirable!