The Sexy and Exotic of the Quarter Cup Bra

Quarter cup bra support the lower bust, allowing your natural form of movement under your clothes chosen.

quarter cup bra
Sexy beautiful ruby Allure quarter cup bra models

Quarter cup bra, the name suggests, a bra that covers only a quarter of the breast. Now you’re probably wondering what fourth Well, if you look at the picture above, you will see – covers the edges and let the nipple outdoors. Although it offers sufficient support, it is not recommended for women with large breasts (it does not matter if you have a bigger bra, is still not recommended). (more…)


Half-Cup Bra – Hot Bras for Sexy Women

Half-Cup Bra – Cups of half-cup bras offer less coverage than traditional, making it suitable bra to wear with low-cut dresses, sweaters, blouses. When you wear a half-cup bra, women will be able to view more cleavage, and there is less risk of throat peak material from the neck of their leader. Also known as a demi-cup bra, this type of cup is integrated in many different styles of bra.

About Half-Cup Bra

Half-Cup Bra
Dd Half Cup Bra New diamant quarter cup Push Up Bra

Many women are concerned about their underwear to be visible under their clothing. Although the color and the construction of a bra has a huge impact on its visibility under the clothes of a woman, the size of the cup that also matters. Women who wear low-cup or square necklines can see the tops of their peep cups neckline, creating a sloppy look. With the creation of a half cup bra manufacturers to eliminate or at least reduce the problem of peaks cup bra peeking clothing. The half-cup bra style can be used in a variety of bras, including bras push-up bras and t-shirt. The half-cup may be particularly suitable for the bra push-up, how can doubly increase the zoom effect bra push-up and allow the user to display more cleavage.