Some Different Types of Bras You Should to Know

Types of Bras – When bras were developed in 1920, were just underwear that provided strong support for women’s breasts, preventing problems such as sagging breasts and back pain. Today, designers and manufacturers around the world have added to the value of a bra, providing women with almost 20 different types of bras to meet their needs:

types of bras
Lace Overlay Convertible Strapless Bra

The Different Types of Bras

  1. Training bra. This type of bra is designed for pre-adolescent girls and adolescents who are in the early stages of breast development. And “standard bra size smaller, and no underwire cups is. In addition to providing a breast support, help girls get used to wearing a bra.

    training bra floral rose print models
  2. Full cup bra. This bra provides full support, as it comes with underwired cups and covers most of the breast. It is recommended that all women, especially those with heavy breasts.

    Lepel Iris Full Cup Bra White
  3. Demi cup bra. Half a cup bra covers only half of the breast, with cups coming on the nipples. These types of bras are suitable to wear with dresses that have plunging necklines. And support but provides maximum exposure breasts.

    Maison Lejaby Elixir demi cup bra
  4. Padded bra. This bra cup filling coatings, add volume to small breasts. Padded bras are popular with teenage girls who would otherwise be filled bras training materials to make their breasts look fuller.

    happiness padded bra ad lolly blue
  5. Underwire Bra. Bras can come with or without reinforcements in their cups. A bra provides strong support for the breast and maintains the shape of the bra. Some women claim that underwire bras lift the breasts, while others find these uncomfortable or painful bras.
    SK Atomic Underwired bra

    lucy secret white padded underwired bra
  6. Strapless bra. Strapless bras with straps or belts that can be removed. This style is very useful for clothes that bare shoulders, like sheath dresses and halter tops.

    Elle Macpherson Intimates Coranto strapless bra
  7. Convertible bra. This bra comes with removable straps that can be organized according to your needs. It is usually worn with dresses that reveal the back and shoulders, as backless dresses with halter necklines best.

    Betsey Johnson Convertible Bra Stretch Mesh and Lace Any Which Way
  8. T-shirt bra. T-shirts Bras are made without seams in relief so as to appear invisible when worn under a shirt tight body.
    Wonderbra D-G Everyday T-shirt Bra

    Plus size t-shirt underwire bra
  9. Minimizer bra. This bra is often sought by women big tits who want to reduce the appearance of their breasts to a size or two cups.

    Sexy Pink Sensous Lace Minimizer Bra Sets
  10. Maximizer / push up bra. These types of bras lift the breasts and the stress of cleavage by their unique structure and extra padding. The padding can be in different forms, such as inserts bags of water or silicone. The aim is to give a fuller, more natural look to the breasts of all sizes.

    Women Fashion Push Up Maximizer LIFT Self-Adhesive Silicone Closure Backless Strapless Invisible bra seamless
  11. Sports bra. Sports Bras are made for active women who engage in rigorous exercise. They are designed for comfort and support breast holding in position during movement, reducing the damage to the soft tissues of the breast. These types of bras are usually made of an elastic material to provide a tight fit.

    Anita Sports Bra Models
  12. Built-in bra. A bra is one that is incorporated with clothing, eliminating the need for a separate bra. This style is fixed inside swimwear tops and tubes. Some types of bras are incorporated only horizontal stretch, but others have padding and reinforcements and cups.
    Cami shaper with Built-in Bra and underwire – Perfect for everyday wear

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  13. Shelf bra. This bra covers only the lower part of the chest, leaving the nipples and the upper part of the exposed chest. No support and is worn in sexual situations.

    Pink embroidery lise charmel lise in love shelf bra
  14. Peephole bra. A peephole bra has holes around the nipples. Its cover loosely around the chest is not sufficient to provide strong support. These types of bras are also focused in sexual situations.

    Electric Ibiza Leather Bow Cage Peephole bra
  15. Maternity bra. Women’s breasts become more sensitive, heavier and throughout pregnancy. Maternity bras are adjustable and can be extended to take these changes into account.

    Emma Jane Maternity bra
  16. Nursing bra. These types of bras are worn to facilitate the process of breast feeding. They are made with flaps that can be unwound or pushed to the side, keeping the breast supported during lactation.

    Nursing Bras
  17. Mastectomy bra. A mastectomy bra is for women who have undergone the removal of one or both breasts due to treatments against cancer. Here, the cups are made with pockets to keep breast implants in place and simulate the existence of breasts.
    Lace Breast Cancer Bras Mastectomy Bras

    Camisole Bras, Breast Cancer Bras, Mastectomy Bras, Bras For Mastectomy Patients

The choice of suitable is really a challenge these days. A bra does not fit all, and therefore, it is better to invest in a good set of bra that covers their usual range of activities. For example, a regular jogger has to buy a good sports bra, while a woman should spend more social for convertible bras that fit her many formal evening dresses.

Types of Bras

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