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How you always want to look perfect: a toned figure, elastic buttocks, seductive body curves. But what to do if you are still very, very far from the ideal figure? Is it really possible to bully yourself in the gym and starve? Of course, no one has canceled a healthy lifestyle and it is very useful, but getting to the cherished number on the scales will have to be a difficult journey and, as practice shows, many people do not have enough willpower. Fortunately, the fashion industry is developing at the speed of light and a new generation of underwear is coming to the aid of lovely ladies – shapewear. Such underwear can make you look slim, remove hated folds and tighten your figure. Thanks to slimming underwear, even the tightest dress will look great. But in order for your reflection in the mirror to continually lift your spirits, you need to know what shapewear is available and how to choose it correctly. In this article we will try to answer these and other questions.

What types of shapewear are there?

Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of corrective underwear for various purposes. To make the right choice, you need to understand what it is.

Underwear for abdominal and waist correction

Shaping underwear for abdominal correction

With the help of such underwear you can make your tummy flat and your waist narrower. A protruding belly can be hidden with a bodysuit, grace or panties with a tightening belt. Choose one or another underwear according to size. You should not wear a corset or bodysuit that is two sizes smaller. Not only will you not be able to walk in it all day, but it will also harm your health because of compression of internal organs.

Underwear for breast correction

for breast correction

Large breasts are a woman’s real wealth, but at the same time they also bring additional problems. Often large breast size is the cause of pain in the spine, so many ladies dream of reducing it by at least one size. For this, corrective grace with wide straps and comfortable cups will come to your aid. In such underwear, your breasts will look toned and graceful. Choose underwear made from thick material, and also pay attention to ensure that your breasts do not fall out of the cups.

Underwear for buttock correction

for buttock correction
for correction of buttocks2

In addition to a magnificent bust, representatives of the fair sex dream of elastic, voluminous buttocks. Now panties from effects will help add volume to this piquant area push-up. They work on the principle of a bra and have sewn-in pads that visually enlarge the buttocks. The opposite situation also happens: a woman wants to reduce their volume. Suitable for this purpose are tightening shorts-leggings. They fit well and protect the hips from chafing.

Types of shapewear underwear

It should be noted that all shapewear can be divided according to the correction effect.

  • Lingerie with light corrective effects

This type of underwear is designed to smooth out figure irregularities (for example, cellulite). These shorts flatter your figure well under clothing and are great for everyday wear.

The underwear is thick and can remove “ears” on the hips and rollers from under bra. This type of underwear will be indispensable if you want to shape your figure for tight dresses or trousers.

  • Lingerie with a strong corrective effect

The underwear is made of very dense fabric with indentations for the chest and buttocks. It is in this “suit” that you can decrease “by size”. Such underwear cannot be worn for more than 6 hours, because you begin to get tired from strong tightening, and due to the fabric being too thick, it can become hot.

Having described all the types and types of shapewear, you can make a number of recommendations about choosing it in the store.

How to choose shapewear underwear?

  1. Before you decide to buy shapewear, decide what you need it for? Do you want to wear it daily or for special occasions? It’s better to try underwear with a minimal degree of correction first and get used to it, than to immediately pull yourself too hard out of habit.
  2. If you want to buy shapewear to match a specific outfit, then take it with you to the store – you will have the opportunity to try on several models and choose the one that will look perfect under your clothes.
  3. Buy underwear by size. Looking like an overstretched sausage is not only unattractive, but it is also harmful to tighten the internal organs too much.
  4. Shapewear should fit like a glove. Take on the contours of the body, by the end of the day stretch and take its shape after washing. You cannot wash such linen above 30 degrees, otherwise the elastane, which is contained in the linen, will be damaged.
  5. Pay attention to the seams; it is best to choose seamless models (with laser processing). Linen should not be visible under clothing, even if only the seams are visible.
  6. It is worth paying attention to the boundaries of your body and shapewear. They should be invisible.
  7. When going to the fitting room, take several sizes of shapewear to choose the most convenient and comfortable model.
  8. After trying on the underwear, try to sit down and move your legs and arms. You must be comfortable, otherwise you will not be able to wear this underwear. Being slim should be fun, not torture.