The Sexy and Exotic of the Quarter Cup Bra

Quarter cup bra support the lower bust, allowing your natural form of movement under your clothes chosen.

quarter cup bra
Sexy beautiful ruby Allure quarter cup bra models

Quarter cup bra, the name suggests, a bra that covers only a quarter of the breast. Now you’re probably wondering what fourth Well, if you look at the picture above, you will see – covers the edges and let the nipple outdoors. Although it offers sufficient support, it is not recommended for women with large breasts (it does not matter if you have a bigger bra, is still not recommended).

Now, there are exceptions. I saw women with large breasts are comfortable to wear, but at the same time, I have heard the complaints of women with small breasts.

My advice is: go and try on a quarter cup bra, see how it goes! If you like good buy, if not, that’s ok.

You must remember that this is not something to wear on a daily basis or at work! There are two main situations when wearing:

– When you go out and want to make a dress that has a plunging neckline and do not want to go braless – quarter cup bra will give you the support and protection you need, but it may be ill at comfortable if you wear them for too long

– When programming (and hopefully you!) A sexy night with your partner – this is the main reason of the quarter cup bra was invented for one night “wild”.

In addition, there is no need to feel embarrassed if you do not want how it looks on you or how you feel – are not all equal. Furthermore, it is not something people want to see; ok, maybe some of them do, but not everyone has seen a bra cup quarter. If you go try it for yourself and you do not want to, just do not tell your partner and you are safe. He probably already watch something else (who really love Waspie).

Women are as lingerie, always trying to find something to surprise their provocative half in the room. And what better way to do it, if not using a quarter cup bra designed? Sexy, flirty, and especially – feminine – quarter bras are likely to remain under clothing.

Instead they should be the centerpiece of your outfit room, especially when you try to seduce your beau.

Quarter Cup Bra Models

Women Lingerie Sets
Women Lingerie Sets Rose Quarter Cup Bra Collections


cabaret quarter cup bra
Taupe Pink cabaret quarter cup bra


open cup bra
Quarter cup bras axami open cup bra sexy women underwear models


nude bra
Exotic nude bra quarter cup bras gallery


quarter cup bras
Black Fushia New Diamant quarter cup bra Images


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